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Marc Jacobs Makeup Tutorial - pop of aqua & color

Marc Jacobs is not just known for being a fashion designer, but is now also known for creating some of the best formulated make-up items in the cosmetic industry. The packaging of the product is sleek, elegant and luxurious and the products within are finely milled, pigmented and are amazing quality. To be thoroughly honest, and I know it is a bold statement to make, I have yet to try an item from Marc Jacobs Beauty that I didn't like. I know I haven't tried everything yet, but I am slowly trying to grow my collection. 

In addition to my already existing items from MJ beauty, I was recently given the opportunity to test out a few new items as well - and as always, I thought, what would be a better way to showcase these products and put them to the test, than to just do a make-up tutorial and review for you guys. 

The products that I have used to create the look in this post are below, I have also included swatches:
1. Foundation: Marc Jacobs Genius Gel Foundation - 46 Golden Deep
The foundation for me, has a dewy finish so while I like the sheer to medium coverage, I did find myself getting oily in my T-zone faster - I like to use this in the colder months as the oil production on my face is reduced and as a result this foundation is more hydrating.

2. Highliner Gel Eye Crayon*: Violet Femme - first half of inner bottom liner, Jazz Berry - outer half of bottom liner
These liners are a god-send - once applied, give it 5-10 seconds to set and they will not budge. Even if you have teary eyes, this won't go anywhere. I swatched it on my hand and tried aggressively to rub it off and it wouldn't come off at all - it only comes off with a make-up wipe (still you have to rub a few times with it). There is such a wide range of colors as well for these liners so you are bound to find something that will suit you.

3. Shadow - Style Eye-Con no.3 Shoe Gazer Palette* - the blue on the inner third of the upper lid and inner corner, the light champagne gold on the middle lid and bronze on the outer V and outer crease
MJ shadows have got to be one of my favorite shadow formulations. They are buttery, pigmented and delivers exactly what you need in terms of color pay-off. These babies last all day and do not crease when applied over shadow primer and does not lose its color intensity. 

4. Blush: Air Blush Soft Glow Duo: Lines and Last Night
Again, the blushes are also buttery, pigmented and provide a beautiful wash of color that is buildable if desired. 

5. Lips: Le Marc Liquid Lip Creme*- Slow Burn
This liquid lipstick was nourishing and not drying at all - it does not settle in fine lines on the lips and even makes your lips look more plump and hydrated. Love!


Have you ever tried Marc Jacobs beauty products before? If not, I really highly suggest you to go asap! The price is on the higher end, but trust me it is really worth it!

Until next time, XO - M.

*products marked with this symbol was sent to me for consideration, all opinions are my own

SEPHORA 2017 holiday preview haul & event re-cap

The most exciting time for me at Sephora (besides the VIB Rouge Sales) would have to be the preview events - especially the Holiday ones! When I received the e-mail invite to the VIB Rouge Holiday preview event weeks ago, I immediately responded with "yes" and started saving some money especially for this sale. 

Having gone for a few years now, I know that Sephora has some incredible deals on Holiday collections, and I typically wait until the Holiday season to stock up on anything that I may need for the remainder of the year (also I use the discount sale days to do that too - the one in spring and fall). 

Regardless, I was up at 8am this morning, and headed to Vaughan Mills to see what goodies there were - I of course had to include a few pictures for you to preview ~ and if you're interested in what I purchased, just keep on reading. 

The Sephora Skin Favorites Set was sold out within 15-20 minutes from the start of the event - at $69 it was an incredible deal considering the generous product sizes of the skincare items as well as a full sized First Aid Beauty Coconut Primer as well as a Foreo Electronic Cleanser that typically retails for around $49 I want to say. The set itself is valued at $209 and you bet I was quick to grab one of these.


Another great deal worth noting is the Benefit Brownanza! Blockbuster set  housed in this adorable packaging that would look fabulous on your vanity or beauty room - it contains I believe 4-5 full sized products and a few minis for $79 - a $200 value.

For those of you who love Beauty Blenders - a set of 4 was $100 with a BB holder as well.  This is called the Blenders For All Seasons set. To me, I opted out of this one only because I liked the prior year's holder more - the one with the pink jewels on the holder? This one seemed a bit cheap to me - it looked kinda like the acrylic powder nail holders at the salon? the crystal bowl thing? 

While I am writing up this re-cap post, I just got an e-mail saying some of these items are already on sale online for rouge members - like the Tarte - Limited Edition Treasure Box Collector's Set below - $77. 

Alright, as for the actual haul - the products I bought included: The Benefit - City Lights, Party Nights set for $42 which includes deluxe sizes of They're Real Mascara, They're Real double the lip, Dandelion Twinkle and a full size of Precisely My Brow in Shade 3 (my shade!) woo!


Of course as mentioned above, I had to grab the Sephora Skin Wonderland set!


Lastly, with the purchase of $50, we were gifted the below make-up bag that is actually REALLY good quality - it's thick and durable with embossed lips on the exterior. I would definitely put this one to use! It's probably one of the best make-up bags Sephora has given out! and within the bag, housed alot of beauty samples!

Were you able to attend the Sephora event today? If not, what are you most excited about getting this year? 

Until next time, XO - M 

Mary Kay Fall 2017 Collection - Review and Make-Up Look*

Summer has officially come to a close and the fall collections are gradually being released. The fall collection from Mary Kay contains smokey blue greys and mauve browns shadow palettes with a baby pink lipstick and richer berry one to add a bit more drama. 

I used both shadow palettes and paired them with different lipsticks to create the below looks for you: 

1) First, is a blue grey smokey eye with a more subtle baby rose pink toned lipstick. 

I chose to pair a more neutral lip with this eye look because I wanted to draw attention to the eyes - I do not like to create overly contrasting looks for myself - so I would very rarely ever do a dark smokey eye with a dark/red lip. I prefer either a look like the below - OR do a more neutral eye and a bolder dark lip like the second look I created. 

Products used: Simply Smoky eyeshadow palette and Rose Blush lipstick

2) Second, is a subtle mauve/plum shadow, mostly neutral on the lid with the deep berry lipstick

It's funny that when swatched, it first appears to be a bit more purple in tone but when applied to my lips it showed up to be a bit more red in berry tone. It worked out differently with my skin color, so I always suggest that you try products directly on your face as opposed to your hand or wrist - same goes with foundation! Match it to the base of your jaw/neck vs. on your hand (that's a tip I learnt).

Products used: Rose Nudes eyeshadow palette and Mulberry Muse lipstick

The shadow palettes (rose nudes and simply smoky) retail for $27 cad each, the lipsticks (rose blush and mulberry muse) $19 cad each and the nail polish (pink escape, rose blush and violet silk) are $10 cad each.  The shadows are buttery, finely milled and pigmented and the lipsticks are opaque, pigmented and delivers even color distribution with one swipe. 

Until next time, XO - M. 

*products were sent to me for review, all opinions are my own.

perfecting your pedicure at home with emjoi micro-pedi and avon*

When summer comes to and end and the weather gets a bit colder, the idea of going out and getting a pedicure seems that much less desirable. When it actually starts snowing, forget about it - the ease of slipping on some flip-flops after your pedi and running out the door won't work. On the other hand, for those of us who can't think of splurging on a $35+ pedi every few weeks, will be happy to know that you are able to achieve similar results at home! 

For me, the most nerve-wrecking part of doing your own pedicure at home, is the callous removal part. I can definitely cut and shape my own toe nails, I never cut my cuticles because I've never had a problem with dry ones, my primary concern is the callous part. I would never take a blade to my callouses, (the potential for any accidents, or accidents leading to infection could be high!) and sometimes buffing it with a pumice stone isn't quite enough. 

In comes the Micro-Pedi ~ an electronic buffer that gently removes and buffs away hard, rough skin from the soles and problem areas of your feet. The rollers that you see above (can be replaced), spin at 360 degrees and 30x a second working fast enough to polish the callouses through a few times of use (see below images). 


After you are done with the polishing, you have to also maintain and take care of your feet or else your callouses will just grow back again and your feet will become dry. I like to either put a balm or an oil on when I am sleeping at night, and wear a pair of socks so that the two moisturizing products can work its magic without being disrupted through the day - i.e. by wearing shoes etc. 


If you want, you can always pair your newly done pedicure at home with a nice coat of polish ~ the Gel Finish polishes from Avon are great - I can usually get away with one coat and it lasts me 2-3 weeks without chips! 

I highly suggest that you try doing your own pedicure at home, it may be intimidating at first but honestly once you get the hang of it, it takes me about 20-30 minutes (including polish application) and I end up saving alot of money! 

Until next time, XO - M. 

*products were sent to me for review, all opinions are my own.

YSL - Volupté Tint-in-Balm - Review + Swatches*

YSL has created a hybrid lipstick that combines a balm with a tint to deliver a light wash of color to the lips while delivering hydration - everyone, meet the Volupté Tint-in-Balm which retails for $42 cad each. 

These lipsticks contain the signature YSL pomegranate fragrance and contains a super adorable lip imprint in the middle of the lipstick that contains the conditioning lip ingredients such as apricot butter and jojoba oil. The outer part of the lipstick, surrounding the lip-shaped core is the colored portion that delivers the tint/color to the lips. This color is sheer to buildable, however it will never become opaque. For those of you who enjoy the natural wash of color, this product is for you. Lastly, this product also delivers a high-shine finish so your lips will look more plump and youthful.

As always, YSL is known for its gorgeous and luxurious packaging. If you bring this out of your purse and apply it, or if anyone sees it, they will definitely be in awe of the packaging. I love the attention to detail, the outside color under the YSL logo is the color of the lipstick in the casing (you will be able to see it below). It leaves the guess work out of picking the lipstick on your vanity.


As you can see in the picture above, the lip balm is inside the lip-shaped core and the outside is the product that delivers the color to the lips, which as you can see from the swatches above. While these lippies are pricey, I do suggest that you pick up at least one just so you can feel ultra glam using it! :)

Until next time, XO - M.

*products were sent to me for review, all opinions are my own.

DIOR - Summer 2017 and Forever Foundation review*

Summer is coming to a close and I think that this is the perfect opportunity to feature the Dior 5 couleurs eyeshadow palette in 627- Embrace (left palette in the below picture). The fall colors make for a great transition into the cooler season. In addition, I'm not sure if I mentioned this before, but in the summer time I prefer to use powders as foundation due to the warm weather and me being prone to have oily t-zone, I want something weightless on my face. However, with the cooler months, I immediately transition into the liquid foundation and I had the opportunity to try out the new Dior - Forever Foundation (shade 30). 

For the look below, I used:
1) DiorSkin Forever + Ever Wear primer - This primer is a very liquidy formula that contains SPF20. 

2) Dior - Forever Foundation (shade 30) - This is a medium to full coverage foundation that leaves the skin luminous, yet matte but not cake face matte. I love that it makes me look absolutely airbrushed while feeling weightless on the skin. This also claims to have a 16 hour coverage (though I always just leave my make-up on for 8-10 hours max) and contains SPF35.

3) Dior 5 couleurs eyeshadow palette in 627- Embrace - I used the bottom corner shade all over the lid, and the bottom left shade in the crease and blended the crease color with the upper right shadow to prevent any sharp lines.  I also applied the upper right shade on my brow bone to bring a subtle highlight. 

4) I applied the Diorshow - Pump'N'Volume Mascara to my lashes before applying falsies. 

5) To bring out the cheekbones, I applied the Dior - Nude Air Luminizer Powder (002 Pink Glow) 

6) To finish off the look, I used my favorite lip product right now, the Dior Addict Lacquer Stick in #487 - Bubble. I have reviewed and swatched a few other shades previously and you can find the blog post here.


If I were to suggest one to two products you must get, it would be the Dior Forever foundation and the Dior Addict Lacquer Sticks!

Until next time, XO - M. 

*products were sent to me for review - all opinions are my own.

Event Recap: Shoppers Drug Mart 2017 Holiday Preview*

I know it feels like we barely had a summer this year with all the rain we got, however it is September and well, you guess it it's fall (my favorite season)! Last week I had the opportunity to be invited to the Shoppers Drug Mart 2017 Holiday Preview Event and had the chance to meet up with my fellow beauty blogger gal pals for a few hours of good eats, laughter and fun! 

I had a wonderful time looking at all of the beautiful upcoming launches in make-up, beauty and entertainment and it was such a gorgeous event, that I decided I had to take some pictures and share it with my wonderful readers:)

Shoppers Drug Mart is not just a "drugstore" anymore - they carry items that cater to your lifestyle and also they sell some basic food and drink items as well. Think of it as your one-stop-shop! You can purchase beauty items from low to high end too!

Looking at how all of these tables are decorated just gives me so much inspiration to one day be able to do the same for my guests! ...... I just need to work on that determination first........ haha maybe when I start a family? Mmm... giant Ferrero Rocher's.. so delicious!

In my MANY years of shopping at Shoppers Drug Mart, the one thing I have to recommend all of you to purchase, is the Sampler packs - they have them available for perfumes and mascaras for example. You can see it in the picture below. You essentially pay the price of a regular priced item - so let's say $35 for the mascara sampler box, and it contains a variety of sample sized mascaras - approx 8 or so, and after you try out the sample sized items and find the one you like, you take the coupon within the box, and redeem it for a full-sized mascara of your choice from the ones you have tested below. I love that concept!! It just allows you the chance to try out many different mascaras that you might not have wanted to before, because you couldn't get your hands on it or decided to take the plunge and buy all these different full sized regular priced items that you may end up not liking, which means you wasted your money.

We were all surprised with customized bottles of perfume engraved with our names (picture below) ~ I felt so special as I have never had an engraved item before :) So we all looked through the beautiful display of perfumes and found our own very special bottle. Such a special gesture!


In addition to the engraved perfume bottles, we were all gifted swag bags filled to the brim with delicious chocolates, candies, make-up, skincare and electronics! 

I hope you enjoyed this quick little event re-cap post and be sure to head on over to a Shoppers Drug Mart near you to do some of your holiday shopping this year!! (either for yourself or your loved ones!) I know for sure I'll be picking up those sample packs!

Until next time, XO - M.