Dior Addict Lacquer Stick - Review and Swatches*

*DRUMROLL PLEASE* .... The Dior Addict Family has introduced a brand new member to it's ultra luxurious and classy family - introducing the Dior Addict Lacquer Stick. This is a new hybrid of half lacquer and half lipstick that is ultra pigmented, buttery smooth and just glides on effortlessly on the lips giving you a beautiful shine and hydration. Everything from the packaging to the way it feels and looks on the lips just screams luxury and let me just say this, I don't mind it at all!

They have also switched up their packaging from the original silver transparent casings to this gorgeous dark, vampy and purple tinted case. BEAUTIFUL!

I am so in love with the slimmer barrel of the lipstick - it fits perfectly on one swipe to the lips, the width, the slanted tip just deposits the product perfectly. 

With one sweep, it generously provides an almost liquid shine to the lip and tons of pigment. The shine is thanks to an exclusive Dior Combination of 5 ultra-light and nourishing oils as well as beeswax that guarantees long wear (said to last 6 hours).

When you apply this product to the lip, the way it feels is just so hard to explain, it almost feels like water, it's so smooth and it just feels like it melts instantly into your lips and just leaves behind a trail of beautiful color.  


The one feedback I have though with the packaging is that I wish that the name of the product was placed directly on the bullet itself - either on the handle or the end. If you had a few of these lipsticks and then you uncap them all, it's quite easy to forget which color is which unless you look them up online again (which I must say I did accidentally do this when taking photos).

The shades I received from Left to Right are: 
1. Sauvage (924) - Dark Berry
2. Turn Me Dior (877) - Raspberry Red 
3. Tease (550) - Pinkish Nude
4. Underground (420) - Beige Nude

My everyday color is definitely Underground, the perfect "my lips but better shade" that can be applied without having to even look at the mirror. However, my favorite color out of the four has got to be Turn me Dior, hands down. It's a beautiful raspberry red that is just a perfect pop of color for Spring. Pair it with a bold liner and a nude lid like my pictures below, I can go from Day to Night with ease!

I honestly 100% recommend that you purchase at least one of these lipsticks - one swipe, even delivery and a high concentration of color that looks glossy and hydrated on your lips. It doesn't sink int o your lips and is just perfect. 

Until next time, XO - M.

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