Clay has been an ingredient that has gained humongous popularity over the last few years and has primarily been used in face mask products. L'Oreal Paris has used the power of clay to develop and release the Pure Clay Skincare Range that includes a variety of clay products that will sure be able to suit your needs. 

What I am most excited about is their new Pure Clay Daily Cleansers that can be used every day and is a clay to mousse formula. They retail for $12.99 cad each and the clay works to help cleanse the skin by removing impurities, boosting radiance and improving overall skin texture. These cleansers do not dry out your skin and leave it feeling fresh and clean while helping your pores tighten and look less visible. 

In the above picture, from Left to Right features:
1) Three Mineral Clays + Red Algae ~ to exfoliate and refine
2) Three Mineral Clays + Charcoal ~ to detox and brighten
3) Three Mineral Clays + Eucalyptus ~ to purify and mattify (my favorite)

*The three mineral clays in each of the cleansers mentioned above are: Kaolin (for shine and purification), Montmorillonite (to balance and hydrate) and Moroccan (to purify) clays.


In addition to the cleansers, there are also a few masks that were released. The two featured below are: 1) Three Mineral Clays + Charcoal for Energizing and Brightening and 2) Three Mineral Clays + Seaweed for Comforting and Unifying. These masks are $14.99 cad each. 

These masks are cool when applied to the face and gives such a relaxing feeling especially on a warm summer day. It dries quickly and does not make your skin feel like its tugged and pulled when dried. When this product is washed off, you are left with radiant skin that feels so clean, like all the dirt and gunk has been sucked out. 

Until next time, XO - M.

*products were sent to me for review, all opinions are my own.

Basic make-up essentials from Pixi Beauty*

I have been a user and reviewer of Pixi products for a long while and in this time, I have been able to test out a ton of product that have remained in my daily rotation. This time, I was sent four products to try, two of which are already my tried and true favorites - the Makeup Fixing Mist and the Multi-Balm

The Mist prolongs your make-up and sets it to last all day. It contains rose water and green tea that helps to refresh the face while moisturizing it and hydrating the skin. The Multi-Balm on the other hand is a multi-purpose stick that you can use on both your lips and your face/on the cheeks. It contains aloe vera, shea butter and rose hip oil. 

The two new products that were sent to me to try this month include the:
- Nourishing Lip Polish - a 2-in-1 lip exfoliator and hydrator. It contains a textured doe-foot applicator that helps to buff off dead skin on the lips, and the small hole in the center allows product to be deposited onto the lips when done. The formula of the product dispensed is shea butter, sweet almond, apricot and evening primrose oils. I really enjoyed this product, the lip product really hydrated the lips and the textured doe foot applicator worked well to subtly plump the lips afterwards. 

- Quick Fix Powder is invisible and lightweight. It contains a powder top applicator that when pumped or puffed onto the skin, dispenses the make-up setting powder to the face. As you can see from the below picture, there is a little plug that is covered when you first open the product. When you peel off the sticker, the powder from the container is dispensed through the hole and then puffed onto the face to give you a velvet matte air-brushed finish. I found this perfect for on-the-go in my make-up purse to just blot the oil off my face.


Until next time, XO - M. 

*products were sent to me for review, all opinions are my own

Lancome - Juicy Shaker LIP OIL Review & Swatches*


I remember when these Juicy Shakers first hit the market in the last year or so - I was so excited to get my hands on just one because of it's adorable packaging and innovative formula - a gloss which contained a sheer to build-able color that is oil-based. 

When you first open it, you may be shocked to see that the product appears to have separated - however, have on fear! That is what it's supposed to look like! It is a bi-phase formula (think close to their infamous bi-phase eye make-up remover) - that activates when shaken. The oil on the top, mixes with the pigment on the bottom, to deliver a beautiful wash of color to your lips as well as nourishment and hydration from the oils. 

The result? Super soft lips with a natural finish! As you can see from the swatches below, though they look quite similar in the packaging externally, when swatched they do deliver a bit of difference, HOWEVER not every color's tone is so different that means that you should go get one of every color. For e.g. Cloudy Candy below has a more iridescent lilac finish while Boom-Meringue has a more gold iridescent finish. 

There is currently a green-apple one, that I am dying to get my hands on, as it really smells oh-so delicious! (By the way, these lip oils really do smell of what their name suggests - so wondermelon / watermelon, cloudy candy/cotton candy and so forth.

The applicator is a cloud-like sponge applicator that is bouncy and pillowy soft! When the lid is closed tight and you shake the bottle, the applicator absorbs the product to be dispensed onto your lip. If you want a stronger deposit of color, you will have to repeat this process 2-3x. 

My first ever purchase was WonderMelon and I loved it so much, I had bought one for my friend as well who is a lover of coral/orange tones. As you can see from the swatches below, some of the colors are very natural while Wondermelon and Walk the Lime leave behind a stronger color pay-off. However, for all you natural make-up lovers, this product is still perfect for you as regardless of color, the finish is natural and you will just see a perfect juicy and plump look to your lips :) You will feel that your lips are much more hydrated even after a few days of use!


There are currently 19-20 shades on the Lancome Site, and they are always coming out with brand new scents and colors! I highly suggest you to pick up one as you will definitely find one you will like with such a wide assortment to choose from. My next pick will definitely be Green-Apple! 

P.S. It seems like at this current time, they are also providing free engraving on their shaker bottles! SO CUTE!! :) (I'm not sure how long this will last though so act quickly!)

Until next time, XO - M. 

*products were sent to me for review, all opinions are my own 

Origins - A PERFECT WORLD™ skincare review*

I have been using Origins products and promoting them for years to my friends, family and co-workers. When I was contacted by Origins to try out their new collection - A Perfect World, I quickly said yes. Upon doing some research, I found that this collection is based around one ingredient, the Silver Tip White Tea. White Tea was a prized possession for centuries in China by royalty - it was known as the "Elixir of Immortality". In current times, scientists have discovered that there may have been some truth behind this as it is packed with polyphenols, a potent antioxidant that works to protect your skin from environmental stressors, like free radicals - that helps you to look younger, more youthful and radiant. Therefore, it is a great anti-aging product. 

The products that were sent to me, along with my reviews and opinions are below: 

This cleanser is a cream to foam cleanser that also contains the antioxidant-rich White Tea formulation that helps combat aging. The cleanser effectively cleanses my make-up off my face ( I do use a make-up remover on my eyeliner + mascara first). It does not strip my skin, and leaves my skin feeling very refreshed and hydrated. I have been a fan of Origins cleansers for a while, like the Frothy Face Wash and got my coworker hooked on it!

I use this as a toner after my cleansing to prep my skin for moisturizer. The one great thing about this is that it is oil and alcohol free, meaning it will not suck out the moisture from your skin, and that the cleanser has worked hard to pull into the skin. I really like this product as I can really see it cleaning any remnants from my face on the cotton pad. 

I have been a user of eye cream since my late teens - I thoroughly believe in prevention vs. treating once it's too late! This eye-cream is oil-free, and contains irritation free SPF 20 (which is great because very few eye creams contain SPF). This eye cream is light-weight and does not cause any milia under my eye (which I have experienced in the past with other eye creams that are too rich). I can also wear this under make-up and it does not cause any weird reactions to my concealer.

This is a new and improved formula which provides ultra hydration while fighting signs of aging. This product contains SPF which is great to protect your skin from the damaging effects of Infrared Rays, and other environmental factors that negatively impact your skin. This moisturizer contains the anti-oxidant rich White Tea that protects the skin, and Edelweiss and White Birch to strengthen the skin's barrier and defend it.

I really enjoy the weightless formula, and the light fragrance that does not irritate me at all. This is oil free as well so I can wear this under my make-up while having protection from the SPF. My skin was more plump after about a month or two of usage.

Until next time, XO - M. 

*products were sent to me for review and consideration, all opinions are my own. 

effortless beauty and elegance with charlotte tilbury*

I have followed the Charlotte Tilbury brand for years and was super excited when they launched at Holt Renfrew back in 2015. I made it a personal mission of mine to visit the counters as soon as they were available and bought a few items to try that are still in my current rotation (because they have been repurchases). You can read all about my 2015 launch post here and my favorites post that covers a few of the items here as well.

When I had the opportunity to be sent a few items for my review and consideration, I was absolutely ecstatic. The one thing I love about Charlotte Tilbury cosmetics products is the fact that, as my blog post title suggests, they give you an effortless elegance that looks absolutely flawless in both pictures and to the naked eye. The one product that I continuously repurchase is the Air Brush Flawless Finish Powder in Medium - to find out why, just keep on reading below.

In the above picture, you will find my collection of Charlotte Products that are probably my most go-to products. The reason why these are my go-to products is because they are natural and make me look put together in just a matter of minutes. 

Below you will see the looks I created using the products listed above - as you can see the shadow is natural, the blush adds a youthful flush to the cheeks and even the contour powder makes you look like you have beautiful cheekbones without looking harshly cut-out - it just creates a realistic shadow to the face. 


The below three products were already in my existing collection and I swear by them: 
This products provides a realistic contour to the face properly mimicking the shadows on your face without being too warm or ashy in tone. 

This adds a natural radiance to the skin when applied as a primer - I also like to mix it in with my foundation. 

If anyone ever asks me what is the one product from CT I would recommend, it would be this. It makes you look absolutely airbrushed and even though you have oily skin, when you blot your skin throughout the day with this, all the oils absorb and you look fresh once again - like your makeup has never budged since you first apply it in the AM. I was recently part of a wedding bridal party, and the make-up artist asked me to recommend one holy grail product to her to add to her make-up kit after she found out I was a beauty blogger, I suggested this one product. 

As you can see, the above picture is my second compact already having hit pan, so I am so thankful I was a sent a backup (below). 

The highlight in the Sculpt and Glow palette gives you beautiful highlight to the upper cheekbones (as seen below) - you can see that it just looks absolutely natural and radiant. 


Two lipsticks that were sent for my review were the Matte Revolution Lipsticks in Glaston Berry (a Burgundy Purple Berry) and Kidman's Kiss (A Rosey Pink Nude).  For the look I created, I applied the one that I naturally gravitated to and use regularly, Kidman's Kiss. There Matte Lipsticks feel weightless to the lips and not drying at all - its buttery on application and doesn't crack throughout the day.

For the blush, I used the Cheek to Chic Swish and Pop blusher in The Climax - the reason why it is called the Swish and Pop is because you Swish with your brush the outer rim of the product and apply it all over your cheeks, and then you pop (lightly tap) the middle of the product with your brush and "pop" it right on the apple of the cheek to add a bit more color to give you that naturally " I'm Blushing" look. For those of you who love a terracotta coral toned blush, you will love this blush!

Lastly, fof the eyes, I used the Instant Look in a Palette in Natural Beauty. If you have been reading my blog post so far, you will already know that this palette is the true definition of effortless natural beauty. I take this palette with me when I'm on vacation because its a contour, blush, highlighter and shadow palette all in one. All of CT's products are finely milled, pigmented and really delivers. 

Until next time, XO - M. 

*some products were sent to me for review, all opinions are of my own.

July 2017 Favorites

Time has flown by so quickly and I have been so behind with my blog posts and monthly favorites - last month I didn't even have a chance to post something so here's my July favorites!! As always, I try to keep it to 10 items, so if you're interested in knowing what my June favorites are, then just keep on reading ....

1. Dior - Diorskin Forever Foundation - 031 Sand
This foundation offers a sheer to medium buildable coverage - it makes you look truly airbrushed and offers a satin finish. This has truly been in my rotation of make-up items used in June and I get compliments everytime I wear it.

2. Dior - Forever & Ever Wear Makeup Primer
This primer is very liquidy and at first I didn't know if I would like it based on its consistency - it really is like water and is very runny. Most primers I gravitated to in the past were mousse like or whipped in texture that works to smooth out the skin. This however is transparent, and goes on weightless. When dried, almost instantly, it leaves behind a satin like finish that is smooth and makes my makeup last all day. It truly is a base/primer!

3. Giorgio Armani - Sun Fabric Powder Bronzer - 100
I had bought this product a year ago and never used it - during my makeup clean-up and declutter I found this and decided to add it to my routine immediately. It makes me look like I just spent the day outside on the patio or beach soaking up the sun.

4. Burberry - Fresh Glow Highlighter - Nude Gold
This is a cool toned champagne gold that gives a beautiful wash on your cheekbones! It is both sheer yet buildable so it is fully customizable to your own preference.

5. L'Oreal - Lash Paradise Mascara - Blackest Black
This mascara is no joke, it is amazing! It lengthens and thickens adding volume to my short little lashes. It isn't clumpy and is a great drugstore find!

6. Too Faced - Melted Matte - Wine Not?
I had created a bridal look a few posts back featuring this cool toned burgundy red for a bridal tutorial. It is absolutely beautiful and so unlike anything I've seen before.

7. Bare Minerals - Gen Nude Radiant Lipstick - Tutu
This is the lipstick I have kept in my purse everyday - its a beautiful baby pink and is smooth, hydrating and almost gel-like. It glides on effortlessly without even needing a mirror and I wear it everyday at work or even out on weekends!

8.  Jimmy Choo - L'eau Jimmy Choo for Women
For those who know me, will know that I love light fragrances with a hint of floral and citrus tones. This fragrance from Jimmy Choo is perfect for summer and fall - it is light, crisp and refreshing with the perfect notes of floral and hints of citrus when I wear it. I've been wearing it everyday the last month and frequently get asked what it is :)

9. Tarte - Clean Queen Vegan Deodorant
I have a sensitivity to deodorants at the drugstore, it develops a swollen red rash that is itchy and starts flaking after a few days and causes ingrowns. So attractive I know, however once I switched to another brand of deodorant and was more conscious of what I was using, I never had that problem again. This one from Tarte though not extremely perfumed does a really good job keeping sweat a bay and keeping me fresh. It is aluminum and alcohol free and doesn't contain any harsh chemicals. I highly recommend this product!

10. Dew Puff Original Konjac Sponge
I had forgotten how much I had loved cleansing my face with a Konjac sponge until I tried this out. I had used one before from a much more expensive competitor and it just got too expensive. However, this one is a third of the price, and double the size, so YES! I am back on the Konjac wagon!

What have been some of your beauty favorites this past month? I'd love to hear from you!

Until next time, XO - M.

Make Up For Ever - Artist Liquid Matte Lipstick Review and Swatch w. Ultra HD Lip Booster*

I had received these Artist Liquid Matte Lipsticks a few months ago and horrible me had forgot to actually write a review on them. I had included them in a few instagram looks here and there, but never had the chance to full out write a review. I thought that the perfect time to do so would be now and to also tell you about their new Ultra HD Lip Booster and how they both work so perfectly well together. 

Featured above is a close up shot of the applicator wands of both the products - the Liquid Matte Lipstick wand is smaller and more precise allowing for a precise application and the Ultra HD Lip Booster is more of a big flat applicator. 

The one big thing to note is that the products/colors all look quite similar within the product packaging itself, however when applied on the lip you can see the difference more clearly. In addition, these lip products look very different on all different skin tones. On my friend who is fair skinned, the 101 Cream Beige looks like a dark orange toned beige. However, on me it looks very light (as you can see in the picture below). In addition, they are very pigmented on the lips, one swipe is enough - however I do find it a tad drying....and this is where the Ultra HD Lip Booster comes in. 

To prevent the liquid lip from looking dry, I like to apply a thin layer of the Ultra HD Lip Booster to the lips first, and then I apply the liquid lip product on top. This makes the liquid lip comfortably sit on the lip all day. 

What is your favorite shade? I think mine is #103 and #105!! If you've tried these, I'd love to hear your thoughts. Of all the products mentioned above, I have to say that you must try the Ultra HD Lip Booster - it is seriously hydrating and the light pink sheen makes your lips look healthy and youthful!

Until next time, XO - M. 

*products were sent to me for review, all thoughts are my own

PÜR COSMETICS full face tutorial ft VANITY PALETTE for EYES & CHEEKS and beautiful Complexion products*

Life has been a tad crazy lately and my blogging schedule has gone completely out the window - so I apologize to my readers!! If you are still here, Thank You for being so patient with me while I work out the kinks! :) 

I was lucky enough to be sent a package from PÜR COSMETICS for review - it included enough products to create a full face tutorial (minus 1-2 items), so I decided to fully take advantage of this opportunity and do a full face tutorial and give you an honest review of the products I tried. 

The items I received are:
- The No Filter Primer
- Bare It All Foundation
- Skin Perfecting Foundation Brush
- Velvet Matte Liquid Lipstick in "Ever After"
- Chrome Glaze Gloss in "Smarty Pants"
- and two vanity palettes that contain 4 eyeshadows, one blush, one bronzer and one highlighter in "Dream Chaser" - a neutral everyday make-up palette and "Goal Digger" a more dramatic color palette for more dramatic looks. These palettes are infused with green tea, ginseng and vitamin B making them great for the skin with these quality ingredients.

With the two vanity palettes - I created two different looks - with the neutral Dream Chaser Palette, I did a daytime look and with the Goal Digger palette, I did a smokey, more dramatic eye look. 


The Dream Chaser Palette was great to work with - I naturally gravitate towards neutral tones so this was perfect for my everyday use.  The coral pink toned blush complimented the shadows perfectly and the highlighter was subtle (yet buildable). The bronzer is very pigmented so I would suggest going in with a light hand to avoid looking orange. I finished the look with the Velvet Matte Lipstick in Ever After. I LOVED the formulation of the matte lipstick - it was whipped and was weightless on the lip. Not drying at all and ultra pigmented and lasted until I ate.

Of the two palettes, I would have to say that I leaned more towards the Goal Digger Palette (pictures featured below). The darker shadows were a dream to work with, very pigmented and blendable and the colors were true to pan when applied. It didn't lose any of its boldness and created a smokey eye effortlessly. I patted the dark blue all over the lid and used the bronzer to diffuse the sharp edges. I used the plum purple on the lower lash line to balance out the eyes and finished the look with the blush and highlighter in the palette and the lip gloss in Smarty Pants.


Of the two looks, which one do you prefer? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Until next time, XO - M. 

*products were sent to me for review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.