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Review & Tutorial: Spring Makeup-Look ft. all new makeup!

Spring is here and it's the perfect time for a light and natural look with sheer washes of color and a subtle highlight to make yourself glow! I have used the following products listed below to create the look in this blog and have also added a short review of the items as well! This entire look is created with brand new make-up recently launched, so if you're interested in this look then keep on reading below.

Tutorial: How to apply fake nails at home with KISS*

Ever wanted beautiful salon nails but didn't want to splurge on it, or commit to it and risk the chance of damaging your nails? Well, KISS has been making gorgeous, on-trend false nails and they sent me a few sets to review. I remember that I used false nails when I went to prom because I didn't want to get gel or acrylic nails since I played piano back then and obtaining the length I desired just wouldn't be wise. I would be clicking and clacking on the piano keys. Back then, I didn't really know the best way to do this so I would always either make a mistake, pick the wrong the nail size or figure out later on that I used the wrong nail and didn't have one for a similar nail size - for e.g. index finger vs. ring finger. 

If you want to learn how I apply the nails now then just keep on reading below....

Review: TWELVElittle - On-The-Go Stroller Caddy*

Being a new mom/parent means being faced with a long list of items you would need to purchase for the arrival of your little one. Diaper Bags, are one of the key items that you need to take with you when you're out and about as it holds all of the essentials you will need to get you through your outing - diapers, diaper pad, change of clothing, wet wipes, formula, bibs .. so on and so forth. Of course there are tons of options out there on the market right now, each with a specific feature offered by that one brand so when I was contacted by TWELVElittle I was really excited to check out this brand as I wasn't too familiar with it before. 

First things first, I chose the On-The-Go Stroller Caddy in the Stripe Print which retails for $144 approx cad. It comes with  set of stroller clips that you can attach onto the stroller bar (as you can see in the image below with the leather straps) and also has a detachable long strap that you can use as a crossbody or over the shoulder traditional diaper bag (as seen below as well). The leather straps are very good quality and are leather embossed with their logo - I appreciate the little details in a product as its the quality that makes them stand out.

The Ju Ju Be Diaper Bag pictured below is the BFF style, that is quite popular as well (I had purchased this months before I was due) and I put it side by side with the On-The-Go Caddy from TWELVElittle as a size comparison if you're interested to see. You can tell that the one on the left is much more structured in shape and shorter in height as compared to the BFF bag on the right. 

The top of the On-The-Go Stroller Caddy has a zipper for easy access into the contents of the bag, and the interior has multiple sections to house your needs. The sections are already divided so there is no flexibility in changing that around if you really wanted to do that. The main flap is also held down by a hidden magnetic closure in the front so that accessing the bag is easy and effortless, no need to fumble over zippers. If you want that added security though, there is that small leather snap closure you can use to buckle in your contents, but I found that the magnetic closure was strong enough to keep it closed all day.

Below is an overview of what is in my bag - what I love most is the compartment on the left as you can see is an entirely seperate compartment dedicated for your babywipes that is actually accessible via a flap outside (also held down by a magnetic closure). You can see what it looks like below as well. I found this super convenient as I can just open that flap, pull out a wipe, and thats it which makes wiping my baby's hands or mouth (those quick moments you need one) super quick. 

If you are interested, I keep the diaper wipes on the left, in the middle compartment houses all my feeding necessities - formula, bottles, bib and diapers. On the right contains the changing stuff - so the extra clothes and a wet bag just in case. 

What I really do hope is that there was a section for diaper changing pads as I like to use one when I'm in public using the diaper changing tables. I found it a bit cumbersome to have to fold the blue disposable ones and put it back in here everytime. If there was a section in the back horizontally (accessible from outside) for the changing pad, that would make this the perfect bag.

As you can see the below pictures features the crossbody strap. I wore the bag so that you can see that it really isn't huge and that it is fairly compact and put on my stroller as well you can see that with either the leather straps or the crossbody straps it works out well. I typically keep my diaper bag on the crossbody bag just so that it is easier to take off and take on the go, as well as to put my stroller away in the trunk.


Overall, for the price point and what this diaper bag offers, I have to say that it is a great buy - it also comes in a few patterns so you have some variety in terms of style to cater to both you and your partner.

Until next time, XO - M.

*product was sent to me for review, all opinions are my own

My Sephora VIB ROUGE Spring 2018 Haul

I have done this type of post before where I like to post my haul from the Sephora VIB Rouge Events. If you would like to see my previous ones, click here. This time, I restocked on some of my favorites (which proves how much I really do love it, like the Nails Inc 45 second caviar top coat). In addition, it was a great time to try some new items out that I've had my eye on in a while to see if it works for me or not. If you're interested in my thoughts below (I also did a small review of the products I got since some time has passed now), then keep on reading below...

Review & Tutorial: Effortless Beauty with Annabelle and Marcelle Cosmetics*

Being a mom to a newborn means that I no longer have the luxury to sit at my vanity and take the time I need to figure out what products to use, go through trial and error... and eventually get to a make-up look I like before I leave the house. I need products that I can rely on, that I know will work when I'm on a time crunch and have only a few minutes to make myself look put together to head out the door. 

Annabelle and Marcelle have created some items that I have fallen in love with through time and they are one of the drugstore brands that I know I can count on to do what I need. For example, their mascaras are amazing and I always keep a few on hand. With their mascaras, my thin and short lashes look thick and longer and makes my eyes look wider and awake. If you're interested in reading some of my posts about their products that I've reviewed in the past, then click here.

Review: IT Cosmetics - Confidence Skincare Collection*

I am quite the fan of the cosmetics side of IT Cosmetics and have written about it on my blog a few times. They recently were kind enough to send me their Confidence Skincare collection for review. 

Review: Shaking things up with Joico!*

For those who know me, will know that my fine limp hair is always a concern of mine. I love having long hair, I used to have hair down past my boobs but because I could never get the volume and texture unless I waved my hair everyday (which I never had time to do), it just wasn't the smartest decision to keep my long hair in the long run. So to compromise, I cut my hair to a lob (short back, front long) so that I can keep some length in the front and the shorter layers in the back give me the volume.

When Joico reached out to me and asked if I wanted to try their two newest creations to join their Hair Shake Series, Joico Beach Shake and Joico Body Shake, I had to say yes! (as I would try anything that could give me the possibility of some volume and oompf!)

The concept of this product is that it is a dry styler that gets sprayed to the shaft and roots of your hair to give you texture, thickness and grip. You shake it, spray it and tousle it to what you like and just leave it.  

In the before and after photo - you can see that I have very thin hair on the left. Being postpartum as well means that I am also loosing more hair than I would like. It's hard to hold its shape even if I use my old concoction of dry shampoo and hair spray. It's limp, static-y and just not co-operative. 

I used the Body Shake, which was designed for fine to medium hair on the roots and the upper hair shaft area and instantly I had poofier and more voluminous hair that lasted the majority of the day! I mean, I am a mom now so I didn't have the luxury to keep my hair down all day but for the 5-6 hours it worked. 

Left: Body Shake ~ for fine to medium hair | Right: Beach Shake ~ for medium to thick hair.

I highly recommend that if you have the same hair concerns as me, or that you just want some extra volume, that you just need to purchase one of these!

Until next time, XO - M.

*products were sent to me for consideration, all opinions are my own.

Belif - Mother’s Day Aqua Bomb Skincare Set*

Mother's Day is fast approaching and I am so excited this year because it will be my first year celebrating it as a mom! I gave birth to my baby in the end of January and it has been the most rewarding experience yet. For those of you looking for some gift ideas for your mom, check out this beautiful pink set from Belif.

It features their ever best selling Aqua Bomb (full-size) and the First Aid Transforming Peel Off Mask with a mini Bergamot Toner. These three products will be perfect for your mom to create a spa-at-home experience. It would actually be really fun for you to do it together with your mom!

Head on over to your closest Belif location and grab one :) I know that they will love it for sure. The gentle and cooling formula of the Aqua Bomb is perfect for the summer months now, it's not too heavy nor sticky and will provide you with the perfect level of hydration. 

Until next time, XO - M.

*product was sent to me for review - all opinions are my own.

Review & Tutorial: Urban Decay Backtalk Palette*

Urban Decay has released a new face palette called the Backtalk Palette that retails for $59 cad. It features 8 shadows and 2 highlighters and 2 blushes with a double sided mirror that is attached with a magnet and can be detached for convenience. The palette is sleek and great for travel to take with you as it has everything you really need - just bring your favorite brow product with you, eyeliner, mascara and some foundation and concealer and you're good to go! 

I like how this palette is so versatile - you can easily create a warm brown toned look, or even go for something pink toned. This easily goes from day to night as well which is practical and beneficial. 

Here is the palette swatched:

For the look below, I decided to go out of my comfort zone and use some burgundy (something I rarely do) - those who know me will know that I usually go for a neutral brown tone, or a cool toned look and I find reds/fuschias quite intimidating. However, I think that using it as a pop in the center of the lid worked really well and pulled the look together. 

To achieve the look, I used 3 Sheets on my brow bone, took a large fluffy brush and blended Backtalk to my crease. I then took WTF with a defined crease brush and blended it on the outer V and took 180 to concentrate it on the outer third of the eye to define the outer V and blended it on my lower outer half of my lash line and buffed that out with WTF. I took Bare on my inner half of the lid and patted Shade on the middle. I completed my look with Backtalk on the lips and it worked beautifully to tie in the rosey notes.

Until next time, XO - M

*products were sent to me for consideration, all opinions are my own

Review: Avon Anew Sleep Deprived Collection*

Avon recently came out with a gift set, that they were kind enough to send me as I am sleep deprived, is a gift set with the matching name. This is the Anew Sleep Deprived Collection, which retails for $48 and features their Clinical Overnight Hydration Mask (50g) that helps pack moisture to the skin, and the Clinical Eye Lift Pro Dual Eye System (20ml) to help tired eyes look lifted. The set retails for $48 and comes housed in a pretty powder blue satin bag and bow. To be honest, this would make for a great mother's day gift as the products work and the price point is very fair!
LEFT: Clinical Eye Lift Pro Dual Eye System  | RIGHT: Clinical Overnight Hydration Mask  

Until next time, XO - M.

*products were sent to me for consideration, all opinions are my own.