Yves Saint Laurent Vinyl Cream Lip Stain - Swatches, Look and Review*

Hello my lovely readers! I was hoping to get this post up yesterday, but since I've been quite busy and now travelling for work (currently in New Jersey), things took a bit longer than expected! Sorry!

I bring to you a make-up look created with a majority of YSL products - I used the Touche Eclat below the undereyes and at the high points of my face to highlight them, the Babydoll deluxe sample of mascara to give myself a bigger more doll-eyed look as it really curled and lengthened my lashes and opened them up. Finally I used the darker of the two shades from the YSL Ombres Duolumieres in 29 on the lid. I wanted to create a neutral eye look to draw more attention to the lips, which is the main focus of this look - the inspiration behind it all. 

The foundation used is the Le Cushion Encre De Peau Fusion Ink Cushion Foundation ($75). I had received shade 20 for review, which was a shade too light, I ended up darkening it with some bronzer - I think shade 30 would be perfect for me. However, onto the review - this foundation, as per their site makes the following claims: "In an instant, Fusion Ink Cushion Foundation delivers fresh hydration, perfect coverage and a luminous matte finish. For a natural looking result and great comfort all day long.

My thoughts?
I normally do not gravitate towards cushion foundations as I haven't really truly found a formula that has made me fall head over heels and works with my oily/combo skin. However, this one has been a favorite thus far and if I have the right shade, would be used constantly. The gel-like foundation goes on with a cooling sensation to the skin which is refreshing, it has a very subtle scent which is greatly appreciated as nobody likes anything too perfumed since it stays on your face all day. It offered me a demi-matte finish - it looked NATURAL. Something that I always look for in a foundation, I do not enjoy looking cakey or very obviously having looked like I applied a few layers of foundation. It didn't dry and become patchy under the nose or in between my brows and felt weightless on my skin. 
One important thing to note is that a little goes a long way, I pounced the cushion once into the foundation sponge, and then dabbed it in different spots of my face and then gently patted it all over to smooth it out. That's all I needed!! This however is buildable without it looking patchy (if you wanted a second layer), but in the picture below, I only used one layer. I was able to wear this from about 7am til about 2-3pm? before I had to blot my nose.  I do think that this offers a coverage that leans closer to a medium.When I wore this foundation, I actually got a compliment from a coworker for looking really fresh and beautiful - YAY! That means alot since I don't go off asking what people think of my daily make-up, it made enough of a difference from my regular foundation that he noticed. 

For the lips in the above picture, I had the amazing opportunity of trying out the new Vinyl Cream Lip Stains ($42 each)! I was sent three different shades to try and my favorite one which is featured in the biggest picture above, on the left is shade 406, properly titled Orange Electro. It is a beautifully high pigmented orange that makes my skin somehow look like I just came back from a tropical vacation. I took all three pictures under the same light conditions and you can clearly see that I look most tanned in the left photo. I LOVE it :) 

In the pictures on the right - the top picture features shade 404, Nude Pulse, and the bottom is 401 Rouge Vinyle. What you are getting from these lip products is an ultra pigmented high gloss product. Your lips end up looking ultra juicy and has a lot of color impact visually. One way to ensure that you have a proper application is to just confidentially go in with a loaded wand and to use one sweep to apply the product to your lips. Try to avoid patting in the color as it doesn't end up giving you that high gloss plush look.  This lip product also offers you a more toned down version if that's what you prefer. If you want to just have a stained look minus the gloss, just simply take the product with your finger from the wand and gently pat it on your lips to deposit the color. You end up looking like you have lips stained from eating a colored popsicle :) 

If you love a good red I highly suggest you try shade 401. Shade 404 was a bit too neutral for me, this would be more aimed for those looking at more of just a glossy look. I think that if you are looking to spend the money on this product, definitely go with the bolder colored ones. They are absolutely gorgeous. 

Above is a picture of my lips after having had the product on for about 5 minutes (for the swatching and pic taking). As you can see it did clearly and defined quite quickly stain my lips. So have no fear that this product will just vanish as time goes. Even if the gloss is gone, you are left with a stain :) 

Which color is your favorite? 
Until next time, xo - M 

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