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An introduction to Teeez Cosmetics - Review, swatches and Try-On*

I learned about Teeez Cosmetics last year when strolling around The Bay in downtown Toronto. I used to work downtown so every so often, I'd check out the beauty counters and see what was new. This brand completely caught my eye with its bold, bright and colorful packaging. It was so unlike any other brand out there, however I never took the plunge to purchase something. When I was approached with the opportunity to try out the products a month or so ago, it was the perfect opportunity and I had to say yes!

Teeez was founded in 2004 on the principle of writing your own rules. They do not follow the traditional models of make-up and believe in creating your own trend, style and statement. 

For the first batch that was sent to me, it was 1) Spectrum of Stars Eyesshadow - Gunmetal Glow 2) Style Addict Highlighter - Berlin Sunrise 3) Mysterious Crystal Eyeliner - Smokey Quartz


The eyeshadow is a creamy ultra pigmented olive green that stays put all day. The highlighter as you can see is cream whipped like formula that is beautifully blinding if you do not use a light hand. A little goes a long way with this product, so make sure you start with a little and build it to the level of intensity you like. I am absolutely in love with this product and have zero complaints! It gives you that ultra J.LO glow! It'd be gorgeous in the summer with a tan! Lastly, the cream eyeliner, it comes in a twist tube to dispense the product, and the other side has a rubber tip to blend out the liner should you wish to. The other side of the rubber tip comes with a sharpener so even though it's a twist up, you still get to make sure you have the sharpest tip. I naturally am a lover of liquid eye liners, so out of the three, this was the product I used the least. This however though was creamy, pigmented and made my waterline ultra black.

Next up, we have the second set of products that were sent to me, which are the lipsticks :) 1) Eve's Ready to Wear Lipstick - Awesome Orchid and 2) Material Girl Lipstick - Tainted Love

Oh my goodness, I think I'm in love these lipsticks are BUTTERY smooth. They are creamy, hydrating, pigmented and pack a beautiful color payoff. The lipstick on the left (in the above picture) is a beautiful red called Tainted Love. In the swatch picture on my lips below it was only ONE SWIPE and it lasted until I ate - it was just velvety smooth! It leaves behind a little bit of a stain afterwards but still looks natural. Wild Orchid on the other hand is a more shiny and luminous finish that makes your lips look a bit juicy and pouty. Again, the picture of me wearing it below is only one swipe and it was very hydrating.

Here's a picture of all the products swatched.

Left: Wild Orchid | Right: Tainted Love
Liner: Mysterious Crystal Eyeliner - Smokey Quartz 

Overall, I am thoroughly impressed with these products from Teeez and I will actually be purchasing them and also will try out other products from the brand - like their liquid liner, lipgloss, blush, brow product, concealer and foundation (in powder and liquid form). It is very rare that I want to completely go out and purchase additional products right away after I try an entirely new product line, but seriously, out of the 5 products sent to me, all of them performed perfectly. 

Until next time, XO - M.

Beauty Counter - Winter Warmth Palette (Review, Look + Swatches)*

Beauty Counter is a new brand that was introduced to me at the end of 2016, while I do realize this review is a tad late, rest assured it appears that Beauty Counter launches these seasonal palettes as I see that they have a GORGEOUS Spring one up right now called the Desert Sunrise Palette that is totally screaming my name. It is a combination of warm tones that are shimmery tones that are right up my alley. 

Anyways onto the star of the show... the palette I am reviewing is the Winter Warmth palette - it is mostly a matte palette consisting of mostly cooler tones. To speak of the packaging - I really liked the sleekness of the palette, you can easily take it on the go and travel with it. The only downside is that the price point is around $75 and the packaging is just a hard cardboard which means it is not durable. 

This palette is a neutral make-up lover's dream. The shadows are buttery and smooth and even offers you a pop of purple if you want. I used the purple shade with a bit of the darker purple right next to it in my look below and added some of the darker matte brown on my lower lash line. I placed the neutral matte bone shade on my brow bone to highlight them.  I wrapped up my look with a combination of both the blushes (a sweep of each color) and used the middle highlight powder on my upper cheekbone. 


As you can see, the look really is quite neutral, but paired with the lipstick that is moisturizing and a beautiful nude, I find it just perfect. The gloss isn't sticky or tacky and I could easily wear any of these shades to work everyday. 

Until next time, XO - M. 

Cocoon Apothecary - thoughts and review*

I was contacted in the middle of December to try out some products from a brand called Cocoon Apothecary. They started in 2004 and created products that are ideal for sensitive and aging skin. It is a plant-based line that is vegan, biodegradable and contains certified organic and ethically-sourced ingredients. They have a huge following and have recently featured on the Marilyn Denis Show. Anyways, with all that being said, I naturally had to say yes and try out this new brand! If you're interesting in reading my thoughts, then just keep going....

Get Ready with me Valentines Day 2017

It's Valentines Day today and while I'm not personally doing anything major (also I'm sick with a cold that everyone seems to be catching around me), I thought that I would still post this blog up that I had prepared a while back. I love to keep things low key, also this is perfect as well if you're just spending the night in with either yourself, with some girlfriends or with your special someone. All of the products listed helps to make you feel pampered, smelling yummy all while still being comfortable. 

First things first, a face mask to start! What better than an organic chocolate face mask from Inlight ($65). ~ for those of you who do not want to necessarily consume chocolate, you can go the healthier route by just lavishing yourself with a chocolate facial. The three star ingredients in this face mask are: Cocoa Seed Powder (quality organic cocoa from Grococo in Grenada), Argan Oil and Evening Primrose Oil. This mask is ideal for all skin types, including those of you who have sensitive skin. Argan Oil also makes it ideal for dry and tired skin. 

This product is 100% organic, has a shelf life of 28 months, and is free from synthetics and chemical fragrances. Their website states the following about the product: 

"An intensely nourishing, indulgent and uplifting mask with organic cacao for sensual luxury; argan oil to nourish, refine and detox pores; rose to restore and balance the skin; and baobab - the 21st century superfood to gently exfoliate and deliver a burst of antioxidant protection."


I have to say that I agree with what the product claims, since this mask is oil-based, my skin was baby soft and hydrated afterwards. Typically I have to follow up my masks with a face oil, moisturizer etc. But I didn't have to do either if I wasn't so excessive. I used the mask and then applied a light moisturizer on top and it was more than enough. The mask gently smells of chocolate, but isn't overwhelming. 


For Shampoo and Conditioner, I've been using the Coconut Miracle Oil Shampoo* and Shea Soft and Smooth Conditioner ~ both by OGX. I have been a fan of OGX products for a long time now, particularly the coconut water and 02 line. I wish that they had the Champagne one in Canada! If you're interested in my other reviews, just do a search in the upper field of my blog and it'll take you there.

Here's my thoughts on the:
Shampoo - this smells like a coconut butter cream icing! It's sweet and makes me want to eat an entire coconut cream cake. I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing? Anyways, this product is ideal for those who have thick or coarse hair as it works to help to deeply hydrate and revive damaged hair. For those who have read my blog frequently, will know that I have very thin, lack volume hair, so while this product was hydrating and smells amazing, it was a bit too hydrating for me and my hair became greasy faster than normal. 

Conditioner - This product smells of a tropical paradise, like a warm subtle scent of almost like a sunscreen type smell, but not the tacky kind. This is more like well, like the name suggests, shea butter with a touch of brown sugar. This paired with the shampoo just leaves your hair smelling sweet and delicious.  This product worked well to repair my dry ends (from straightening my hair frequently). 

Makeup Items that have a sweet valentines touch, include:
1. Christian Dior - Miss Dior Silky Body Mist*
2. Guerlain - Happy Glow Pearls *
3. Laneige - Lip Sleeping Mask*
4. L'Oreal - Infallible Lip Paint in Wild Rose*
5. Teez Cosmetics - Awesome Orchid Lipstick*
6. Too Faced - Justify My Love Blush*
7. LACC Beauty - 1992*

Pair everything with a cute shirt, some leggings and you're good to go! This shirt was sent to me for review by sammydress.com - if you're interested in it, you can find it here . The best thing is that this shirt was only $7.49! you heard me! It looks exactly like the picture and I would have to however let you know two things 1) the shirt fabric is a bit thin and 2) They do run small in sizes. I typically wear a medium or large but on this site I was in an XL. 

Here's a picture that I took of me wearing the shirt a few months ago (yes, it took me 3 months to review the shirt - I have been so behind.. sorry! Plus I never really do fashion posts)! that's why the lipstick in the picture is also not the one featured in the above. 

I hope you all are having a wonderful Valentines Day, regardless of what you're up to!
Until next time, XO - M.

Mary Kay Spring 2017 Collection - Review, Swatch + Make-up Look!*

Toronto was hit with so much snow this weekend - it was only supposed to be a few centimeters on Friday but it just kept coming, and on Sunday I think we got another 10cm? This past weekend was also super busy for me but I just had to find some time to get this post up! These beautiful pastels from the Spring 2017 Mary Kay Collection can hopefully help chase the winter blues away!! 

So in the picture below, you can see the flat lay of the collection, if you're interested in my thoughts, just keep reading! I've included swatches, a make-up look and of course a review.

First things first, the two shadow palettes. They are both limited edition and retail for $26 each, breaking it down it's $6.50 a shadow and the left one is Sunlight and right one is Glistening Horizon.

Above are the two shadow palettes swatched on my bare arm without any primer. As you can see, they lack pigmentation for the matte shades, but the shimmer ones are GORGEOUS. HOWEVEEEEEEEEEER - when I created my make-up look, I knew I didn't want to give up on the product so quickly and decided to prime my base with a white shadow primer stick from the drugstore. And that solved my problems! In the picture below of the look I created, you can see how pigmented it really is - that's only one layer on top of the white base and it's beautiful.

Next, we have the limited edition Mary Kay Glossy Lip Oils - retailing for $19 each. It comes in three shades, from left to right - Magenta ray, Sheer Pink and Brilliant Violet.

These oils are hydrating and glossy - they smell slightly fruity and subtly sweet and delivers a beautiful wash of color. The two darker colors are very pigmented and sit beautifully on the lip. The lightest color, Sheer Pink is the only one that I find that kind of sinks into the fine line of the lips and looks a little obvious. The two darker shades don't settle though. 

I love the slanted fuzzy applicator!

Lastly, we have the limited edition nail lacquers that are $10 each. From left to right we have - Brilliant Violet, New Blue, Luminous Mauve and Vivid Sunburst.

Above are the polishes swatched! You can see how beautiful they are! glossy, pigmented, not patchy at all and they are all with two coats. My favorite color is Luminous Mauve followed by Brilliant Violet. Can you tell I love my purples? I think Vivid Sunburst would be beautiful with a tan though, perfect if you're going on vacation, and of course for those of you who love the Tiffany Blue, New Blue would be a good choice for you.

I apologize for the lighting in the pic above, I lost a lot of daylight this weekend due to so many things I had to do - but I really wanted to get this look done and uploaded for you in a post. Usually I like to take my photos in natural daylight - however I used the softbox today!

I used the Glistening Horizon eye shadow Palette on my eyes - I patted the dark blue all over the lids, put the purple on my outer crease and used the light pearl shimmer on the center of the lids. Next I used the Sunlight shadow palette, and instead of using it on my eyes, I used it as my blush! I combined the pink and coral. Lastly, I applied Sheer Pink all over my lips. 

What are your thoughts on this collection? Would love to hear your thoughts!
Until next time, XO - M.

November 2016 - January 2017 Empties Review

Seems like it's been a while since my last product empties post and in the past 3 months, I have made a very diligent effort in trying to use up the majority of my beauty products. As always, I will break them down into subcategories and provide you with a short review and to let you know whether or not I'll be repurchasing this again. 

If you'd like to know what my empties are and what I think of them, click below to keep on reading...

Avon Nutraeffects Active Seed Complex Cream Review*

Boost your skin's natural glow with CHIA SEED!! yes... ch-ch-ch-chia!! Not only is it delicious and super nutritious in puddings (I love to soak chia in vanilla almond milk and eat it with some fruit), but did you know that it is ultra hydrating and rich in Omega 3's? 

There is a total of 4 different categories within this NutraEffects range - 
each in both a Day Cream (that contains various levels of SPF depending on formula) + Night Cream plus an additional Eye Cream for the Ageless range:
1) HYDRATION: Targeted for normal to dry skin, contains Chia Seeds and provides 48 hour moisturization. It also improves the skin texture.

2) RADIANCE: Ideal for dull and uneven skin tone. Contains Chia + Bird of Paradise Seed that visibly restores radiance, eliminates dullness and evens out the skin tone. 

3) AGELESS: Used for those who want to combat early signs of aging with Chia Seed and Pomegranate extract. It smoothes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while nourishing the skin.

4) BALANCE: Perfect for oily to combination skin, contains Chia Seed and Mattifying Powders to reduce oil and minimizes the look of pores. It balances the look and feel of skin. 

I was lucky enough to be sent two products, both night creams in the Radiance and Ageless formulas.
Made with Chia Seeds + Bird of Paradise Seeds 
For dullness and uneven skin tone. Reduces the appearance of discolourations in 2 weeks. 
Suitable for sensitive skin. Hypoallergenic, paraben-free, dye-free. 50 ml - 
$20 on sale for $16.49 ~ price subject to change

Made with Chia Seeds + Pomegranate Extract 
For early signs of aging. Restores the look of skin's youthful fullness in 2 weeks. 
Suitable for sensitive skin. Hypoallergenic, paraben-free, dye-free. 50 ml
$20 on sale for $16.49 ~ price subject to change

For a night cream, they are both very light weight and absorbs quickly to the skin leaving a very light fragrance that is very calming. I found that the Ageless formula was a bit thicker, a bit richer which makes sense as it works to really nourish the skin (as mentioned and confirmed by the product description).. 

I honestly LOVE these products, I gifted my mom the Ageless cream after I finish testing it out. I think that $20 (well now on sale, not sure for how long though), is so worth it! It's a generous quantity at 50ml and the price is more than reasonable. I want to try out the Balance Day Cream actually and will most likely contact my friend who is an Avon Rep. I really want to balance out my combination skin and if the day creams work as well as the nights, then sign me up!

Swatches above ~ Top: Radiance, Bottom: Ageless - as you can see, Ageless is a bit thicker in formulation.

I highly suggest that you go give these a try ASAP! They are pretty amazing and is available now as of February 2017 through your local Avon Independent Sales Reps, through the phone with Avon or online at http://www.avon.ca

Until next time, XO - M.

Annabelle Cosmetics Spring 2017 Launch - Review, Swatch + Look*

Just when I thought that there was a glimpse of Spring in the air, being quite warm last week in Toronto - it just started to snow a bit again here and the weather has dropped quite a bit. Guess we are in for a bit more of the colder winter weather for a while. The extended forecast seems to show that we won't be getting to +0 degrees C for another month or so...boo :(

Well, for now in the anticipation of Spring, I want to share with you Annabelle Cosmetics upcoming Spring 2017 product launch. I love what they say - "A little bit of Eyeshadow, A lotta bit of confidence!" - I know one specific shadow in this set that totally embraces this saying - that would have to be the chrome eyeshadow! It comes in 5 different shades, which I need ALL of - it is buttery, pigmented and mousse like and seriously packs a punch and is truly chrome. It comes in Rose Gold, Silver, Gold, Geranium and Mercury and they are $8.95 each. 

In the pictures below, the LEFT is the Eye + Brow Palette ($12.95) and the RIGHT is the Skinny Palette ($9.95) - both swatched. 

The Skinny Palette is available in 6 different palette shades and is sleek and compact, perfect for taking with you on the go. 

The Eye and Brow Palette would have to be my favorite of the two - it is so thin and sleek that since it includes both eyeshadows and brow products, taking this palette on the go is perfect! In the make-up look below, I used this specific palette on my eyes and brows and the Chrome shadow on my lid. Although it comes with a double-ended applicator, I find that I still enjoy using my own brushes. 


Before I applied the eyeshadow, I primed my lids with the Shadow Primer - $8.95, it comes in a universal color - a light beige pink shade that helps to neutralize the lid a bit - not completely, but just enough. It remains a bit tacky afterwards so that the shadow can adhere to it properly. 

I applied the Full Blast Mascara $6.95 to my lashes and it helped to thicken and separate the lashes. I didn't find that it helped with curling or lengthening, so if that's what you are into, I'd suggest that you look for something else. 

 To set the brows, I used the Brow Show Shaping Gel $8.95, and although the large brush seems intimidating, large meaning fat brush, it actually works really well to just touch on the brows and not the area around it. The color, though looking light, helps to add a lighter tint to set it. The gel doesn't make it crispy either which is amazing - I really love that I can find a product that works for me in the drugstore.

I lined my eyes with the Skinny Gel Eyeliner $8.95 - it comes with a 1.9 mm microtip, which reminds me of the hourglass micro slim liners - it is quite fragile, so apply with a light hand, I suggest warming it first on the back of your hand to make the gel more emollient. It comes in four different shades - Black Onyx (what I have), Umber Brown, Taupissime and Navy Blue. I line the base of my upper lash line, then take a flat brush to pull on the ends to create a small wing. It has a bit of playing time before it sets, then it stays put all day. You have to make sure you have a good eye make-up remover though because it likes to stay put even if you think you've rinsed it thoroughly. What I mean is that it does wash off, but it smeared to my bottom lash line and I looked kind of like a panda. Haha!


Out of all the products mentioned, I would say you MUST get the Chrome Shadow - and then I'd suggest the liner as well. It's pigmented and unique to the drugstore - the thin tip really allows for more defined work on your lash line. 

Until next time, XO - M.