packing your toiletries efficiently for a business trip (or a short trip)

It's been a few months since my last post on a similar subject so I thought that I would do an updated version. I know I had titled this as "how to pack efficiently for a business trip", but this surely is applicable to any short getaways or mini road-trips etc. Obviously not every hotel comes stocked with Peter Thomas Roth products (and to be honest, I didn't even know that my hotel this time offered it), so I still packed like I normally do and I think I have narrowed it down to perfection. 

First off, SKINCARE items. My biggest tip - HOARD YOUR SAMPLES! Whether they be sample packets or deluxe sample bottles, HOARD THEM and save them for when you go out of town. All of the products I brought with me worked in my favor this time as I didn't check-in my luggage and had my luggage as a carry-on. For those of you who know, airlines now have a very strict liquid allowance policy. You can get away with most deluxe sample bottles so long as they are under 100ml and combined do not exceed 1L (you might want to double check with your specific airline for further clarification or do some online research). 

I even saved my tiny bottle of Pixi Glow Tonic after it was done so that I can refill it from my big bottle at home, and take the small one with me on my next trip. Samples of perfume can be made for you at Sephora if you want to bring a few of your favorite scents. 

HAIR, BODY CARE AND TOOTHPASTE - again, all deluxe sample sizes lasted me 5 nights. So remember, save the bottles if you want to refill them as well :)

MAKEUP BRUSHES - I know that I am guilty of having too many make-up brushes at home, so to narrow down what to actually bring was quite a task. I decided to take my 7 staples with me, each labelled specifically for your reference below. Quite self explanatory :) I put them in a cosmetic bag on its own to avoid fraying - just a small foldable one (even a ziploc bag will do).

MAKEUP - hah... yes, this was a challenge. A true challenge - but yes, again as you will see below, deluxe samples play a key role for me here. My primers (foundation and eyeshadow) and corrector are both sample sizes and what I typically use in liquid form - i.e. foundation and concealer, I exchanged them to cream formulas so that I didn't have to put them in the same bag as the skincare. 
Quick review - I bought the Hourglass stick foundation originally just to try it out, but damn I fell in love with this QUICK. It makes you look so airbrushed, and delivers buildable coverage without looking cakey at all (even with my two layers at a medium coverage). It felt weightless and offered a great color match! 

For the rest of the products - the brows, mascara, brow gel, eyeliner the brands and products used are pretty self explanatory from the picture below.

If I can shed one piece of advice, is to pack a multi-use palette. By that, I mean a palette that offers eyeshadow, bronzer, highlighter and blush all in one. For me, that is the Lorac Pro To-Go Eye and Cheek Palette. With a good variety of neutral eye shades in a matte and shimmer formula, both pink and coral toned blush and a bronzer I really couldn't ask for more. Highlighting is not a necessity, but had I felt like it that particular day, I just applied some Pearl and Shell mixed together on my highpoints of the face.

I hope that this post offered you some tips when it comes to packing for your next trip! 

Until next time, XO - M. 

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