LUSH 2016 Holiday Review and Favorites*

Alright Alright.. Let me just preface this by saying yes, I am aware that I am super duper late to for posting this however, I really wanted to get this post up sooner rather than later! There are some key products featured here that I am sure alot of you have bought, were wondering about or would just like more of a broader knowledge on. So here I am, apologetic but ecstatic at the same time to bring you this review. 

For those who do not know, I have been a user of LUSH products for a long time now, at least 5 years and counting - and I thoroughly enjoy their products. Yes, to the new and unfamiliar, LUSH can be a very intimidating store by the scent alone (you notice a LUSH within a mile of you just by the scent in the air), but fear not, you can learn more about my approach and some tips and tricks for you in my previous post here. That post also includes my review of a few Halloween items from the 2016 collection as well.

Mistle Toe - Bath Bomb - $7.95 (sold out)
If you are a lover of Jasmine products, this baby is for you. Not only does it create a beautiful swirl of ultra rich violet and turquoise swirls in your bath tub, the fragrance that is emitted sends you into deep relaxation. This was a great product to use before bed. 

Sleepy - Hand and Body Lotion - $9.95 (sold out)
This is a MUST BUY! I am not usually a person that gravitates to Lavender as I find that often, most companies use way too much artificial scent - it smells way too overwhelming and "fake". So when I received this product to review, I was a bit hesitant. HOWEVER, if I could recommend any of the products to you, this is it. This is my FAVORITE out of the lot. And while this is a limited edition Holiday Release, I literally ration this so that I can use it for as long as I can. I am sometimes even guilty of trying to extend it by using half Sleepy and half of a unscented lotion, so that I can still get a hint of this heavenly product. 

Not only does it moisturize you (it helps me with my eczema prone hands), it has a very gentle pastel lavender hue that is enveloped within a vanilla like scent - they say it's tonka perfume online? I just smell a sweet warm note, that isn't too much. the product also includes almond oil and cocoa butter lotion to ensure that your skin stays shiny and smooth. 

Putting this product on before bed is the best, in fact I only save this for before bed. I do not dare use it in the morning, it's too precious for that. I wish that I could buy this in a pump bottle and leave it by my bedside so it can last even longer!

Reindeer Rock - $7.95 now on sale for $3.97 (still available!)
When I first opened this product up, I thought that this was a massage bar or a bath melt based on its texture. It felt a bit tacky to the touch (exactly like how a massage bar or bath melt from LUSH feels like). BUT, trying to be smart I decided to do some digging on the LUSH site to see what this is. Long and behold, it is actually just a bar of soap - good thing I didn't try to use this as a massage bar, can you imagine? Haha, - only I could think of doing something like that. 

This product smells fruity, with hints of citrus and overall is a contrast to the previously mentioned products. This doesn't have the warm and relaxing tones - but more of just a juicy-like fragrance that wakes your senses. I like to use this more if I was taking a morning shower - I think that based on the product, it's consistency (the "massage bar" like tacky feeling") I checked up on the ingredients and the third ingredient on the list is coconut oil.  This would mean that your skin would just soak up the coconutty goodness leaving alligator skin in the past.

Shoot for the Stars - Bath Bomb - $6.95 (sold out)
If you ever wanted to know what its like, to take a dive and swim in the universe, then look no further. This bath bomb turns your bath water glittery blue  and those golden stars you see? Those are the last to go, they bop and float around in your bath tub, as they are more bath melt consistencies and as you soak in and relax, you see these golden stars swirl in the shimmery blue water. Out of all the bath bombs I've tried, this one is the most beautiful to me. My favorite bath bomb is Butter Bear, but this one is the most beautiful. 

Shoot for the Stars is composed of a citrus note and bergamot oils so while you get the zestiness of the citrus, the bergamot actually tones it down and gives it more of a warmer note that makes it more of a relaxing bath vs. a wake-me-up feel. 

The Magic of Christmas - Reusable Bubble Bar - $8.95 (sold out)
This is the most Holiday scented item out of the lot - it's literally like stirring a stick of cinnamon into your bath and bathing in a cinnamon hot toddy. This is spicy, and the scent of cloves really jolts your senses. 

I have always told you all that I will be honest with you when it came to my reviews - so here goes, out of all the products I've ever tried at LUSH, I think that reusable bubble bar is the most unreached item for me, and therefore after trying it once before, I don't purchase them again. This is the reason - while I understand that this is reusable, I find the fact that having swirled this in my bath, then having to air dry it - just takes the moisture from the product and leaves it one rock hard mess. In addition, I feel like even if I was to swirl it in my bath water, it doesn't foam up and bubble as much as I desire. With Bubble Bars, I think the bubbles really come from breaking apart the product, and sprinkling it under running water. That is what makes the fluffy bubbles. When I swirl this in warm water, nothing really happens. And because it's supposed to be reusable the likelihood for me to want to break this apart in theory and run it under water is also less likely. 

While these products were sent to me for my review, again I only give you my honest opinions and reviews. Also, I had promised you my holiday favorites so here they are:
Butter Bear, Peeping Santa and The Christmas Penguin - those three products I can live on forever and wouldn't get sick of it :) If you enjoy products with a subtle sweet note and leave your skin hydrated and soft, then go with those three. Out of the three items, they are all bubble bars except for Butter Bear that is a bath bomb. 

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