Review& Swatch: Zoya - Sensual Collection (Fall 2019)*

You can't deny it even you wanted to, the temperatures are dropping, the air is cooler, evenings and mornings are more crisp and the leaves are changing colors and i'm all for it. Sign me up for the leggings, oversized sweaters and fall colors, the burgundies, berries, darker hues and a good old neutral shade. 

Zoya's Fall 2019 collection just about sums up my color palette for this season and the formulations come in cream and metallic. 

From left to right: 

Joss - a beautiful baby pink neutral (cream)
KInsley - caramel beige with a slight blush tone (cream)
Foster - the shade of milk chocolate, mmm (cream)
Briar - red-toned teracotta (cream)
Margaret - vivid aubern red (cream)
Rashida - ruby red with red micropearl (shimmer)

Etta - dark cabernet with violet micropearl (shimmer)
Michaela - dusty purple taupe (cream)
Ripley - rich boysenberry (cream)
Vesper - violet grey (cream)
Elliot - dark ocean blue (cream)
Ashton .- silverish black tone with a scattered silver micropearl (shimmer)

These polishes have an amazing formulation, I've said this before with all of my past Zoya posts, their cream tones can often give you a flawless finish in one layer. Their shimmers I would recommend two. 

My favorite shades are Foster, Kinsley, Vesper and Ashton - what are yours?

Until next time, XO - M.

*products were sent to me for consideration, all opinions are my own. 

Review: Royal and Langnickel OMNIA® Professional Makeup Brushes*

The Omnia Professional make-up brushes are made of 100% Omnilux filaments, which is a revolutionary new vegan synthetic hair produced using patented nanotechnology.Each hair filament is manipulated at a molecular level to be superior to natural hair. 

I personally own a wide variety of make-up brushes, some luxury ones handmade by Japanese artisans with real hair, as well as synthetic ones. When I use these brushes and compare them to my Japanese real hair brushes, it really is a hard time for me to find and notice a difference between the two.

The hairs on this brush are super soft and perform the same in terms of product dispensing and placement/pick-up. 

Below I have included a photo of all the brushes sent to me, as well as a description from their site on each brush, and a short review from me as well as what and how I like to use these specific brushes.

Each brush comes individually packaged and some of the bigger brushes have a plastic holder for it. The other luxurious feeling of the brush is the handle, that it is really sturdy and feels almost like a matte rubber-like texture. It gives it such a posh feel as opposed to your regular standard slippery handle.

From left to right:

Omnia Professional BOM-195Bronze the face delicately or brush off excess powder with this deluxe-sized fan brush.
Thoughts: The wide fan of the brush allows for a very diffused look of bronzer around the circumference of the face. It makes the bronzer look very diffused and airbrushed with no harsh lines. You can easily use this as a highlight on the cheekbones brush as well.

Omnia Professional BOM-130This long, round brush tapers into a pointed tip to apply powder product with expert precision
Thoughts: This brush performs and is used for exactly what it says - powder application, whether it be a powder foundation or setting powder. I pick some up with the brush and gently roll and press onto my face if it is for setting powder. If it is for foundation I gently buff it and swirl the product on my face.

Omia Professional BOM-251This large duo-fiber style brush stipples powder, cream, or liquid product for a light, airy finish.
Thoughts: This brush is pretty wide so I like to even use it for bronzer application for a diffused look, and also for any cream based product like cream blush or powder foundation if I am going for a sheer natural coverage.

Omnia Professional BOM-185: This smaller, dense, dome-shaped brush meticulously blends complexion makeup into small areas of the face. Its narrow shape also makes it perfect for contouring.
Thoughts: I like this for cream contour or bronzer products as well as liquid foundation application. It has a smaller more defined dome shape to it that allows for more precise application to the face. 

Omnia Professional BOM-265Apply a concentrated, dazzling highlight to the face for a radiant look
Thoughts: This powder is perfect for precise highlight application on my cheekbones - it has a medium density so it picks up a good amount of product but can also give you a more sheer finish when you tap off some product.

Omnia Professional BOM-415This traditional eyeshadow brush features an oval shape that uniformly blends color over the entire lid.
Thoughts: This is a pretty straight-forward all over the lid eyeshadow brush. 

Omnia Professional BOM-490: Ideal for creating clean, precise lines, this small-sized brush features a narrow, angled edge
Thoughts: This is great for brows and eyeliner!

Omnia Professional BOM-435The expertly tapered bristles on this small brush allow for flawless, detailed smudging at the lash line.
Thoughts: I like this for more precise crease work, like a defined crease or cut crease. The brushes are dense and so it dispenses the product very well. 

Omnia Professional BOM-460Create bold definition in the crease and outer corners of the eyes.
Thoughts: This brush is very unique to me as I do not believe I have ever used one that shape. This makes buffing out color to your outer V and crease a breeze! as well as diffusing any harsh lines!

Omnia Professional BOM-420Intensify your look by lightly smudging liner and shadows with the tapered tip.
Thoughts: I use this just for my outer V to put color into it and create definition and contrast or to smoke out a look. 

I definitely recommend that you take a look at these brushes as they are priced very reasonably as well - you can get a face brush like the large duo-fiber brush for $18.99 usd and an eye brush, the traditional eyeshadow brush (BOM-415) for $9.99 usd which is all very reasonable and fair!

Until next time, XO - M.

*products were sent to me for consideration, all opinions are my own.

Review & Swatch: Bio Sculpture - On The Reef Collection*

This beautiful and vibrant nail polish set from BIO SCULPTURE is called the "On The Reef" Collection. It comes in both gel and polish formulations, the gel one is available only for professional salon-only use and the nail polish is for everyday at-home use. 

Below I have all five of the polishes swatched - we have:
248 - Tropical Sunray - vibrant yellow lemon shade
246 - Island Surf - peach tone
249 - Coral Cluster - coral orange-toned pink
250 - Radiant Starfish - vibrant hot pink
247 - Mermaid's Tale - silver shift with reflect sequins and glitter flecks.

The polishes are not only beautiful to look at, but you can typically get away with one coat. The swatches below are done with one and it has a wide brush tip for effortless application. In addition, the formula contains a nourishing vitamin-fortified blend so you are also getting added benefits to your nails.

You can always use these polishes to create your own designs, or even by layering like I did with shades 246 & 247. I am loving the formulations of these polishes and am looking forward to trying more out in the future!!

Until next time - XO, M

*products were sent to me for consideration, all opinions are my own.

Review: Mugler - Aura Mugler Sensuelle Eau de Parfum*

Most recently to join the Mugler family is Aura Mugler Sensuelle Eau de Parfum, a unique perfume that is woodsy, floral and warm. It is Made in France, retails for $105 and you get 50ml in a bottle. The photo truly does no justice to the beauty of this bottle. It looks like a precious stone and reflects light beautifully and stands as a statement piece on your dresser and is the size of your palm.

Truth be told, I was always a fan of Mugler fragrances, I loved smelling them from the bottle and when I smell this on someone, I always ask what it is and they would tell me it was a Mugler Perfume, and I would be so surprised because I was never able to pull off the scent. However, this new fragrance has notes of the original but is almost a lighter version mixed with a "fresher" twist. This perfume sits really well on me and I love that I am finally able to find a Mugler fragrance that compliments me.

Notes of this perfume include: Gardenia, Cinnamon Leaf, White Musk and Sri Lankan Sandalwood.

The perfume that I reference to above that I love the smell of but could never wear is Angel Eau de Parfum. Below, we have the new Angel Standing Star Eau de Toilette. It is a lighter version of the original Angel, a fresher 2.0 and is Made in France. It is 50ml and retails for $96. This has fruitier notes of mandarin and natural apple and the floral note of peony (my favorite flower). It is all wrapped in a warmer note of praline and patchouli to balance it all out without making it too sweet.

 I am so happy to have two lighter versions of the original Angel Eau de Parfum to add to my rotation now! Which Mugler fragrance is your favorite? Which of the two are you excited to try out!?

Until next time, XO - M.

*products were sent to me for review/consideration. All opinions are my own. 

Review: KOSMEA Australia Skincare*

I was graciously sent a few items from a brand new skincare line to me, called KOSMEA.  The name comes from Ancient Greece meaning to harmonize and bring to balance. It was created with its key ingredient in mind, certified organic rosehip oil. The brand in itself strives on the quality of their product and stand by their commitment to its integrity, which is something I respect. They chose to use key ingredients in their skincare, vs relying on chemicals. 

To provide you with some information on what certified organic rosehip oil is, I have included some information from their website below from the creator: 
"Certified organic rosehip oil and its unique ability to nourish and balance all skin types is the foundation of Kosmea Australia...Crammed with essential fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants, I learnt that rosehip oil was ideal for dry, scarred, sensitive and sun-damaged skin. I was intrigued.
I was impressed with the results that rosehip had on my skin. I couldn’t think of any other product that was completely natural and affordable, and could be used for a baby’s nappy rash, a teenager’s pimples, sun damaged skin of any age, or a grandmother’s dry, sensitive skin. Surely other people would share my enthusiasm when they tried it and saw the results for themselves. And they did."

Review: DIY Effortless Gel Nails at home with Sensationail*

As those of you who follow my blog will know by now, I am an avid nail polish user and I do pride myself on being able to do my own nails at home and not having to pay tons of money to visit the salon. 

On the rare occasion when I do go away for vacation, I like to splurge and treat myself to a manicure at the salon, especially a gel one. Well, when I decided to visit one a few months ago for my trip to the Dominican, it was a horrible mistake. They filed my nails down with the electric file so thin that I am still recovering, trying to prevent it from peeling. That led me to think, why do I pay so much money to go to a salon only to have them ruin my nails?! Why don't I look into perhaps doing gel at home again by myself? That way I can control how much I want to file my nail, how many coats I want etc. 

Well, as fate would have it, I had the opportunity of connecting with Sensational and was sent their starter kit which truly comes with everything you need to do gel nails at home. Gel nails have come a long way since I last did them at home myself a few years back. I remember back in the day it would take minutes to cure one coat. Now, 30 seconds per coat. AMAZING!

The lamp that it comes with is smaller than what you will see at the salon, which I do not have an issue with. It does the same job. I would advise you to do your four fingers first, cure it, then do your thumb separately and then cure it. Just so that all your fingers can sit comfortably and have equal curing time.

If you do not want to go through the trouble of removing gel nails at home, I purchased a peel off base coat so I could just pop them right off and then move onto the next color whenever I want to. 

Below I have the five colors swatched that I have been wearing, it's so hard for me to say which one is my favorite so I won't even start. All of their formulations in terms of staying time and curing time is the same. They do offer different finishes though like Bramble Gel-ly that is a pearl finish.

One thing I appreciate is the packaging of the polishes - the black container so that it won't accidentally cure the polish within if you are curing close by - obviously, try to avoid doing so. Also, the labels of the polishes are true to color of the swatch within.

These kits can be purchased at Walmart Canada and honestly, the price point is so good that you have nothing to lose. It is probably less than the price of one manicure. I did a quick browse on their site, the kit is $49.99 canadian and the polishes are $11.97 each. 

So once again, this is a definite purchase! 

Until next tine, XO - M.

*products were sent to me for review, all opinions are my own.

Review: COACH - Floral Blush Eau de Parfum*

This summer, COACH has released Floral Blush that is a perfect floral fruity blend which is something right up my alley! It comes in the classic Coach fragrance bottle and the tassel charm this time is a beautiful pink flower. The entire packaging is cute, fun and sleek.

It retails for $96 for 50 ml or $123 for 90 ml and is made in France. The profile of the fragrance is as follows:
TOP NOTES: Goji Berry, Grapefruit
HEART NOTES: Peony, Peach
BASE NOTES: White Woods, Musks

I am really enjoying this fragrance, it isn't too sweet - it's a very light flowery note that first comes out and the grapefruit citrus takes over leaving me feel refreshed. I only need 1-2 pumps and it lasts for around 7-8 hours (I put it on before work and I can still get hints of it at the end of the work day).

I definitely will recommend this to those of you who enjoy the same scent profile as me! 

Until next time, XO - M.

*product was sent to me for review, all opinions are my own.

Review: Jowaé Skincare*

Being a skincare junkie, I was really excited to be introduced to the brand Jowaé - which in Korean means harmony. The main philosophy behind the brand is to use products to help re-establish the balance of your skin from daily stresses that affect your skin, known aggressions. They utilize four simple steps to help the skin regain harmony, balance, luminosity and protection. 

They utilize natural-origin ingredients and all of their products contains zero parabens, phenoxyethanol, mineral oil, silicon and ingredients of animal origin or synthetic colorant. It is ideal for sensitive skin and has a very subtle and pleasing scent.

As mentioned above, the four fundamental steps of Korean skincare - 1. Cleanse 2. Prepare 3. Activate and 4. Correct. I go into more detail of each product below - please note that there are several products for each stage of the skincare process/steps, what I have mentioned in this post and below is what was sent to me for my skin type.

STEP 1 - Purifying Cleansing Gel - $20.50 (200ml)
This is the one I'm using for my combo to oily skin, it helps to rinse my face of any last traces of makeup, I do use some micellar water to remove the majority of my makeup off first. It effectively cleanses the face without stripping it or leaving behind that squeaky feel. This product is comprised of 89% natural products and it is a gel formulation that works into a gentle foam. I use this both night and day.

STEP 2 - Hydrating Water Mist - $19 (200ml)
This is suitable for all skin types and can be applied anytime of the day, as part of your skincare routine or even as a refresher throughout the day. It helps to wake the skin up to receive the skincare treatments you are about to apply and is composed of 97% natural ingredients. It contains Sakura Blossom Water, Pure Water and Botanical Glycerin. It has a very light mist and is said to be inspired by the Korean lotions used after makeup removal to prepare the skin for daily care. If you find yourself having applied too much, then just gently pat into the skin with your hands as opposed to wiping away with a cloth or tissue.

This is  for all skin types and works to reduce dark spots, brightens and evens out the complexion. It contains 89% natural ingredients and contains Youth and Complexion Correcting White Tea and Antioxidant and Brightening VitaminsE and B3. This is a light emulsion that is unlike anything I've ever felt before - it comes out almost thick-like but then melts into your skin leaving behind a soft and powdery finish. I use this in the morning on my face and neck.

STEP 4 - Moisturizing Light Cream - $30 (40ml)
This cream is suitable for those with normal to combination skin. It is very light-weight, almost like a gel and absorbs quickly into the skin leaving it feeling hydrated and refreshing. It contains Sakura Blossom Water and Moisturizing Pine Extract with Vitamin E - It is comprised of 88% of natural products.

Products for the body: 
Left: Revitalizing Moisturizing Lotion - $28 (400ml)
This is suitable for those with normal to dry skin and has a very light weight texture that helps the skin e softer, more supple and luminous. It almost has a gel-like texture and sinks into the skin very quickly. It contains 97& natural ingredients and contains Bamboo Water, Shea Butter, Sunflower and Emollient Soy Oil. 

Right: Hand and Nail Nourishing Cream - $10 (650 ml)
This is for dry or damaged hands and works amazingly on my cuticles as well. It is a thicker texture but is not greasy at all. It contains 96% natural ingredients and has Camellia Oil, Shea Butter and Coconut Oil to name a few of the ingredients. 

I have been really enjoying this new line of skincare that I have been introduced to and would like to try even more from their line, including the Balancing Mattifying Fluid, expecially for the warmer summer season when my skin goes a bit oilier in the t-zone. The fragrance of these products are very subtle, there is a slight variance to each of the products but all are relatively mild and nothing that is too overwhelming or obnoxious. This is great for those who have sensitive skin, or even are sensitive to fragrances. 

Of all the products I have tried, my favorite would probably be the hand lotion and the corrector. 

Until next time, XO - M.

*products were sent to me for review/consideration, all opinions are my own.

Review - Marc Jacobs Beauty - Accomplice Concealer & Touch-Up Stick

Marc Jacobs recently launched a concealer that I knew I had to put to the test, being that my panda eye circles need some serious patching up. This concealer comes in a range of 17 shades and acts as a your typical concealer and a touch up stick. 

This offers a medium buildable coverage and is very pigmented. In the photos below of my application, you will see that it is done with one swipe and then blurs out effortlessly and melts into the skin. I do find that I have to set it with powder just so it doesn't crease. It is not emollient or overly wet, it actually dries down to a satin matte formula. 

This is said to be able to be used under and over makeup, help blur the look of pores, fine lines and imperfections while hiding dark circles, blemishes and uneven skin tone. While I cannot speak to the fine lines I must say that it does everything it claims. In the photos below of my application I used only the concealer to even out my discolouration and my panda eyes. 

This product packaging is in a sleek container that you twist up for more product and retails for $42 cad.

I am in love with this concealer and it is a definite purchase and try! I just love how portable this is I can easily take it with me on the go.

Until next time, XO - M.

Review: Brand New Juicy Couture Fragrances*

Juicy Couture has recently launched two new fragrances, and as a collector of these bottles I am so ecstatic to add two more to my collection.

 For those of you who love the original Juicy fragrance notes, I think the Viva La Juicy Bowdacious is right up your alley. This contains notes of Italian mandarin, pear, honeydew mixed with tiare flower wrapped in a warm blend of tonka bean and coconut milk. Staying true to their bottle themes, this one comes in the rectangular bottle with an adorable metallic hot pink bow on the cap as well as more miniature ones on the base of the bottle. The initial whiff of this fragrance, I can really pick up the warmer notes first which is balanced by a the slightly floral and fruity note.

Next, we have Oui by Juicy that I gravitate to more between the two only because this one has more fruity notes, and less of the warmer notes. I like fragrances that are light and refreshing and this is unlike any of the prior Juicy Fragrances I have experienced. This has notes of watermelon, Acai Tea Natureprint, Pear Infusion, Jamine, Wild Tuberose, Dewy Honeysuckle Natureprint and base notes of Techno Woods, Amber Resins and Captive Musks. Even the bottle of this perfume is unlike prior bottle styles released by Juicy.

Above are photos of my other Juicy bottles - I had one more before, but gifted that to a friend. Have you tried Juicy Fragrances before? Which is your favorite! Or, out of the two mentioned above, which do you gravitate to?

Until next time, XO - M.

*products were sent to me for consideration, all opinions are my own.

Review, Swatch and Tutorial: Mary Kay - TimeWise 3D Matte Foundations*

Mary Kay has recently launched the TimeWise 3D Matte Foundation ($28 cad), plus Blending Brush ($20 cad), to their line-up and, I am so excited to share with you my results! 

I have put this foundation to the test - left it on for approximately 14 hours, went through the wind, rain and eventually the scorching sun for 5-6 hours (yay for crazy weather here!). I also ran errands with my little toddler, did groceries.. went to a bridal shower for a few hours... dinner with the family and home! Results? It truly lived up to the claims of having a solid 12 hour staying power. 

For those of you who are readers of my blog, will know that I have oily combination skin, so being able to find a medium to full coverage matte foundation that works without making me look flat and cakey is a dream. In addition, finding one that is at a reasonable price range is honestly the big bonus. This new foundation checks all those boxes. It also comes in a variety of 28 shades so something is bound to match you!

Like I said above, this product offers a medium buildable to full coverage on the skin that looks natural. It still makes your skin look like skin and I find that very important. Other benefits of the foundation, as found on their site, is listed below:
- infused with their exclusive Age Minimize 3D™ Complex to help defend, delay and deliver for beautiful results, 
- includes encapsulated resveratrol, dual benefit vitamin B3 and an age-defying peptide. 
- long-lasting coverage with a flawless finish. 
- 12 hours of oil control
- weightless humidity and sweat-resistant formula
- won't settle to fine lines
- microspheres act like a sponge to absorb oils.

Below you will find the shades that were graciously sent to me swatched: 

Here I have Beige C140 applied to my face. At first, it looked a bit light but once I blended it out, it even-ed out all my discolorations on my face without having to do any color correction, and as you can see it matches my neck perfectly.  On the lips, I have their brand new Matte Lipstick in Paparazzi Pink which from May 16th to August 15, 2019, Mary Kay will donate $1 from each sale of this lipstick to the Mary Kay Ash Charitable Foundation. These funds will support the Look Good Feel Better program and initiatives to prevent domestic violence. Therefore, with every purchase of this lipstick you really are supporting women in need.

Above features all the products that I have used on my face to create my makeup look and below are selfies I have taken through various times of the day for you to see how my foundation lasted.

6:30AM - Just woke up and getting ready to apply my makeup! 

8AM - first check in after makeup application, you see how much it even-ed out my skintone I loved it! It made my skin look airbrushed without piling a ton of makeup on. It is important to note that none of the photos above have any editing or airbrush on it!

2 PM - after spending all morning in the rain, wind then sun, I had to quickly head over to the bridal shower! My makeup was still lasting, usually around this time my makeup would be sliding everywhere but nope, still works! I was standing in a pretty bright party room at a condo so I look a bit lighter (apologies!). 

8 PM - back home, hair up after I gave my son a bath and put him to bed. I'm back in my own house so you can see in natural daylight how the end result looks like. A bit of the foundation did come off in the nose area but that is due to my horrid allergies this time of year and I was constantly blowing my nose. My blush, eyeshadow, highlight all stayed on my face, the foundation did not shift it at all and that's what you look for in terms of having a foundation with lasting power! 

Oh lastly, the blending brush that was created and released with the launch of these foundations - it works very well to blend out the product on the face and neck and what is great is that the foundation doesn't absorb too much or sink deep into the bristles, so you're not wasting product! Also, I really enjoyed using this brush to blend out my contour/bronzing stick! 

Until next time, XO - M.

**SPONSORED POST  (all products were sent to me for review, all opinions are my own.)

Review, Swatch and Tutorial: L'Oreal Infallible 24H Fresh Wear Foundation & Infallible Full Wear Concealer

Oh man, it has been a hot minute since I have reviewed a drugstore foundation here and when I was sent this package from L'oreal I was super excited. The last foundation (L'Oreal Pro Glow Foundation) I tried from them, I loved so my expectations for them was high this time around! Everyone, meet the L'Oreal Infallible 24H Fresh Wear Foundation.

The claims for this foundation is that it provides up to 24 hours of fresh wearing foundation with a medium to full coverage. This is said to help resist sweat, water and transfer. What I appreciate is that this product goes on like water (see swatches below) - only a thin layer of foundation was needed to help color the discolouration or unevenness in my skin-tone. It is ultra buildable too so full coverage can easily be attained with another light layer which goes on effortlessly as well, theres no cakey look. This foundation comes in 30 shades.

The pump bottle is a HUGE bonus - I needed only 2 pumps to to cover my entire face. 
Next, L'Oreal also released their brand new concealer called the Infallible Full Wear Concealer which comes in 24 shades. For those of you who want the Tarte Shape Tape concealer in Canada but can't get it because it's only in the US (unless you purchase online), look no further than this. This is the more budget friendly alternative and it works just the same. It comes with a large doe foot applicator and provides an ultra pigmented and full coverage finish. I only need one application (no need to re-dip the wand) to cover my panda eye circles, and other discoloration under my nose, tzone and jaw.  It is not greasy, it dries down to a matte finish that doesn't look too dry. It feels comfortable and doesn't crease, I didn't need to set it (or bake) and it didn't move around.

Below images starting from left to right: Bare Face, only foundation on the face (shade 430), and the last two photos are with the foundation and concealer (mix of shade 360 and 365) together.  
As you can see, the finish looks really nice, this was created with one layer so it is a medium coverage. I love it so much! These two are definite recommends and must purchase items!

Until next time, XO - M.

*products were sent to me for consideration, all opinions are my own.

Review: Caudalie - Vinosource S.O.S. Deep Hydration Moisturizer*

Brand new to Caudalie is an intense moisturizing cream formulated from antioxidant-rich grapes - introducing the Vinosource SOS Deep Hydration Moisturizer. It retails for $51 Canadian and contains 50ml in a jar. As with all their products, the main ingredient is Grape - and this contains Grape Water to hydrate and soothe, Grape Seed Polyphenols for antioxidant protection and Squalane for its nurturing properties. 

This product is suitable for all skin types, even those with sensitive skin. It is important to known that this is vegan, cruelty and gluten-free and also is packaged in recyclable packaging. 1% of all purchases of this product is donated to a good cause for the planet - planting trees. 

If you take a look at the photos below, you will see that the consistency of the moisturizer looks thick and luxurious, but when applied to the skin it melts immediately to the face and it leaves it feeling so plump with moisture, hydrated and refreshed. You know how after you go for a facial, you just glow and your skin looks like you drank 10 bottles of water and has that plumpness to it? This is what I got from using this product. No joke.I have been getting compliments on my skin and I believe that this was a large contributing factor. This is also suitable for use in the summer time and is not too heavy at all. Throughout the day, or even before application of this moisturizer, I like to pair it with their Grape Water (featured below).


Caudalie's Grape Water is a cult favorite - it is what started it all, in my opinion. It contains a 100% organic formula that is suitable for all skin types and contains grape essence extracted directly from grapes in Bordeaux, France. It also contains polysaccharides, mineral salts and potassium and helps with hydration, and reduces sensitivities like redness, rosacea and rashes. You can apply this as part of your skin care routine, to set your makeup or even as a mid-day refresher. I personally like to keep this in the fridge so that in the hot summer weather, I can mist this on my face and it cools me down while giving me the skincare benefits. 

These two products are a definite recommend!

Until next time, XO -M

*products were sent to me for review, all opinions are my own. 

Review: Suncoat - Polish and Remover Gel*

For those of you who know me personally, will know that I am a nail polish lover - I switch my polish weekly, if not maybe twice a week and I am always on the hunt for new colors, or products. When I was set the above kit from Suncoat for review, I was really intrigued by a plant-based natural product that was created by a female chemist that is also Canadian! 

To be honest, I had never heard of this brand before so I read more about it on their website and included some information about the brand for you below, if you're new to them as well!

"Suncoat first entered the beauty market in 2002 when our founder and chemist Yingchun Liu, Ying for short, whose background includes both polymer chemistry and organic chemistry, found herself in a predicament: her seven year-old daughter wanted to experiment with nail polish. Yet Ying felt the bevy of hazardous chemicals in nail polish, which includes formaldehyde, toluene and acetates, posed too great a risk to her health. So taking to task her expertise in chemistry as well as her artistic eye for creativity, Ying created a revolutionary new formula of water-based, non-toxic nail polish, designed to provide the same quality and finish as the conventional stuff, but without any unsafe chemicals.
On a roll, Ying certainly didn’t stop with nail polishes, expanding Suncoat to include a collection of award-winning formulations for face, eye, lips and even hair, all born from the ideal combination of technology and efficacious natural ingredients. The model forms the heart of the Suncoat brand, to operate with a firm commitment to producing innovative, high-quality products from the best ingredients nature has to offer while maintaining the highest environmental integrity."
Their Mission:
"Suncoat is the pioneer in non-toxic nail polish, blazing the trail of natural beauty, fusing nature with technology to create innovative products founded on the balance of vegan, mineral-based ingredients and water, one of the principal components of our bodies. By putting nature back into nail polish, we’re motivating people to do the same in other aspects of their lives, thus inspiring a little more harmony back into the world."

 My two favorite shades sent to me are: Left - / Right -
The polishes itself come in a wide assortment of beautiful shades and finishes, just like regular polish - but the application of the polish itself is a bit tricky. You have to be really patient and accept that the first layer will always be streaky, and that the second layer will fix everything up. Patience is definitely the key here to achieve a smooth coat.


To remove the polishes, you actually have to use their in-house branded products as they are formulated specifically for the polishes. I have always promised my readers that I am giving honest reviews, so here it is - unfortunately didn't have much luck with the gel formula, it really didn't rub off and "melt/dissolve" the polish as it suggests it would. The one benefit though of the gel packaging is that it comes with a cuticle balm to help condition the nail beds. That product itself was fantastic, but I didn't quite understand the mirror on the lid. You wouldn't really need it to look at your nails, or your face? so not too sure what that was for. It's cute, but doesn't really serve a purpose. 

I therefore tried the pump liquid formula and had much better success. I was told that alternatively, I could soak my hands in warm water to peel off the polish that was formulated to be peel-able. Be forewarned though that both the remover products have quite a strong scent to them (not your typical acetone scent at all). This polish is made with corn starch fermentation and has vitamin E in it. It can be used to remove all types of polishes and is biodegradable and vegan. It has a oil-like texture to it so your fingernails and cuticles stay hydrated. 

Overall, I think that this product is perfect for those who really care about using a natural product on the nails that is safe and free of harsh chemicals. If you are one of those individuals, and have sensitive nails - then this is definitely for you. I will definitely be sharing this entire set to my vegan friend.

Until next time, XO - M

*products were sent to me for review, all opinions are my own.

Review: Creating Volume with Cake Haircare*

Cake has graciously sent some haircare products my way to help me address my hair woes - my flat...lifeless and lack of volume postpartum hair. For those of you who have been following my blog, you'll know that the journey I have with my hair is still an on-going battle. I am constantly on the search for a product that will work for me and help me achieve some oompf and vavavoom factor. 

If you're interested in my thoughts on the products that I have tried out, then keep on reading below!