What are cleansing oils and do they really work?

Cleansing Oils have been showing up everywhere the last few months/year and while I was hesitant to try them out, I decided to make the move since I had a few PR opportunities to do so. Having the chance to try the products with no obligation to feel a certain way about it, except being able to write my honest opinions allowed me to feel more comfortable trying it as I wasn't sure how I'd feel about oils for my normal/combination skin. 

In full disclosure, as mentioned previously - having oily/combination skin as well as an oily scalp made me a bit uncomfortable. I kept thinking to myself, why would I put more oil into my hair? Would that cause MORE oil production? 

Well, I have always been honest with you guys and this time is no different - I can admit it when I am wrong, like in this case. In my mind I always associated oil as a greasy-thick product that is water-resistant, kind of like if you got cooking oil on your hands and you're desperately trying to wash it off and it'd take forever as water would just bead up and not dissolve the oil. However, oils in skincare products is a completely different story all together!

One important point to note is that these products really do take some time to get used to. The first 2-3x I used the below products, I really didn't know what I was doing. I was expecting it to perform like a regular face wash or shampoo in the sense that it should lather and foam up/bubble. In my head this would be the only way to effectively remove dirt and traces of make-up. 

WELL....with cleansing oil products, they do not bubble and lather up as you work it into your face and hair. You have to just trust in the product, that as it gets massaged that when you wash it off with water and follow-up with your regular drying routine, that you will actually come out clean. Trust in the magic of the product. I have included below my top 3 favorite cleansing oil products to share with you that have been fully tested and approved by yours truly :)

This Cleansing Oil gently dissolves away make-up, dirt and oil easily. This contains a blend of oils that thoroughly removes any trace of make-up on your face including mascara (non waterproof) and eyeliner, foundation etc. Your face is not left dry after but really moisturized which is great in the colder winter months. This product again, does not foam up, but gently melts off all the makeup/dirt on your face and emulsifies easily with warm water. There is not a trace of oily residue left on your face after.

If you are interested in purchasing this (or any other Korean beauty products) head on over to TakeGoodCare and use the Discount Code: Miranda15 for 15% off. I do not make any commission off this - they generously offered this code for my readers :)

When I first received this product through Influenster, I thought that this was a conditioner. However, it's actually a hair cleanser. It contains a blend of coconut oil to hydrate the hair while cleansing it. This product is exceptionally appropriate for people with color-treated hair, dry scalps or damaged hair.

Lastly, this Shower Oil offers deep hydration and is light-weight, creamy and silky. You use it like a regular body wash except once again this does not lather. You wash it off with water and I don't even need to moisturize my body. I do like to use a moisturizer on my legs though as they do get extra dry in the winter.

I highly suggest that you give Cleansing Oils a go, especially in the winter months! 

Until next time, XO - M.

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