Avon - Skin So Soft Aqua Express: Body Milk Spray and Moisturizing Gel Review*

After coming back from Dominican for my short getaway, I have to say I got pretty badly sun burnt in the one day of sun I got. Usually, when you're in the tropics and it rains, you get 10 minutes of hard downfall, and then the sun is out, however the entire first day was a complete drab. It rained non stop, it was windy and being that I was only there for 4 days, I was a tad worried! Second day, it was cloudy but the sun peeked through a few times (at least no rain!). Third day was GORGEOUS, not a cloud in the sky and it was just wonderful - my friend and I went to the ocean, we hung out at the pool and just spent most of the day outdoors. I guess I just didn't realize how badly the sun was damaging my body/skin as I was constantly in the water with the light breeze I didn't feel it. Well, after the longest intro (oops) I swear there's a moral to the story! That which is I was peeling BADLY. 

By the time I came back on the fourth day, I was really feeling the skin damage and I needed something to cool my sun burn and I remembered that I had the Avon Skin so Soft Aqua Express products that were sent to me earlier to review - PERFECT! Let's see how it went! To start, these smell beautiful, a very light citrus scent and contains wintermint oil.

I was sent the 1) Body Milk Body Spray - 350ml - $10 and 2) Moisturizing Gel - 200ml - $10.


The Moisturizing Gel is just as it says, it is a gel formula as you can see in the top swatch from the picture below. It contains a time-release formula that is said to boost the skin's moisture by 143%, leaving the skin feeling cool and refreshed. I really do agree that it feels refreshed - especially on my warm burnt (peeling) skin... so attractive, sorry! It completely calmed my skin down and I applied it twice a day. It absorbed very quickly and didn't ruin any clothing - especially if I put it on before bed. It wasn't tacky or heavy - wonderful!!  I really enjoyed the lightweight feeling of the product. 

The Body Milk Spray is a refreshing spray-on moisturizer that is quickly absorbed to smooth and soften your skin.  Even though it says it's a milk spray, it does come out in a very thin "milk-like" consistency that absorbs quickly to the skin and hydrates you. I wish that the container was a bit better though, when I had moisturizer on my hands, the wide container didn't allow for any grip, so sometimes it was hard to press down on the spray while holding on firmly to the product. I ended up having to put it on the counter, and pump down and spray it on the palm of my hand and apply it all over the body. To avoid this from happening I suggest that you pre-spray this all over the body first, before rubbing it all over. I do however believe that this product is worth it - at $10 it is an amazing steal and this will last a long time. This does not leave a tackiness on the skin and just sinks in immediately leaving no trace of it - your skin just feels very smooth and plump afterwards.


Overall, my thoughts is that you should buy it, if I had to recommend one over the other I have to say it's hard - the gel offers a deeper hydration as it is a bit thicker in its gel formulation and the spray is wonderful and lighter, it just needs maybe some grooves on the side of the bottle for the grip (however the product is still amazing). 

Until next time, XO - M. 

*this product was sent for my review and consideration, all opinions are of my own.

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