Valentine's Day 2018 Gift Guide

With the arrival of Valentines Day coming soon, I decided to put together a quick gift guide for those of you who want some ideas on what to get your loved ones - whether it be your friend, family member or significant other. I have included gifts from different groups like skincare, perfume, etc and at different price ranges :) The last one I created was in 2015 and last year I created a Valentines Day get ready with me.This year, with the expected arrival of my baby boy (due date Feb 12th approx), I doubt I'll be out on Valentines, so I prepared this gift guide in advance, hope you enjoy it!

Here's an overview of the products that will be mentioned below - and I grouped it around one theme, pink toned items that makes you feel pampered!

For the non-beauty/skincare lovers in your life, consider getting a wallet :) This one was purchased by my hubby for my birthday from Kate Spade. It was actually a great price at the outlet, I believe it was just under $40 when they retail for about $130 in stores. Goes to show you just never know what you'll find if you go to the outlet! Never write a place off because you think it may be pricey! I was just on their site now and saw a really cute Valentines Day Card Holder at $50, which is super cute!

For the one who would never invest in make-up brushes for themselves, or could use a splurge worthy brush, consider the Marc Jacobs Bronzer Brush * valued at $94 or the Wet n Wild Pro Large Powder Brush * ($7.99). Yes the price difference is significant, but the Marc Jacobs brush really would be splurge gift for someone. You could purchase the Wet n Wild Pro Brush Bundle for $69.90. 

As you can tell, I do own both and nothing can ever replace how luxe you feel holding and using the Marc Jacobs bronzer brush. It has weight to it, it diffuses bronzer and powder evenly on the skin and is super soft but dense at the same time. 

For those who are more on a budget, the Wet n Wild Pro Brush Line is really great quality as well and super affordable. They are soft, they work well and look beautiful on any make-up lover's vanity. 

Perfumes - Left to Right: 
1. My Burberry Blush ($98, $130 depending on size) *
2. Gucci Bloom ($39, $90, $114 and $154 depending on size) * and 
3. Jo Malone - Peony and Blush Suede ($90, $175 depending on size)

Fragrances I admit are a bit harder to purchase for people since everyone is unique in their selection, their notes etc - I actually use the Fragrance IQ on Sephora to help me discover new scents, so I think that if you know your person well, one of the recommendations listed would help. I naturally gravitate to subtle floral and citrus notes, so that is what the ones I like above are. The ones above lean more towards the floral notes as its more romantic for Valentine's. 

Lip products ~ my friend in the states had gifted me with the Lanolips in Strawberry as I can't get my hands on this in Canada. I loveeeee Lanolips, works well to hydrate the lips and isn't sticky or greasy! For those who do not love make-up, a balm would be a great alternative paired with some stationary or wallet, or what not! 

Next we have lipsticks from Lipstick Queen * - I have used this for a while now, and remember going on a mad hunt looking for the lipstick that kickstarted the brand - the infamous Frog Prince that is green in the bullet but when applied, adjusts to the natural PH of the lips giving you your own customized pink tone. These two lipsticks are buttery smooth, pigmented and deliver a beautiful wash of color with one swatch, I included a nude and a bolder color depending on your preference! The bolder color is Mr Right and the muted nude is Pretty Pink Nude.

Lastly, we have some of my favorite skincare items: 
3. Dior - Hydra Life Mask - Extra Plump - Smooth Balm Mask - $69 *
4. Eve Lom - Cleanser - $65, $99 or $166 depending on size *

I do admit that most of the skincare items are splurge worthy luxe priced items, however if you know me by now, you will know that I value skincare alot. You only get to maintain your skin once, and no matter how much you spend on make-up, it does not hide your skin. Therefore, I always make sure to take care of it :) 

The Clarisonic is a great skin cleansing tool where you charge it, and can buy new brush head replacements when required. It deeply cleanses your pores and blackheads, and lifts dirt up and out from pores that you normally can't when you just wash with your hands alone. 

The Lancome Toner is infused with honey and sweet almond extract and helps to keep your skin hydrated, moisturized and calm. I love skincare with honey in it and when I saw this, I knew I had to get it!

Eve Lom creates one of my favorite cleansers that smells like all natural goodness, a spa in a bottle. I had to hold off using this during my pregnancy but I find myself opening the lid to just smell it! It is a balm cleanser, that helps to exfoliate, cleanse and give you a more radiant complexion. Your skin feels so clean afterwards and leaves no residue and does not strip it. 

Lastly, we have a face mask to wrap things up, the Dior Hydra Life Mask helps to hydrate, plump and smoothen/fir, the skin with repeated use. Apply this 2-3x a week and leave a thin layer on for 3 minutes and wash off. This product goes a long way and helps replenish any lost moisture from the cold winter months. 

I hope this gift guide was able to provide you with some help this Valentine's! 

Until next time, XO - M. 

*some products were sent to me for review/consideration, all opinions are my own.

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  1. Ooooh fun picks and I like how you stuck to a pink theme! I felt that Valentine's day was so far away but it suddenly crept up! I find getting guys the gift is so much harder!

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