What I've been using to help my hair grow*

I've been contemplating sharing with my readers something that I have been struggling with since University. When I was studying at Western, at the particular residence I was staying, the water was really hard causing alot of damage to my hair. In addition to the water, the stress from being away from home and from studying constantly, having a bad diet and pulling all nighters really took a toll to my body, especially my hair. At one point, I actually had alot of hair falling out, sometimes chunks (gross I know, sorry) and I actually suffered from having bald spots and hair loss especially in the crown area. 

Obviously, learning to de-stress mentally was something I had to do, but also I was on a hunt of finding something I could actually use/take to help promote the hair growth and repairing process. Therefore I decided to share with you some products I have been using for the past few years (and some as of recent) that have helped me tremendously. 

1. Thikk Wash Shampoo
My best friend introduced this shampoo to me and got it for me for my birthday. You can purchase it at specialty hair or beauty stores.  It contains pea sprout extract and ginseng that helps promote hair growth and fuller looking hair. It is also salt, PABA, Paraben, Gluten, DEA free. 

2. Lush Solid Shampoo
- New! - I have been using this shampoo bar for at least 3 years (and on and off the past year after I regained most of my hair and the bald spots disappeared). In the image below, it was actually another shampoo bar they had that helped with hair growth, however they discontinued it. It smells like cinnamon and cloves and has a peppermint like feeling on the scalp. You wet the bar under water, and rub it directly into your scalp and then let it sit for a few minutes before washing it off. I typically just wash my body in the mean time and then just rinse it all off together. The one thing to note though, is that it does dry out your hair a bit. Therefore, I recommend investing or getting a very good hair mask, and using that 2-3x a week. 

This product has really helped alot of people I have recommended it to. I had an old coworker who lost alot of hair due to stress and a thyroid problem and this had helped her grow back at east 70-80% of her hair.

Graydon Clinical Luxury - Hair Smoothie

This isn't the first time I've mentioned this product, and it won't be the last time I'm sure - p.s. it being made by a Canadian company also makes it that much more amazing. Just a little pump of this product can condition and detangle your hair. However, what I mainly like to do with this is apply it and massage it directly to my scalp. It is filled with phyto-nutrient ingredients that include broccoli seed oil and different essential oils like parsley, sage rosemary and thyme which stimulates healthy hair growth. It does not weigh down your hair and leaves a refreshing and lingering scent. 

Although I have used Biotin in the past, I found that it took a VERY long time to see results. I was actually given the opportunity to try out Vivisacal for three months and immediately jumped at the opportunity. I had seen this product around various stores in Toronto, however I have to admit, the price is rather steep. A one month supply (60 tablets) is $59.99 and a three-month supply (180 tablets) is $179.97. 

A bit of information about Viviscal as mentioned on their site: "it is a 100% drug-free supplement, formulated with the exclusive AminoMar C Marine Complex, silica and fortified Vitamin C to supply vital nutrients to nourish hair and promote thicker, fuller and healthier looking hair."

It is important to note that you should consult with your pharmacist or doctor before taking any supplement. I had consulted both my doctor and pharmacist and both of them said that it was perfectly fine. With that being said, I was excited to get trying on this product and let me tell you, the density and thickness I started seeing in my crown area was immense. As my best friend and I both suffer from thin hair, I had immediately suggested she try it as well. 

Before using this product, I couldn't go a day without washing my hair. The natural oiliness as the day passes, in conjunction with my thin hair made it look even worse than it really was. Ever since I started taking Viviscal I am now able to go 2-3 days without washing my hair and am able to leave the house with a simple spritz of some dry shampoo and have it still look great (no bald spots peeking through). 

Hair Styling Tools
The final thing that I recommend you keep in mind, if you are trying to protect your hair and repair it (whether it be because your hair is damaged or you feel like you're loosing density), is to think of how you are styling your hair. 

Some things to think about - are you using heat protecting sprays if you are using hot styling tools? are you straightening or curling your hair too much? what type of brush are you using - anything too dense may actually be damaging to your scalp because you may be ripping out your hair from the roots. I would suggest a Tangle Teaser, or using a detangling spray and a wid tooth comb. Finally, blow drying your hair vs. air drying - if you are to blow dry, and you do it frequently, it may be a good investment for you to actually invest in a good hair dryer. My hubby bought me a pretty high quality one, that is so powerful  I can blowdry my entire head in less than 2-3 minutes. That's alot less exposure to high levels of heat.

I hope you find these tips helpful! If you have any further questions or have any products to recommend to me, don't hesitate to contact me! :)

Until next time, XO - M.

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