Indeed Labs - Snoxin II and Eysilix II review*

Skincare from Indeed Labs are products that I have been using for a long time now. I had previously reviewed the Vitamin C-24 and Boosters, if you're interested in reading about them you can click on the links attached. The products I have tried work, are reliable and even better, they are at a great price point and are Canadian! Their products are paraben free and are suitable for all skin types and is fragrance free. The vitamin c-24 has been my favorite product so far and below you will find the two newest products launched by Indeed Labs.  


This is a super-concentrated serum that helps to fight wrinkles and lines. It contains a high dosage of peptides to help smooth out the skin's texture and retain moisture. It contains XEP-018™, a clinically proven peptide that helps minimize muscle contractions and relaxes lines and wrinkles instantly. 

To use, apply a small amount - I usually use about a pea sized amount to be spread on both eyes twice a day on cleansed skin. After this, you resume with your regular skincare routine. Results are said to show as quickly as 2 hours and lasts for the day (approx. 8 hours).
The one major thing I appreciate about this product is that it is a much safer and milder alternative to Botox (and probably cheaper too). 

Key Ingredients (from the Indeed Site):
XEP-018™: A biomimetic peptide that mimics Cone Snail venom from the Indo-West Pacific region. This neuropeptide blocks signals sent from the brain to the facial muscles to contract and just like Botox®, relaxes the muscles instantly. This active provides both an instant and lasting effect as the peptide accumulates and continuously works to help skin repair itself by allowing new collagen to grow and mature thus increasing skin elasticity.
MATRIXYL SYNTHE’6™: A powerful peptide that boosts six skin-building essentials: collagen I, III, IV, fibronectin, hyaluronic acid and laminin 5.
PERFECTIONPEPTIDE P3™: Speeds up cell renewal by helping the skin’s natural exfoliation process. By revealing new skin cells, this active works to refine skin texture, reduce wrinkle depth and provide deep hydration, resulting in fresher, more vibrant skin.


This is an updated and improved formulation of their current bestselling eye cream. It helps to reduce the appearance of puffiness, dark circles, fine lines and crow's feet - which is perfect for either mature skin or those around my age, early 30's who are trying to do preventative care. If you are a reader of my blog, you will know that I strongly believe in preventing and treating your skin before it starts to show signs of aging in which it is harder to reverse. 

This product contains essential peptides, ceramids, extracts and probiotics to target your sensitive eye area. Apply this on a clean face and dab a small thin layer around the eye area twice a day.

Key Ingredients (as noted on their website)
NEODERMYL™: A pure source of bio-energy which can naturally diffuse into skin, re-energizing cells, triggering essential elements to produce collagen and elastin. This “needle-free” collagen and elastin filler results in visible reduction of deep wrinkles and improvement in skin firmness.
DERMAXYL®: This active works to repair the skin’s natural barrier function by stimulating cell communication which smooths wrinkles and age related damage.
UPLEVITY™ PEPTIDE SOLUTION: This tetra peptide counteracts sagging and aging effects on the skin by increasing collagen production and functional elastin which allows skin to resume shape after stretching or contracting. The layer beneath the skin (dermis) is significantly more structured and firmer, so it better resists the effects of aging.
REVITAL-EYES: An invigorating complex rich in probiotics, green tea extract, pomegranate extract and caffeine. This active helps protect the eye area from environmental damage while diminishing the appearance of dark circles and puffiness.

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*products were sent to me for review, all opinions are my own.

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