LACC Luxury Nail lacquer Review and Swatches*

I was offered an opportunity to try out LACC polishes after having my eye on them on Instagram and on various nail polish sites for a while. I was first drawn to them because of their unique packaging and logo, and then was captivated by them even more with the colors that they offered. ALl of their polishes are 10 toxin-free. What does that mean you may ask? 10 toxin-free means the following, that they are: 
water & air permeable
UV protector

I put these polishes to the test, wearing them for a full week, while I do my chores, cooking and cleaning as well as washing dishes and quite surprisingly they lasted well - I only got 1-2 tiny chips (if any) and the rest was caused my regular wear down - i.e. just fading on the tips. I utterly loved the formulation of these polishes - the brush was wide enough and allowed for effortless application. To be honest, this has slowly surpassed OPI and Essie. I mean, OPI does offer a larger color range as they have ALOT more colors, but LACC - the colors they have, they do them extremely well. Out of the 6 colors sent to me, there isn't one that I didn't like. Most colors could easily pass with one coat - the only one that required two was the ballerina pink (1992).  I also prefer the brush of this over Essie!

I've attached some swatches of the colors below for your viewing pleasure: 
1992, 1997
1988, 1960

1998, 1966

Out of all the polishes, only 1945 left a bit of staining around the cuticle area when the polish was removed, but it was gone after a day or two of regular hand washing. Look just how vibrant and rich 1945 is though, I mean it's thoroughly worth it. 

Lastly, their 2013 topcoat is a quick dry high gloss top coat that is well worth a try. For those of you who have been a long time reader, you will know that I am a die hard fan of the Nails Inc 45 second caviar top coat, however this one works just the same. It is a thin formula, almost water like that is not thick and gel like that doesn't spread easily on the nail (which causes ripple marks on the nail if it doesn't cover the entire polish when applied and dried). 

Which color is your favorite? I can't wait to add more of these to my collection ~ I want it all!! :) So in love with the formulation, the packaging as well as the colors! 

Until next time, XO - M. 

*products were sent for my review and consideration, all opinions are my  own.

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