Pixi - MatteLast Liquid Lip and Rose Infused Skincare*

As we kick off 2018, Pixi Beauty was kind enough to send me over one of the most beautifully packaged PR samples for review which contains their new line of liquid lipsticks ~ MatteLast Liquid Lip, and retails for $14 each. The liquid lipstick is housed in their classic mint pastel green packaging and the formulation is said to be opaque and comfortable. 

Before I share the swatches of the lippies sent to me, I thought I would just quickly show you how pretty the PR package is, complete with a lock and key (which actually works!) I had to use the key to open the lock to see the goodies within.

Inside houses the new liquid lips on the right side, and on the left are rose-infused skincare products

As promised, you will find below 5 of the 6 liquid lips swatched - The last one that I did not receive but is in the collection is a hot or brighter pink shade. The below swatches only took ONE swipe across my arm. It also is a whipped formulation that is honestly as it claims, weightless. It has no weird fragrance and the dry-down is to a true matte. It did not cling to any dry patches on my lips (though did settle in fine lines, which can be easily remedied with a balm beforehand, however it will then dry to a semi-matte) and is comfortable to wear as it contains Vitamin E and Rosehip Oil infused into it. 

Next features the Pixi Caviar Essence (on the left) and the Rose Flash Balm (on the right)


I had to take a picture of me holding up the Rose Caviar Essence, so you can see the product within the packaging. It contains encapsulated flower oils, and what looks like petals suspended in the serum gel like "essence" that melts when applied to the skin. This product helps to soften and tone the skin while brightening it at the same time. You apply it after cleansing and gently pat it onto the face, neck and even the upper chest d├ęcolletage area if you would like. 

In the baby pink packaging, is the Rose Flash Balm that is also used to help boost the radiance to your skin when you feel like you are loosing some pep in your face, or that you are looking a bit blah, dull and tired. You apply a thick layer 2-3x a week as a mask if you would like, OR alternatively you can use this daily as a primer which you would obviously apply a thin layer to the skin and then follow with your make-up routine. I personally prefer using this as an actual skincare treatment, as a mask vs. as a primer. 

If you're interested in the products mentioned above, you can find them at Shoppers Drug Mart!

Until next time, XO - M

*products were sent to me for review, all opinions are my own

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