Taylor Swift - I don't want to live forever music video inspired Makeup tutorial

I still remember when 50 Shades of Grey the book was released and it caused quite the stir, every where you looked on the TTC (they are public trains/buses in the Greater Toronto Area), you couldn't help but notice that someone would be reading one of the books. Well, this February - the 10th to be exact, they are releasing 50 Shades Darker and with that you can expect there to also be new music videos from songs that are in the upcoming movie to be released. This post is inspired by one of the songs "I don't want to live forever" with Taylor Swift and Zayn. 

I remember growing up I used to love to watch this show on Much Music called "Becoming" where everyday people would have the chance to re-create music videos of their pop idols - it was the ultimate fan experience. Well, I decided to be inspired by the most recent music video and recreate the make-up look Taylor Swift had since I saw some of my friends on facebook and also on Instagram taking screenshots of her make-up and saying how gorgeous it is! 

If you haven't seen the video yet, you can watch it below (thanks to YouTube).

The products I used to create the look include:
1. Hourglass Cosmetics - Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick - Nude
2. Bobbi Brown - Creamy Concealer Kit - Natural Tan/Pale Yellow
3. Too Faced - Born This Way Naturally Radiant Concealer - Light Medium*
4. Chanel - Joues Contraste Powder Blush - 160 Innocence
5. Clio - Waterproof Pen Liner - Kill Black
7. Marc Jacobs - 240 About Last Night Eyeshadow Palette*
8. Christian Dior - Diorific Velvet Colour Lipstick - 880 Fascination (Mat)*
9. YSL - Vinyl Cream Lip Stain - 401 Rouge Vinyle*
10. Dark Pink/Red glitter pigment

For the face, most of the products used is pretty self explanatory - however, for the eyes I first took the Marc Jacobs palette below and placed shade 1 all over the lid. Then took shade 2 and buffed it with a loose crease brush on the outer crease. I build on that color by taking shade 3 with a pointed crease brush over the same outer crease area and then with one more thinner crease brush I used shade 4. I took the liquid liner to create a wing and smoked that out by using a flat top brush and shade 5 over the liner. Lastly to complete the look, I used the Annabelle Matte Single Eyeshadow in Pink Lemond on the brow bone and to clean up the crease area.

For the lips:
I used Dior 880 as a base since it has a really dark and rich berry color to create the base. Then I layered the YSL Rouge Vinyl on top to give the lips that beautiful red. The YSL Cream Lip Stain has a liquid formula to begin with so it is a perfect tacky base before it dries, to pat on the glitter and have it adhere to it. Although the glitter I used in this case is fuschia as I don't have a red, I think that the YSL Lip Cream helped to cast a red glow to it.

I hope you enjoy this new type of tutorial I created! Would love any constructive feedback!
Until next time, XO - M.

packing your toiletries efficiently for a business trip (or a short trip)

It's been a few months since my last post on a similar subject so I thought that I would do an updated version. I know I had titled this as "how to pack efficiently for a business trip", but this surely is applicable to any short getaways or mini road-trips etc. Obviously not every hotel comes stocked with Peter Thomas Roth products (and to be honest, I didn't even know that my hotel this time offered it), so I still packed like I normally do and I think I have narrowed it down to perfection. 

First off, SKINCARE items. My biggest tip - HOARD YOUR SAMPLES! Whether they be sample packets or deluxe sample bottles, HOARD THEM and save them for when you go out of town. All of the products I brought with me worked in my favor this time as I didn't check-in my luggage and had my luggage as a carry-on. For those of you who know, airlines now have a very strict liquid allowance policy. You can get away with most deluxe sample bottles so long as they are under 100ml and combined do not exceed 1L (you might want to double check with your specific airline for further clarification or do some online research). 

I even saved my tiny bottle of Pixi Glow Tonic after it was done so that I can refill it from my big bottle at home, and take the small one with me on my next trip. Samples of perfume can be made for you at Sephora if you want to bring a few of your favorite scents. 

HAIR, BODY CARE AND TOOTHPASTE - again, all deluxe sample sizes lasted me 5 nights. So remember, save the bottles if you want to refill them as well :)

MAKEUP BRUSHES - I know that I am guilty of having too many make-up brushes at home, so to narrow down what to actually bring was quite a task. I decided to take my 7 staples with me, each labelled specifically for your reference below. Quite self explanatory :) I put them in a cosmetic bag on its own to avoid fraying - just a small foldable one (even a ziploc bag will do).

MAKEUP - hah... yes, this was a challenge. A true challenge - but yes, again as you will see below, deluxe samples play a key role for me here. My primers (foundation and eyeshadow) and corrector are both sample sizes and what I typically use in liquid form - i.e. foundation and concealer, I exchanged them to cream formulas so that I didn't have to put them in the same bag as the skincare. 
Quick review - I bought the Hourglass stick foundation originally just to try it out, but damn I fell in love with this QUICK. It makes you look so airbrushed, and delivers buildable coverage without looking cakey at all (even with my two layers at a medium coverage). It felt weightless and offered a great color match! 

For the rest of the products - the brows, mascara, brow gel, eyeliner the brands and products used are pretty self explanatory from the picture below.

If I can shed one piece of advice, is to pack a multi-use palette. By that, I mean a palette that offers eyeshadow, bronzer, highlighter and blush all in one. For me, that is the Lorac Pro To-Go Eye and Cheek Palette. With a good variety of neutral eye shades in a matte and shimmer formula, both pink and coral toned blush and a bronzer I really couldn't ask for more. Highlighting is not a necessity, but had I felt like it that particular day, I just applied some Pearl and Shell mixed together on my highpoints of the face.

I hope that this post offered you some tips when it comes to packing for your next trip! 

Until next time, XO - M. 

Makeup Monday ft. drugstore makeup #pixiglow*

The Holidays have come and gone and I'm sure you all agree that time has flown by just as quickly. I decided to combine my last two Pixi boxes together and create a make-up look and review post for you guys. And just so you know, Pixi products can now be found in Canada - a few of my friends have told me that they have seen them at Shoppers Drug Mart and the products are flying off the shelves. Finally, I can get Glow Tonic whenever I want! FINALLY!

First off, the box below features all makeup products that I used for my look:
1. Palette Rosette - an all-in-one kit that contains a highlighter, blush and contour as well as shadows and brow products. $28
2. Fairy Dust Favourites - Metallic Warmth - a collection of loose pigments that are beautifully pigmented and finely milled - $12 (contains 5 loose pigments)
3. Endless Silky Eye Pen in Opal Overcoat - $12
4. Mattelustre Lipstick in Classic Red - $12
a review will be included below.

Of everything that was sent for review - I would have to say that the Fairy Dust loose pigments are the best. Not only is it a steal to have 5 generous amounts of this beautiful shimmery goodness, but just honestly these pots of pigment will last you a lifetime. In the swatch pic, I only gently dabbed my finger on the top and that's one swipe. This colour in specific makes for a beautiful highlighter. It doesn't even need to be sprayed for this pigment to show through. Just dab and swipe.


The palette though, I have mixed reviews on. While I do appreciate an all-in-one palette, I must say you will only truly love this palette, if you are a fan of shimmery products. The highlighter, blush and bronzer/contour shades all contain shimmer. When I did a full face make-up look (as seen below in the picture) - it makes me look so dewy. I felt almost like Edward Cullen when the sun hit and he's sparkling. It just made me look somewhat oily, even though I had did this look specifically for the post so it wasn't even on my face for longer that 10-15 minutes before I took the pictures. 

The shadows on the other hand are pretty good, you do have to work on building the colors though. In the entire palette, I'd have to say that my favorite is the brow product. The blush was quite light so I'd say that I would use them both as highlighters. 

Next, is the #pixiglow box - which I must say, I thoroughly loved every product within. 
1. Glowtion Day Dew - Radiance boosting moisturizer $22
2. Glow Mist - 13 natural oils and propolis $15
3. Beauty Sleep Cream - $24
4. 24k Eye Elixer - collagen repair and peptides to plump lines $22

The Glow Mist is a perfect pick me up anytime of the day, or if you wanted to use it to set your make-up or as part of your skincare routine. Although it contains 13 natural oils, the mist is so fine that it does not make you look oily or greasy. 

I like to use the Day Dew moisturizer only on days when I want to look dewy - as the name would suggest it gives you a glow - see the swatch below. It is almost opalescent when generously swatched - however if you take a pea size and apply it on it gives you a natural radiance as well as the desired hydration a day cream should give. 


Lastly, for those of you who enjoy the smell of lavender, I would suggest the Beauty Sleep Cream - it's great to use before bed - it is a bit strong though, so I would suggest pairing this with an unscented moisturizer if you are a bit sensitive. It is very nourishing and gives you a quite hydrated plumpness to the skin in the morning. 

The 24K Eye Elixer - contains a metal roller ball that cools the area you are rolling and works to de-puff any swollen areas. It is very light-weight and absorbs very quickly to the skin. I especially like to use this in the morning before any make-up application.

Until next time, XO - M

LUSH 2016 Holiday Review and Favorites*

Alright Alright.. Let me just preface this by saying yes, I am aware that I am super duper late to for posting this however, I really wanted to get this post up sooner rather than later! There are some key products featured here that I am sure alot of you have bought, were wondering about or would just like more of a broader knowledge on. So here I am, apologetic but ecstatic at the same time to bring you this review. 

For those who do not know, I have been a user of LUSH products for a long time now, at least 5 years and counting - and I thoroughly enjoy their products. Yes, to the new and unfamiliar, LUSH can be a very intimidating store by the scent alone (you notice a LUSH within a mile of you just by the scent in the air), but fear not, you can learn more about my approach and some tips and tricks for you in my previous post here. That post also includes my review of a few Halloween items from the 2016 collection as well.

Mistle Toe - Bath Bomb - $7.95 (sold out)
If you are a lover of Jasmine products, this baby is for you. Not only does it create a beautiful swirl of ultra rich violet and turquoise swirls in your bath tub, the fragrance that is emitted sends you into deep relaxation. This was a great product to use before bed. 

Sleepy - Hand and Body Lotion - $9.95 (sold out)
This is a MUST BUY! I am not usually a person that gravitates to Lavender as I find that often, most companies use way too much artificial scent - it smells way too overwhelming and "fake". So when I received this product to review, I was a bit hesitant. HOWEVER, if I could recommend any of the products to you, this is it. This is my FAVORITE out of the lot. And while this is a limited edition Holiday Release, I literally ration this so that I can use it for as long as I can. I am sometimes even guilty of trying to extend it by using half Sleepy and half of a unscented lotion, so that I can still get a hint of this heavenly product. 

Not only does it moisturize you (it helps me with my eczema prone hands), it has a very gentle pastel lavender hue that is enveloped within a vanilla like scent - they say it's tonka perfume online? I just smell a sweet warm note, that isn't too much. the product also includes almond oil and cocoa butter lotion to ensure that your skin stays shiny and smooth. 

Putting this product on before bed is the best, in fact I only save this for before bed. I do not dare use it in the morning, it's too precious for that. I wish that I could buy this in a pump bottle and leave it by my bedside so it can last even longer!

Reindeer Rock - $7.95 now on sale for $3.97 (still available!)
When I first opened this product up, I thought that this was a massage bar or a bath melt based on its texture. It felt a bit tacky to the touch (exactly like how a massage bar or bath melt from LUSH feels like). BUT, trying to be smart I decided to do some digging on the LUSH site to see what this is. Long and behold, it is actually just a bar of soap - good thing I didn't try to use this as a massage bar, can you imagine? Haha, - only I could think of doing something like that. 

This product smells fruity, with hints of citrus and overall is a contrast to the previously mentioned products. This doesn't have the warm and relaxing tones - but more of just a juicy-like fragrance that wakes your senses. I like to use this more if I was taking a morning shower - I think that based on the product, it's consistency (the "massage bar" like tacky feeling") I checked up on the ingredients and the third ingredient on the list is coconut oil.  This would mean that your skin would just soak up the coconutty goodness leaving alligator skin in the past.

Shoot for the Stars - Bath Bomb - $6.95 (sold out)
If you ever wanted to know what its like, to take a dive and swim in the universe, then look no further. This bath bomb turns your bath water glittery blue  and those golden stars you see? Those are the last to go, they bop and float around in your bath tub, as they are more bath melt consistencies and as you soak in and relax, you see these golden stars swirl in the shimmery blue water. Out of all the bath bombs I've tried, this one is the most beautiful to me. My favorite bath bomb is Butter Bear, but this one is the most beautiful. 

Shoot for the Stars is composed of a citrus note and bergamot oils so while you get the zestiness of the citrus, the bergamot actually tones it down and gives it more of a warmer note that makes it more of a relaxing bath vs. a wake-me-up feel. 

The Magic of Christmas - Reusable Bubble Bar - $8.95 (sold out)
This is the most Holiday scented item out of the lot - it's literally like stirring a stick of cinnamon into your bath and bathing in a cinnamon hot toddy. This is spicy, and the scent of cloves really jolts your senses. 

I have always told you all that I will be honest with you when it came to my reviews - so here goes, out of all the products I've ever tried at LUSH, I think that reusable bubble bar is the most unreached item for me, and therefore after trying it once before, I don't purchase them again. This is the reason - while I understand that this is reusable, I find the fact that having swirled this in my bath, then having to air dry it - just takes the moisture from the product and leaves it one rock hard mess. In addition, I feel like even if I was to swirl it in my bath water, it doesn't foam up and bubble as much as I desire. With Bubble Bars, I think the bubbles really come from breaking apart the product, and sprinkling it under running water. That is what makes the fluffy bubbles. When I swirl this in warm water, nothing really happens. And because it's supposed to be reusable the likelihood for me to want to break this apart in theory and run it under water is also less likely. 

While these products were sent to me for my review, again I only give you my honest opinions and reviews. Also, I had promised you my holiday favorites so here they are:
Butter Bear, Peeping Santa and The Christmas Penguin - those three products I can live on forever and wouldn't get sick of it :) If you enjoy products with a subtle sweet note and leave your skin hydrated and soft, then go with those three. Out of the three items, they are all bubble bars except for Butter Bear that is a bath bomb. 

Yves Saint Laurent Vinyl Cream Lip Stain - Swatches, Look and Review*

Hello my lovely readers! I was hoping to get this post up yesterday, but since I've been quite busy and now travelling for work (currently in New Jersey), things took a bit longer than expected! Sorry!

I bring to you a make-up look created with a majority of YSL products - I used the Touche Eclat below the undereyes and at the high points of my face to highlight them, the Babydoll deluxe sample of mascara to give myself a bigger more doll-eyed look as it really curled and lengthened my lashes and opened them up. Finally I used the darker of the two shades from the YSL Ombres Duolumieres in 29 on the lid. I wanted to create a neutral eye look to draw more attention to the lips, which is the main focus of this look - the inspiration behind it all. 

The foundation used is the Le Cushion Encre De Peau Fusion Ink Cushion Foundation ($75). I had received shade 20 for review, which was a shade too light, I ended up darkening it with some bronzer - I think shade 30 would be perfect for me. However, onto the review - this foundation, as per their site makes the following claims: "In an instant, Fusion Ink Cushion Foundation delivers fresh hydration, perfect coverage and a luminous matte finish. For a natural looking result and great comfort all day long.

My thoughts?
I normally do not gravitate towards cushion foundations as I haven't really truly found a formula that has made me fall head over heels and works with my oily/combo skin. However, this one has been a favorite thus far and if I have the right shade, would be used constantly. The gel-like foundation goes on with a cooling sensation to the skin which is refreshing, it has a very subtle scent which is greatly appreciated as nobody likes anything too perfumed since it stays on your face all day. It offered me a demi-matte finish - it looked NATURAL. Something that I always look for in a foundation, I do not enjoy looking cakey or very obviously having looked like I applied a few layers of foundation. It didn't dry and become patchy under the nose or in between my brows and felt weightless on my skin. 
One important thing to note is that a little goes a long way, I pounced the cushion once into the foundation sponge, and then dabbed it in different spots of my face and then gently patted it all over to smooth it out. That's all I needed!! This however is buildable without it looking patchy (if you wanted a second layer), but in the picture below, I only used one layer. I was able to wear this from about 7am til about 2-3pm? before I had to blot my nose.  I do think that this offers a coverage that leans closer to a medium.When I wore this foundation, I actually got a compliment from a coworker for looking really fresh and beautiful - YAY! That means alot since I don't go off asking what people think of my daily make-up, it made enough of a difference from my regular foundation that he noticed. 

For the lips in the above picture, I had the amazing opportunity of trying out the new Vinyl Cream Lip Stains ($42 each)! I was sent three different shades to try and my favorite one which is featured in the biggest picture above, on the left is shade 406, properly titled Orange Electro. It is a beautifully high pigmented orange that makes my skin somehow look like I just came back from a tropical vacation. I took all three pictures under the same light conditions and you can clearly see that I look most tanned in the left photo. I LOVE it :) 

In the pictures on the right - the top picture features shade 404, Nude Pulse, and the bottom is 401 Rouge Vinyle. What you are getting from these lip products is an ultra pigmented high gloss product. Your lips end up looking ultra juicy and has a lot of color impact visually. One way to ensure that you have a proper application is to just confidentially go in with a loaded wand and to use one sweep to apply the product to your lips. Try to avoid patting in the color as it doesn't end up giving you that high gloss plush look.  This lip product also offers you a more toned down version if that's what you prefer. If you want to just have a stained look minus the gloss, just simply take the product with your finger from the wand and gently pat it on your lips to deposit the color. You end up looking like you have lips stained from eating a colored popsicle :) 

If you love a good red I highly suggest you try shade 401. Shade 404 was a bit too neutral for me, this would be more aimed for those looking at more of just a glossy look. I think that if you are looking to spend the money on this product, definitely go with the bolder colored ones. They are absolutely gorgeous. 

Above is a picture of my lips after having had the product on for about 5 minutes (for the swatching and pic taking). As you can see it did clearly and defined quite quickly stain my lips. So have no fear that this product will just vanish as time goes. Even if the gloss is gone, you are left with a stain :) 

Which color is your favorite? 
Until next time, xo - M 

Tutorial, Look and Swatches of Make Up For Ever Pro Sculpting Brow Palette and Artist Acrylip*

Make Up For Ever has been releasing a few new products recently and I am bringing you a post featuring the Pro Sculpting Brow Palette and the Artist Acrylips! As always MUFE releases quality products that become staples in my day to day make-up routine.

Make Up For Ever recently released these brow palettes and YES! it has THREE shades. Most brow products come with two shades, so I find it very hard to be able to find a suitable shade that you can tailor specifically for you.

The palette above is the Harmony 2 - brown to black ($52 cad). The left side contains the three brow shades - I apply the lightest shade on the inner brown so that it is lighter and less harsh - I then apply the darkest shade on the tail of the brow. I use a blend of the middle and dark shade in the middle of the brow so that it can properly transition over. Last thing you want is unnatural sharpie brows. One thing to note is that the brush provided for the brow powder application, the angled brush is really too firm. I find that I am unable to pick up product with it as it just kicks up the powder. It is do-able with the wax to set the brows though, but I would like to see the brush improved to make the palette a complete set.

In the picture below, I show step by step how I fell in my brows:
First, I brush my brows in place and then set it with wax, then in the pictures below -
Top = my bare brows
Middle = filling the front/inner part of the brow 
Bottom pic = full brow filled with tail filled as well. 
I finish by adding the highlighter cream under the brows to add some dimension.
As you can see it just frames the eyes, add some liner and yay! done! :) 

Below is the steps above repeated in the picture with the final product paired with shade 200 in the acrylip.

While the doe foot application is great, it is a bit harder to be precise with it. The formula however, is very forgiving, so the doe front application allows for one swipe application with ease and without being patchy at all. These Acrylips are ultra pigmented and buildable. One layer = more muted and matte (like I did in the swatches below for shades 200 and 301). For shade 400 I was so in love with this red that I put two layers on and it became glossy and super dramatic. I used to be very scared of using red, nor did I find it right for me - but with the proper shade...it really worked out and made me confident when I wore it.

Shades featured above from left to right: 400 Iconic Red, 301 Poppy Orange and 200 Candy Pink - ($29 cad each).

From top to bottom it is 400, 200 and 301.

MUFE has also released new loose shadow pigments called Star Lit Powders that I am DYING to get my hands on, they all look AMAZING, especially this jewel toned blue. Also, they released the Star Lit Liquid that is a liquid highlight. LOVEEEEEEEEEEE!! 

Until next time, XO  -M.

Easy Smokey Eye ft. brand new make-up products from MUFE, Marc Jacobs, YSL and more!*

Creating a smokey eye is always one of the most intimidating things to me. When I tried to do this when I was younger, I literally just looked like I either had a black eye, a panda or worse....that I just slept with black eye shadow, mascara and liner on and just woke up like a hot mess. I actually made it a mission to avoid smokey eyes, but after receiving the beautiful Marc Jacobs Palette as PR over the holidays, the entire bottom two rows just inspired me to tackle my fear again and give it another go. 

For those who are also intimidated like me, I promise you this will be easy! It is also quite daytime appropriate as it isn't a full blown dramatic look. I tried to simplify it to something that suited me / my look and my personal style. 

Products Used:
KIKO - Glowing Potion
Dermablend - Smooth Liquid Camo - Chestnut*
Essence - Eye Primer
Too Faced - Born This Way Concealer*
Chella - Brow Pencil
Estee Edit - The Edgiest Kohl Shadow Stick - Violet Taboo*
Marc Jacobs - Air Blush Soft Glow Duo - Lines and Last Night 
Essence - Lipstick - Cool Nude
MUFE - Pro Light Fusion - 01* 
Charlotte Tilbury - Bronze and Glow
Rodial - Banana Powder*
Esquido - Lashlorette
Esquido Lash Glue
Marc Jacobs Shadow Palette - Limited Edition*
YSL - Vinyl Cream Lip Stain - 402 Rouge Vinyle*

I decided to also pair this look with two different lip options, one more day-time appropriate / neutral and the other a more night-time appropriate / night time look. It's just a way that I am also showing you that just by changing a lip color you can easily take a look from day to night.

I started off by applying shade 1 with a large fluffy brush on the crease. I think took shade 2 on a denser brush and back on the same crease line, but the denser brush also allows for a more concentrated application. For step 3, it is not indicated in the palette below because I took the Estee Edit Kohl and applied it all over my lid as a base to allow for better pigmentation to show through for the rest of the smokey process. I blended the edges of the Kohl with a crease brush and shade 4 to avoid harsh lines. I patted shade 5 all over the lid, on top of the kohl and then repeated the same with shade 6 for an added subtle glitter when the light shines on it. I finished the eye by using a flat top brush and applying shade 7 very close to the lash line just to add a little bit of balance to the dark shadow on the lid. I also added shade 7 on the outer V. Lastly, I put shade 8 on the inner corner to add brightness and shade 9 on the brown bone.

And below is the finished product :) As you can see it is not a super bold smokey eye when you initially glance at it, but when you look down you can clearly see how it looks - the shimmer peeking through :)

I'd love to know which look you preferred!! :) 

Until next time, XO - M.

What are cleansing oils and do they really work?

Cleansing Oils have been showing up everywhere the last few months/year and while I was hesitant to try them out, I decided to make the move since I had a few PR opportunities to do so. Having the chance to try the products with no obligation to feel a certain way about it, except being able to write my honest opinions allowed me to feel more comfortable trying it as I wasn't sure how I'd feel about oils for my normal/combination skin. 

In full disclosure, as mentioned previously - having oily/combination skin as well as an oily scalp made me a bit uncomfortable. I kept thinking to myself, why would I put more oil into my hair? Would that cause MORE oil production? 

Well, I have always been honest with you guys and this time is no different - I can admit it when I am wrong, like in this case. In my mind I always associated oil as a greasy-thick product that is water-resistant, kind of like if you got cooking oil on your hands and you're desperately trying to wash it off and it'd take forever as water would just bead up and not dissolve the oil. However, oils in skincare products is a completely different story all together!

One important point to note is that these products really do take some time to get used to. The first 2-3x I used the below products, I really didn't know what I was doing. I was expecting it to perform like a regular face wash or shampoo in the sense that it should lather and foam up/bubble. In my head this would be the only way to effectively remove dirt and traces of make-up. 

WELL....with cleansing oil products, they do not bubble and lather up as you work it into your face and hair. You have to just trust in the product, that as it gets massaged that when you wash it off with water and follow-up with your regular drying routine, that you will actually come out clean. Trust in the magic of the product. I have included below my top 3 favorite cleansing oil products to share with you that have been fully tested and approved by yours truly :)

This Cleansing Oil gently dissolves away make-up, dirt and oil easily. This contains a blend of oils that thoroughly removes any trace of make-up on your face including mascara (non waterproof) and eyeliner, foundation etc. Your face is not left dry after but really moisturized which is great in the colder winter months. This product again, does not foam up, but gently melts off all the makeup/dirt on your face and emulsifies easily with warm water. There is not a trace of oily residue left on your face after.

If you are interested in purchasing this (or any other Korean beauty products) head on over to TakeGoodCare and use the Discount Code: Miranda15 for 15% off. I do not make any commission off this - they generously offered this code for my readers :)

When I first received this product through Influenster, I thought that this was a conditioner. However, it's actually a hair cleanser. It contains a blend of coconut oil to hydrate the hair while cleansing it. This product is exceptionally appropriate for people with color-treated hair, dry scalps or damaged hair.

Lastly, this Shower Oil offers deep hydration and is light-weight, creamy and silky. You use it like a regular body wash except once again this does not lather. You wash it off with water and I don't even need to moisturize my body. I do like to use a moisturizer on my legs though as they do get extra dry in the winter.

I highly suggest that you give Cleansing Oils a go, especially in the winter months! 

Until next time, XO - M.


Last year, Too Faced blew everyone away by releasing their Peach (scented) Eye-Shadow Palette. It quickly sold out and was a limited edition product which left alot of people disappointed they couldn't pick one up. However, have no fear! Jerrod Blandino, founder of Too Faced, announced that they would be bringing the shadow palette back PLUS they were going to be expanding their collection to include lip oils/glosses, a blush and another face palette which includes a highlighter, blush and bronzer. The picture above features the collection (minus two of the lip oils) and aren't they a beauty? (The pictures below feature an entire make-up look created with products from the Peach Collection too). Too Faced is best known for creating utterly adorably packaged products while being innovative at the same time.

As the new collection is quite extensive, I will be breaking up my review of the products - starting off with the Creamy Peach Oil Lip Glosses. The collection comes with 8 different peach-toned shades, their names are also peach themed (again, totally cute!). Each tube contains 4ml of product and the applicator is like none that I've tried before. It is an elongated and flat angled applicator.

L to R: Peach Tease, Peach, Please!, Papa Don't Peach
L to R: Peach Fuzz, Tickle-Me-Peach, Poppin' Peach

I've tried lip oils before, and lip glosses as well, but never a two-in-one. Having this blend of product allowed for ultra hydration. These products were not sticky (THANK GOD!) and were VERY pigmented which I loved. As the name would suggest, they smell delicious - the faint smell of peach candy. The product also says that it would taste like peaches, however I never actually licked my lip with product on (seems weird to eat lipgloss). After I wiped the product off my lip between each swatch picture, I could taste the sweetness on my lips. The sweetness is subtle, almost like the taste of powdered sugar on your lips.

The best application for me was to load the and up and to go back and forth on the lip once. Then I pressed my lips together and voila, seamless application. Not patchy at all. 

The products are already currently available for purchase at Sephora, Ulta and of course on the Too Faced website. They retail for $24 CAD.

Until next time, XO - M.