QUO - The Spring Collection 2017*

QUO has been on a roll with their new releases this Spring - I had recently wrote about a post a few weeks ago, that you can find here - I was quite a fan of that line, so if you're interested in how the products are for this collection, and if you want to see what's housed in these gorgeous quartz like cases, then just keep on reading.

What truly drew me to this collection, is its packaging. I really appreciate it when a company release a limited edition collection, that they put the effort and care into actually changing the packaging as well to give it more of a wow-factor. I still remember, one of my favorite packaging concepts for QUO was their Nautical Collection I think it was last year? and since then, this is probably my second favorite. 

The collection comes with the following: 
1. Quo Face Palette - $20 each in Heat it Up  (right) and Down to Earth (left)

The two palettes are catered in my personal opinion to a light/medium and medium/dark skin-tone. Out of the two, I'm not too sure which palette I prefer though, though all the shades in both palettes are beautiful and look beautiful, as a Face Palette, I guess I was just expecting more. For e.g the palette I gravitated to was Down to Earth, but as a face palette I was really hoping to have an inclusive palette for highlight, blush and bronzer. The blushes weren't dark enough, the bronzers ran a bit too orange and the highlighters were okay, the third shade down the shimmer one is beautiful. So out of 6 shades, I would say only half spoke to me. The lighter palette, Heat it Up were all very light, a bit chalky looking (especially the top two shades), but the bottom 3 were beautiful - so again 3 out of 6.

2. QUO Eye Shadow Palette - $18 each - No Pressure (left) and Rock It (right)
Each palette contains four shadows each - No Pressure contains 4 shimmery pastel shades and Rock It contains 4 matte shades. 

Why they decided to do the lighter pastels a shimmer, and the other darker plum shades matte is unknown to me, but it also confuses me just a bit. I would have preferred to at least have a matte in the shimmer palette to be at least the transition shade to be blended out. The No Pressure palette does contain beautiful shades though, the mint green is nothing I've seen before and is gorgeous for spring, and the bottom right taupe brown shimmer shade is beautiful as well. Like the face palette, 50% of the palette is gorgeous and the other 50% is meh.The Rock It palette's top two matte shades are pigmented and act as good transition shades, but the bottom two darker shades are not pigmented at all as you can see in the pictures - again the 50% comment I made earlier applies here.

3. QUO Brow Palette - $12 
Out of the entire collection, I like this palette and the below lipsticks the most - the brow palette is sleek, compact and contains everything you need on the go to fulfill your brow needs. You have a light and dark brown to give them some dimension, a highlighter for your brow bone and a wax/cream to set. The only thing is that the powder (if there's fall out) will fall into the wax/cream and contaminate it. Oh, and a double ended brush - yes! it works very well :)

4. QUO Matte Lip Crayon $12 each
These lippies have to be my favorite - it came in three colors - Almond Nude, Pretty in Pink (top) and Simply Red (bottom). These are truly matte, but glide on weightlessly and effortlessly on the lips.

5. QUO Metamorphic Brush Set - $60 
I did not receive this for PR review, but I am seriously debating on picking them up. The holographic case that stores ans carries the brushes, plus the baby blue and gold handles with the white brush fibers are just too pretty to pass up! I've had wonderful personal experience with QUO brushes, in fact they were some of the first I ever bought as a teen and they lasted a long time. and at $60 for 8 brushes, is exceptionally priced.

Overall, I have to say that this collection isn't as amazing as I had hoped it would be, out of the entire collection of 9 pieces I have to say only 5 of them spoke to me and 3 of the 5 are the lippies. 

Have you tried these out? Will you? perhaps the lippies or the brushes?

Until next time, XO - M.

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