August 2014 Empties

August Empties
Please note that I did not use all these products in just the month of August, I accumulated all my empty bottles and just did a collective post.

Left To Right:
- Bath and Body Works - Forever Sunshine Body Wash
- Kevin Murphy : Hydrate-Me Wash (Shampoo)
-Buxom: Dolly
- Perfekt: Lip Perfection Gel - Paramount
- Shiseido : Moist Hair Pack (Conditioner)
- Macadamia: Moisturizing Rinse
- Equate: Nail Polish Remover
- Clinique: Moisture Surge Intense
- OGX: Coconut Water Shampoo

Products I'd definitely buy again:
1. Shiseido Moist Hair Pack - all you need is one pump, it feels like nothing when you first put it on, however when you rinse it off, your hair is so soft afterwards. I discovered this when I went to Tokyo last year, their hotels provided Shiseido hair products! Couldn't go back since. 

2. Equate: Nail Polish Remover - from Walmart, it was cheap and gets the job done. Can't complain - this one even comes with Vitamin E. 

3. Clinique - Moisture Surge Intense Moisturizer. Gel formula, light weight, really moisturizing, I typically gravitate to this during the winter and I have oily/combination skin and works. 

Until next time, XO - M.

Iggy Azalea ft. Rita Ora - Black Widow

Totally obsessed with this song right now .. Video concept is ok, kinda silly however.. I'm just gonna stick to listening to the song!!

Illamasqua - Raindrops

Illamasqua - Raindrops

I am so in love with this polish - it is light grey with light silver glitter specks. Subtle and not super glittery like a shiny disco ball. This is with 3 coats and I topped it off with the Nails Inc Caviar Top Coat which you all know by now that it only takes minutes to dry and protects it for days.

XO - M.

Bow Ties for Bentley

Bentley's Auntie and Uncle from Ottawa recently sent him a package of bow ties that we totally forgot to take picture of him with them on.. This morning, before he headed to work with hubs, I decided to put a bow tie on him and little fella was such a good sport - he always lets me put accessories on him. Actually, in the winter, he won't even head out of the house unleses he has a jacket on because poor fella is so cold... Hope you enjoy the adorable pics of my furbaby!

Until next time, 
XO - M


Product: Wax A Way Sugar Wax

let me start by saying OMG!! I am in LOVE with this product. This beats my current waxing regiment (which is a cream based wax with a wax warmer from Sally Beauty). I prefer to throw this in the microwave for about 20 seconds, stir it around and let cool if need be. This helps the product to be applied in a thin layer without any resistance. By resistance, I mean that when it is cold, the sugar doesn't spread as well so you end up pulling your hairs. Honestly everyone, I waxed my hubs chest with this and he didn't even feel it when I pulled off the strip. It took every little hair (even little ones that are growing out) with one swift pull. The 2nd amazing part is that it is EASY TO CLEAN when you're done. Typically with regular waxes, you have to get a wax remover oil to remove the residue, however with this you just hop in the shower and it washes off (since it's sugar). I used some soap and warm water to wash the popsicle stick and it is ready to be used again.

I recommended this to everyone of my friends and coworkers. It is amazing! I am forever changed and will be converting to this and leaving my old waxing kit. You can find this at Loblaws or the Superstores and various different stores listed on their site. Trust me, give this a try - you will definately change your mind about waxing because this is the most painless way out of all the ways I've tried!

Until Next Time - XO, M

FTB Beauty Mini Haul

Ever wanted to buy certain makeup items that you see on social media but once you realize that 1) it's from the states and 2) by the time you purchase it, convert it to Canadian dollars and 3) pay for shipping/handling and sometimes customs/duties, it's honestly just NOT worth it because it ends up being triple the original cost?? yea ... that was me, until i discovered


What they do is they purchase from the states for you and sell it in Canada, so that it saves you from all that additional hassle. Right now, they lowered the minimum purchase amount to $50 to get free shipping! In addition, they carry brands like BH Cosmetics, NYX (I love their butter glosses), Bdellium Tools, Sigma Brushes and so forth...

They currently have a pop-up store set up for the month of July and August on Queen Street if you ever wanted to check out the products in person.

Until next time, XO - M.


Everyone, The Bay is having a 25% off sale on a majority of their Illamasqua items!! For those of you who know of how amazing their products are, you will also know that they hardly ever go on sale - so you know what it means, it's time to STOCK UP!! I went yesterday and got myself 4 nail polishes, 1 powder blush, 1 cream blush, and the hydra veil. The hydra veil is honestly amazing, use it in place of your primer and moisturizer and your skin will thank you and your makeup will last all day. 

In addition, their blushes are the creamiest and most pigmented products you will ever use. Just one touch on the pan is all you need, so you know that it will last you a long while.

Check it out before it's over!! 
I will definitely post a pic of my haul soon, for now I had to spread the news before all the good stuff is gone!

*prices subject to change based on The Bay website and rules.
XO - M!

Summer BBQ in Muskoka / J & W Foods Inc.

These amazing chicken skewers are from J and W Foods - for those of you who have never been, you have to go, they sell organic free range chicken at incredibly reasonable prices. Once i started eating chicken from here, I can't eat any other type of chicken - you honestly really taste how clean and amazing this chicken is. Also, they cater and supply to body builders - when you walk in to the store the whole left wall has testimonial and pictures of athletes. If it's good enough for them, it's surely good enough for me. In addition, they also sell grass fed beef, and pre-packaged fruits that are about $5-10 a bag and they are HUGE, same goes for veggies.

check them out here:

August Long Weekend in Muskoka

On long weekends, we try to leave the busy and loud city of Toronto behind and go spend some time with our family who lives in Muskoka. It is a great time for some R&R and good eats and not to mention, soaking up the sun and being able to enjoy the quietness of the great outdoors. I've included some pictures of my recent visit below .. I hope you enjoy! Sorry for the belated post, been so caught up at work and other stuff..

Cookstown Outlet Mall - Imperial Meats
Hot Assorted Italian Sandwhich on tomato bread - super delicious! Everytime we head up north, hubs and I always have to make a pitstop at the Cookstown outlet JUST to eat the sandwiches. 

Took the sandwiches to go and ate it on the deck with a Mcdonald's Ice Coffee.

On Friday Night, it was "Midnight Madness" in Bracebridge. The stores downtown are open extended hours to midnight and there's food, music and games.

um... BEST DONUTS EVERRRRRRR.. melt in your mouth GOODNESS! got these covered in cinnamon sugar... mmmmmm.....

I spy with my little eye, a cute little watch dog :)

After we walked around downtown, we went back to our uncle's restaurant to enjoy an amazing birthday feast for one of our aunts. Food includes steamed fish, lobster, crab and much more... droool.

Mango mousse bday cake to follow for dessert!

What did you guys do for your long weekend?!?

Until next time, XO - M.

Thomson Park Playtime

Bentley Play Time 
Location: Thomson Park
I decided to throw in a random post about Bentley - for all you Bentley fans out there :) I find that going after work, around 6:30pm-7pm is prime time at the dog park - there are always 10+ small dogs there waiting to play with each other. Like I've said previously, they divide the park into different fenced sections for different sized dogs, so I always feel safe bringing him there. 

When he walked into the park that day, other dogs were already coming up to him and initiating play time - look at how happy he is playing with his friends :) - he totally let out all his extra energy and ran circles around everyone. I swear, he's the fastest shih tzu out there (I think it's his long legs.. hahaha :))

Until next time, XO - M.

Essence - Beach Cruisers Bronzing Powder

Essence - Beach Cruisers Bronzing Powder
$3.99 at Shoppers Drug Mart.
Product Site:

I am really starting to love the Essence line that is carried at Shoppers Drug Mart - they offer pretty decent quality products at really cheap prices. This bronzer is probably one of the best products I've found so far - the middle palm tree area is a highlighter with finely milled shimmer, and the area around it is the bronzer. Color similar to Benefit's hoola but obviously less pigmented (hello, you're paying $4). I would suggest that you pick this up and toss it in your extra travel bag for touch up's just in case!!

Until next time, XO - M.