LUSH Halloween 2016 - Lord of Misrule, Sparkly Pumpkin, Monster's Ball and Autumn Leaf*

I was introduced to Lush about 5 years ago by my .... then hairdresser. Yes you heard right, my past hairdresser. She heard me telling her that I had lost a lot of density in my hair and volume and even had some bald spots developing and was feeling quite horrible and self conscious about it. She had told me that another client of hers who was suffering from a similar problem actually started using a specific product from Lush called a Shampoo Bar and wasn't sure which one it was, but it helped her grow back a lot of her hair. Having tried a lot of different types of solutions in the past and not having any luck I figured what's one more. Well, let's just say that it was love at first bar of New! Solid Shampoo Bar. I have an article about it actually if you'd like to read about it (note: this bar is not the NEW bar, it's actually a discontinued bar which I literally bought 6 to stock up one, however NEW is just as good and I've used about 5 of those already as well). Also, if you wanted to see my other articles, feel free to search them on my blog - I've included a Lush haul post and previous empties.

Anyways, long enough intro! Onto the product review of some of the products from the LUSH Halloween 2016 products. I was sent four different things to try and I will go into detail below about each one. 

This bath bomb totally screams fall - when dropped in running water in your bath a swirl of colors intertwine in the water to deliver a green, yellow then finally a pumpkin orange shade that just says autumn. This bath bomb contains bergamot, neroli and sandalwood, which helps to melt your stress away after a long day at work.

I give this a 4 out of 5!

This is my favorite shower cream product. It used to be Olive Branch when I first was introduced to Lush 5 years ago, then my tastes drifted to Its Raining Men but now that's a little too sweet for me - that's more for a treat once in a while. However, Lord of Misrule... I can use all day every day. It contains the scent of black pepper, patchouli and vanilla - a perfect blend of sweet and spicy. I just can't get enough of this and will probably pick another one up soon! P.S. this leaves your skin super soft too. Bonus!

This is 5/5!!

Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar - For those of you who haven't used a bubble bar before, note you typically do not need to put an entire one in at once as it literally froths up and melts and forms a lot of bubbles as the water keeps on running. Always go a little at a time or else you will find yourself with a bath tub overflowing with bubbles before you even get in. This one leaves your bath water orange and a swirl of golden sparkles because of the glitter. The scent is citrusy and I find that it really opens up your nasal passage because of the junperberry oil. This does leave your body with some glitter and well ... the downside is your tub will also be coated in it - so you have to be sure to rinse off with water after. (3/5). 

Monsters' Ball Bath Bomb - Ah! This bath bomb is the most beautiful in my books - for some reason, it reminds me of Alice in Wonderland and the Cheshire Cat when it poofs and comes out in the woods - a pure blend of pink, purple and blue just frothing up and bubbling, swirling around together. It smells of lime and neroli and the scent lingers on your skin for a long time. It's fruity but not too sweet or overwhelming. a must try! Make sure you pay attention to your tub as the eyes of the monster float around after your bath bomb has dissolved and you can save the eyes to moisturize your drier bits afterwards - for me, it's the elbows! It's like the body moisturizing bars Lush has. (4.5/5)

I know that some people think that LUSH is a very overwhelming store to go to as the scents are really strong and you can definitely spot or smell a LUSH even before you see one. However, please note that they only use the best of products - they use real fragrant oils and quality ingredients and everything is hand made. I would suggest searching their website and browsing around first to make note of what you think you will like, therefore you won't feel overwhelmed when you get in. 

A few of my favorites would be: NEW Shampoo Bar, Ocean Salt, Buffy Bar, Lord of Misrule, Butter Bear, Honey Bee and Big Blue (even though it's hard to clean up as it contains real seaweed). 

I can't wait to see what's in store for Christmas and to try them out!

Until next time, XO - M.

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