Holiday 2018 Gift Guide - Home Fragrances*

While my blog focuses on beauty related items, I do know that there are alot of my readers who want to gift items to those in their lives that may not be avid makeup/skincare users. Therefore, this gift guide is dedicated to you!

I am personally a big fan of home fragrances, I used to use candles all the time (before I had my baby), however since then I have transitioned into using diffusers and room sprays. Below I will be introducing you to my favorite brands and products, so if you're interested in learning what they are, then keep on reading below!
Yankee Candles - Yankee Candles used to be a brand that was only accessible when I travelled to the US, however a few years ago I discovered that they had opened up a store at Pickering Town Center (of all places!) and that was what begun my love of Yankee Candles all over again. Their candles and room fragrances are all unique, and they have so many scents that I personally find to be wonderful and not too overwhelming. I find the ones at another store (that shall be remain nameless) to be so overpowering that I can smell it a mile away and it's just too much. They always have beautiful limited edition scents as well and also accessories to decorate your home!

Jo Malone Candles - I was gifted a beautiful candle by a friend last year and to be honest, I have not had the heart to use it as it is just SO beautiful. Everything about this brand is pure luxury and class - my first experience with Jo Malone was about 6 years ago when I went to Tokyo and bought their perfume (English Pear and Freesia). To this day, I still have it, it still smells the same and brings me back to that very trip and moment - my three week whirlwind trip in Asia with my husband and parents. All of Jo Malone's scents are exquisite and truly a class of it's own - they take their time to release each scent so you will not see them pumping out new scents every month. They also do have limited edition collections as well that are launched, but I personally am a fan of their staples. Every scent that I have takes me back to a specific memory. Peony and Blush Suede for my wedding, Wood Sage and Sea Salt to my bestest friend who gifted it to me for Christmas (she moved across the country so I rarely get to see her now).

There are so many different brands of Diffuser Oils out there in the market, but there are only two that I use on a consistent basis, both are from Canada. One is Saje which is a well known and big company and the other is from Kalola Botanicals, a small Canadian brand that I had the pleasure of being introduced to this summer on my trip to Blue Mountain Resorts. 

Saje - my favorite blends are: Tree Scents, Liquid Sunshine, and Mountain High  

 Kalola Botanicals - I have previously written about them on my blog before, so if you're interested in reading about it, then click here. My favorite blends from them are: Cabin*, Bella Donna and Eucalyptus Spearmint.

AVON - Essential Oils (Pure Happiness) - I really like this one for when I want some energy, especially when I am blogging I like to have this one going - It has notes of citrus like grapefruit, lemon and orange to really wake you up!

Nest Reed Diffusers - I have been using the NEST Reed Diffusers for a few years as well, I like to put one in my living room and one in my basement and just one is enough to scent my entire floor for a few months. Again, these smell so elegant and not overwhelming at all - and just gives a really beautiful and subtle scent to the room. I always receive compliments on this and people want to know what it is because it is truly unique! My favorite scents from NEST are: Grapefruit, Apricot Tea, and Pumpkin Chai*. I really want to try more out in the new year! The fact that they do last a while means that you can easily rotate different scents as each season rolls along or holiday.

For any moments you want an immediate spritz of fragrance, for me that is right before bed to just create a relaxing and unwinding environment, I gravitate to the items below (as well as having my Diffuser going) - I spray 2-3 sprays of the below and then get ready for bed.

Kalola Botanicals* - Eucalyptus Spearmint ~ this is truly my favorite room mist that I have found in a long time - both scent and price point wise. It is truly what it says, Eucalyptus and Spearmint and it really lasts and makes you feel so zen. I will forever be a purchaser of this item! 

This Works - Deep Sleep Pillow Spray* - I spray this on my pillow about half hour before bed when I have had a stressful day or am feeling a bit anxious, it has notes of lavender, chamomile and vetiver to truly calm you. 

Have you tried any of these products out before? I'd love to hear from you if you have!

Until nect time, XO - M.

*products were sent to me for consideration, all opinions are my own.


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