Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Images Courtesy of Sephora, Purdy's, Indigo and David's Tea. 

For those of you looking to do some last minute realstic shopping for your significant other or friend, I've included some reasonably priced gifts for your hunt. You can always opt to do something more personalized like cooking them dinner, drawing them a bubble bath and spending the night in. Also, you can also definitely go to places like Lush or Pandora to pick up something to pamper them.

From David's Tea, I included my favorite tea of all time, appropriately named Mint to Be - it has a blend of coconut and peppermint (I feel it is more vanilla then coconut) but it's delicious! Next is the Earl's Valentine and obviously you have to include a pink teapot to make all this delicious tea in and a cute mug from Indigo

Next, we're off to Sephora *swoon*. If you don't know what your other half likes or they are beginning to venture into the world of makeup, you can always opt to go for a multi-purpose palette - it has a bit of everything, and they will be sure to appreciate it. My two picks are 1) NARSissist - Blush, Contour and Lip Palette and 2) Urban Decay - Naked on the Run.

Everyone should have a decent makeup brush set. This will help you with the application process for sure. There's no point in having all the products if you don't have the tools to help you apply them. I would suggest the Perfect Pink Sephora Brush Set in this case, it is reasonably priced and a good starting set.

Finally, you can get some limited edition products like the Too Faced - Soul Mate Blushing Bronzer named after Carrie & Big and Ross & Rachel (two well-known on-screen couples, perfect for Valentines Day - unless you hate Carrie and Big? I personally think they should've named it Aiden and Carrie... but... that's debatable as well.... ).  Another limited edition product, if you know your other half loves lip products, would be the Buxom - Pink with Envy 6 piece mini lipgloss set.

Finally, for some misc items - you can never go wrong with chocolate!! For that, I choose Purdy's True Love Velvet Heart box of chocolate. I love Purdy's Chocolate, more than Lindt and Godiva. MmmMM.. AND they are Canadian Based :)

To set the mood, how bout some candles? Bath and Body works has a TON of candles - I just picked one here that goes with the Valentines Theme - the Love 3 wick Candle, but there are literally DOZENS of scents you can pick from to set the mood.

Have an amazing Valentine's Day everyone!! 
Until next time - XO, M.

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  1. Mint To Be sounds adorable and I might have to check it out next time I'm at David's! Indigo is seriously stepping up their lifestyle department and I adore the one mug I have from them that says, "All you need is warm socks and tea" or something like that. (Also, Aiden>Big)

    Literally bought myself a new candle for Valentine's Day. TREAT YO' SELF.
    (Also, thanks for the lovely CBB Valentine note!)

    Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry