GLISS™ Hair Repair By Schwarzkopf - Extra Volume Collection Review*

New to Canada, GLISS™ Hair Repair by Schwarzkopf is a global leader in hair-repair innovation for more than 60 years and is available in several countries around the globe. With nearly 200 MILLION products sold worldwide each year, GLISS™ is NOW available in Canada at Shoppers Drug Mart and Pharmaprix stores.

GLISS™ Hair Repair products are designed to help restore dry hair, breakage and split ends; colour-treated, tinted and highlighted hair; and fine, lifeless hair that lacks volume. The brand’s unique liquid keratin formulas have been shown to provide visible results in lab tests for colour retention, reducing breakage, adding volume, strength, softness, shine and manageability.

Did you know that hair is comprised of 80% keratin? it is a protein that gives hair its structure, strength and elasticity. Damaged hair loses keratin, resulting in a severely weakened hair structure. GLISS™ formulas contain hair-identical keratin that helps repair the hair from the inside out.

They have a series of products/lines that addresses different hair concerns - they are: 
1) Gliss Ultimate Repair 
2) Gliss Ultra Moisture 
3) Gliss Color Guard 
4) Gliss Oil Nutriitve and 
5) Gliss Extra Volume (which is what I was sent). 

I decided to go with GLISS™ Extra Volume as once again for those who are followers of my blog, will know that I have constantly battled wtih hair that is lack volume and prone to thinning. The site mentions that this collection is designed to provide long-lasting volume and strength for fine, flat, lifeless hair and it is enriched with Collagen Complex to repair inner hair damage and lifts hair from root to tip. The result is said to give your hair a natural, weightless volume and bounce. It is available in Shampoo, Conditioner, and Lift-Up Spray. 

GLISS™ products are now available at Shoppers Drug Mart and Pharmaprix stores across Canada at $9.99 (suggested retail price).

GLISS Extra Volume Shampoo

I cant even begin to talk about how much I LOVE the scent of this product - seriously, I love it so much that I actually want to bottle this into a body mist and spritz it all over me. I am NOT exaggerating at all.

This product is a gel-like formula, it is clear and you only need a little amount to work up a good lather. It leaves your hair weightless and feeling clean without feeling stripped or the opposite, having gunk in your hair.

 GLISS Extra Volume Conditioner

This conditioner is thinner in consistency and is not thick like a mask. It detangles your hair and washes off easily. It coats the hair to leave it manageable and easy to style. There is no built up residue afterwards either.

GLISS Extra Volume Lift-Up Spray

I like to apply this directly to my roots before I blow dry my hair. I use two squirts max though and then gently massage it over my scalp. I find that if I use 3 or more, I do feel the product on my hair when it is dry. It has a sticky-like texture if too much is used.

This works well to oompf the roots and leave it very voluminous.

Overall, I do agree that it helps to boost volume, my hair stayed voluminous all day and didn't get greasy mid day or become deflated. The only problem though, which is weird, is that I found myself loosing alot more hair when I showered and I could see it accumulate in the drain. So that is the weird part - the fact that I'm loosing more hair, BUT the finished product was very voluminous. For now, I am sticking to the conditioner and the root lifting spray and it seems to be working well. 

Until next time, XO - M. 

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