Caprina Product Skincare Review*

Caprina products are made with Fresh Goat's Milk which makes it naturally rich in vitamins, mineral and protein. The company does not include phosphates in their products, nor dyes, colorants and lastly they do not test on animals. I have used their products for a few years now, and was first introduced to it by my grandmother. They have an extensive line of products ranging from hand creams, lotions, soaps to baby products and natural products. 

I had previously tried a broad range of their products and loved it, this time I was really intrigued with their new scent - Eucalyptus Mint and they were kind enough to send me additional products including those to try! Also, they were so sweet and sent me some baby items as well to try out on my baby boy soon and I definitely will and will post a review once that is up, so stay tuned!

Their products come in a variety of scents/formulations - fragrance free (of course), Original, Shea Butter, Lavender Oil, Orchid Oil, Olive Oil & Wheat Protein and now Eucalyptus Mint. I wish I could pick a favorite scent, but I do enjoy them all for different reasons. For example, Lavender Oil is great for before bed, Eucalyptus Mint for when you want to relax, Orchid Oil and Olive Oil for everyday. 

Eucalyptus Mint - Foaming Milk Bath and Body Wash
I would love to try the bubble bath, but have been avoiding taking them being quite pregnant before and now in the afterbirth phase. Once time allows, I will definitely be using it to relax. As for the body wash, I AM IN LOVE! Their body washes are now 42% bigger, and priced the same as the smaller bottle before (double win!). It smells so wonderful and makes me feel fresh and prepped up! It cleansed my skin and hydrated it and did not leave behind any residue. 

Lavender Oil - Hand Soap and Body Lotion
I have previously used these products before and they're great. The soap does a great job cleansing the hands - I leave this in my guest bathroom, and the Body Lotion has been great with my alligator skin legs from the winter. The Lavender scent is very subtle, natural and not obnoxious. It just naturally relaxes you and absorbs well into the skin, not leaving your clothes clinging to your skin.

Orchid Oil - Body Wash
This body wash works the same as the Eucalyptus Mint one mentioned above, just in a different scent. This one I like to use them both and it's so hard to pick between them!

Olive Oil & Wheat Protein - Body Lotion and Soap
I found this lotion even more hydrating than the Lavender one mentioned above because of the Olive Oil component, being naturally rich in Vitamin E so it really helps with the dry skin and my eczema prone hands. I rarely use bar soap, so I passed this on to my mom and dad :)

Until next time, XO - M.

*products were sent to me for review, all opinions are my own

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