All views and opinions on this blog are my own - This blog is created as a hobby of mine, to share my best practices and love of beauty and skincare with my readers. It is for entertainment purposes only and am not providing any professional advice, so please keep that in mind.

Whether the products featured have been bought with my own money, gifted or sent for review, I will provide my readers with my honest opinion every time. Any products that were sent to me for review, will be noted in my posts with a * in the subject title or beside the listed product.

I am aware that there are so many different blogs and sites out there right now and it is just so easy to obtain any information you need. However, I always give credit where/when it is due. If I use any information/pictures from a specific site, I will make note of that within my blog. Out of mutual respect, I would like to request that if you are taking any information from my blog, that you either contact me before doing so, or make a reference to where you have obtained that information/pictures. We all work hard on our pages, and we try our hardest to be original and creative, so I hope that no one will take this the wrong way and be offended (as this is not my intention).

If you have any questions/concerns or comments, please feel free to contact me. All information is located on the "About Me & My Blog" page. Alternatively, you can contact me via the Contact Form on the main page under my profile picture. Thank You!
With love, Miranda.

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