Dermablend Smooth Liquid Camo - Before and After*

I had attended an event for Dermablend near the end of last year (yes I know I am quite late to review this post, but I swear I have a good reason) when they launched in Canada. I had attended the blogger/media preview and was even skin matched to the foundation color by an artist, however I don't know why but when I came home - the color was about 2 shades darker. I think that it was because the event was quite dark, so perhaps the lighting threw it off. Anyways - after my recent trip to the Dominican, I did become a few shades darker and knew that it was the perfect time to try this product out. 

Dermablend, is a brand of make-up that focuses on camouflaging any of your skincare concerns - if you take a look at their videos, they surprisingly cover any pigmentation issues or even tattoos with different formulas to their products - cream, liquid etc. As you can see from the pictures below, with a very thin layer of the Smooth Liquid Camo Foundation, it worked to cover any imperfections on the skin - the darkness around the chin, the eyes and smoothed out the canvas. 


In the pictures above, you have the bare face, a face with just the liquid foundation and then a full face of make-up afterwards - the tutorial for that make-up look can be found here if you're interested. 

My opinion of the product is that it does feel heavier than the regular ones I'm used to my foundations feeling light on weightless on the skin. This one, I really felt like there was a layer of something on my face and I got about 3 hours of wear from it before my T-zone started to get very oily to which I then just used tissue to blot off. This product offers medium coverage to begin with and is buildable to a full coverage foundation. It photographs BEAUTIFULLY though I must say - it gives you an airbrushed look to your skin - I did not use any photoshop or photo editing in the pictures above to the skin - I just simply adjusted the contrast a bit as the light was washing out the picture.

They have also introduced the below cleanser for the face, it's called the Long Wear Make-up Remover. This is a cream-like cleanser that does not foam up when used on the skin. The way I use this is I like to massage it onto my face and then wipe off with a face cloth or tissue. It works very well to remove any stubborn make-up and does not have any fragrance to it. It leave your skin hydrated and clean. I do however also like to follow up with a second wash with a gentle face-wash only because I just want to do a double cleanse to ensure everything is off, and personally I still enjoy the feeling of something that lathers and foams on my face. 


The key to the liquid foundation setting, is to pair and set it with the Setting Powder - it sets the liquid foundation (or cream/any of their products) and locks it in place. It gets rid of the tacky feeling and makes it transfer and smudge resistant. I love this powder and use it with other foundations as well on my day to day basis. I save the liquid foundation for my blog days or days when I just want a heavier coverage.

Until next time, XO -M.

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