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I have been a fan of Origins products for many years, and through my blog you will see that I have included product reviews in my empties posts as well as collection/product launch posts (similar to this one).  When I saw that Origins had recently launched these two new products I knew I had to get my hands on it ASAP to try ~ given that I have enjoyed most of the products I've tried from them in the past (and have introduced their items to friends and coworkers), I wanted to see if this lived up to expectations! If you're interested in reading my review, then keep on scrolling below :)

Recommended for those who are seeking Radiance in their skin and is suitable for all skin types

This is a make-up primer in an foam texture that feels cool to the skin when applied. I really enjoyed this product because it is so light weight and it really did a good job evening out my skin and filling in the larger pores near my nose area. This product is also slightly tinted so being a new mom - this is super convenient for me, I just apply a bit of concealer, pat this on and I instantly look more pulled together. I do recommend that you pat this product onto the skin vs. rubbing it on. LOVE this product! and I've never tried anything like it.

Recommended for those who are seeking Radiance in their skin and is suitable for all skin types

This make-up cleanser, though it says is a jelly is more like a "vaseline" type texture when squeezing out of the tube. It becomes a jelly when mixed with water and then turns into a milky texture to instantly wash away the dirt or traces of makeup (including eyeliner and mascara). The only way this product can work effectively is to use it with warm water - so for those of you who enjoy a cold splash to the face, you may find that this product does not break down on your face or work to its full advantage. You need the warm water to help breakdown the texture of this product for it to work. Once rinsed, my skin was soft, supple and glowing ~ it did not feel like there was any residue nor was it stripped. It felt moisturized and hydrated which is great for the colder winter weather.

Until next time ~ XO - M.

*products were sent to me for review, all opinions are my own

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