Reformulated Products from Wet n Wild - Review and Tutorial*

Wet n Wild has always been a very reasonably priced and great quality product offered at the drugstore. I was using Wet n Wild products back when I was a teen and I had never been let down. If you really think about it, being able to purchase products like a liquid lipstick or highligther for $12.99 or makeup brushes for under $10 a piece is amazing and great for those who are starting out with makeup or are on a budget. 

Wet n Wild recently reformulated their shadows, and also launched some cushion products that I have been dying to try out so keep on reading below if you're interested in learning about them! 

The shadows above are the newly reformulated palettes - there is the 10 pan, 4 pan and the singles. All delivering great quality for the price you pay. The glitter, Brass, comes already "tacky" meaning it will stick on the lid when you pat it on without having to additionally purchase glitter glue. The one great thing about the glitter is that it actually stays on until you remove it, and in addition it actually shows up (you can see from the picture below in the look I created).  

I really appreciate that the palettes now come with transition shades as well, that are actually complimentary to the shadows in the pan. Having the ability to just purchase one palette that can do a complete look is smart for the consumer! Sometimes, you find yourself having to purchase a few palettes from other brands in order to get a matte crease color for e.g. a transition shade and then your base/main color. With these ones you can achieve a few looks with one palette alone. 

The highlighters are amazing quality - they are SO pigmented and better than other highlighters that are more than double its price. If I was to suggest one thing you had to try, it would be the highlighters! 

Next we have the items newer to Wet n Wild, which are the cushions ~ there are correctors, contour/bronzers and highlighters. These are the ones I am most excited to try. They worked so well - they are so pigmented and from the swatches below you can see that they really do deliver and does not shy away from doing what it says. The correctors do correct, the highlighters are shimmery and the contour/bronzer is perfect, not too orange not too ashy. I really appreciate how natural these products look when blended out so its perfect for those of you who want a natural look.  


Bottom look is created with the Sweet as Candy 4 pan eyeshadow and Pink Electro Gel Lip Liner. 

 Bottom look is created with the Comfort Zone 10 shadow palette and Don't Be A Prune Gel Lip Liner all over the lips and Sand Nudes in the middle (to create a subtle ombre look). The eye look on the left is with just the palette alone and the one on the right has Brass (the glitter shadow) patted on the inner half of the lid. 

One other product I would highly suggest is their Retractable Brow Pencil. It is firm enough to deliver a precise brow shape and the color I'm using, Dark Brown is a perfect match. I did not have to use any gel to set the brow either. I have found my new drugstore brow favorite!!

Until next time, XO - M.

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