December 2014 Empties

The Holidays are finally here and I must say, as I get older, it seems like time passes by even faster?? Wasn't it just summer? I don't know… I hope that you are all doing well this Holiday season and have some time to get some well deserved R&R and get some delicious food and be with friends and family. 

Here are my empties since October:
1. Minus 417 Spa - Micro Crystal Skin Exfoliator
I LOVE this product! Downside, you can only get it at the Minus 417 Spa and it is pricey. It does make your skin absolutely glowing from within, this one jar took me about 1 year to finish, I exfoliate about 2-3x a week, you only need about 1/2 a pump - the exfoliator consists of micro crystals, and horrible story, once I exfoliated too close to my eye.. some got in my eye.. and um, it didn't end pretty - I ended up going to an optometrist because the crystal actually lightly scratched my cornea… OY! SO YES, IS crystals.. finely milled.. but use it with lots of caution!

I use this mask the most in the summer time. It really pulls the gunk out of your pores and controls the oil in the areas applied. In the fall/winter time, I have really dry skin, so I typically stay away from this and use it about once a week, and then the other day I will use more of a hydrating mask. 

3. Bath and Body Works - Paris in Bloom body wash

4. MAC fix plus
MAC fix+ does what it says, it sets your makeup. I like the packaging, you can lock the spritzer so you can actually pack and travel with it. I like this more than the Urban Decay chill setting spray, I am currently trying out the Ben Nye sealing spray and I'll report back on how I like it. 

5. Bath and Body Works - Cinnamon Sugar Donut Candle

6. Bioderma - Sebium face lotion
Meh. I didn't really find that this "controlled" the oil production on your face, and it didn't mattify you so i won't be purchasing this again.

7. Ah Naturel - Pink Sugar Deodorant 
MY HOLY GRAIL DEODORANT. It is made with natural products and I believe that it is titanium-free or free from some sort of special chemical that is in regular drugstore deodorants. The reason I found out about this product is because I was actually having alot of problems with any brand's deodorant. I ended up having clogged pores in my armpits (TMI I know, but for the sake of being a beauty blogger, I must give full disclosure). I also developed a rash, it was just not pretty and had to eliminate deodorant all together. I always go up to Muskoka, so in downtown Bracebridge, there's this natural product store called Ah Naturel and the girl who worked there told me about her similar issue but it got so bad, she actually had to go to the hospital to treat it. (I didn't ask for explicit details) but decided to give it a try, and have not regretted it since. I LOVE this product and I always have one extra stocked just in case :) You can call the store and the lovely owner can arrange to have this product shipped to you if you can't make it up there.

8. Bath and Body Works - Provence Garden Candle

9. Bare Minerals - Medium Beige Foundation
I used to love this product, however, I am now severely allergic to this product. Not sure why, but when I use it - I break out with pimples everywhere and I become itchy. I tried this out a few times to see if it was a fluke, but nope.. I'm allergic… too bad :( 

The closest exfoliator I could find that is basically a dupe of the Minus 417 one above (even in price, around the $90 range - this one is obviously a sample size). Also made with finely milled crystals and this one actually contains lactic acid which can act like a gentle "peel" on your skin. This one has a light lemony fragrance, while the Minus 417 one is more of a floral scent. This is not invasive, so do not be thrown off by "lactic acid" or exfoliator - use it like you are having a Spa session at home :) 

11. Various Lush Products
There isn't enough good things I could say about Lush Products. I love them especially in the winter, taking a long hot bath and unwinding after a long day.. I usually like to put on some Netflix on my laptop/tablet and sip on a cup of hot tea as well. 

Until next time - XO, M


  1. I feel like it was just summer as well! How time flies.

    I'd be interested to try the MAC fix plus. I've just finished off a mini of the Make Up For Ever setting spray and back to Urban Decay. Both were meh. The hunt continues lol.

    1. Melanie what kinda skin type do u have? I have combo.. i tried the Ben Nye final seal i heard its what disney princesses use to lock in their makeup in disney. Its absolutely fantastic however it kinda tingles n its minty when you first spray it so make sure you have your eyes closed when spraying and open at least like 5sec later... one time i opened too soon and my eyelid felt tacky like i had lash glue on LOL .. so i guess it really does what it say bc its sealing it. Oh and yea your makeup wont budge and i didnt need to blot.... only other downside is i found it drying in the winter.. i got it in imats.. i think its better for summer.. but ifits between fix plus and urban decay.. ugh its hars.. UD has a better spritzer spray than fix+ but the fix+ seems to really bring your makeup to life when you spray it..

    2. Sorry for the late reply! I have combo skin too. Of course depending on the season. Omg that must be some heavy duty stuff then. Especially for the princesses that are in Orlando with that humidity. Hmm! Sounds interesting! I wouldn't mind a review of that one. :) I didn't get a chance to go to IMATS this year, hopefully next year so I can pick this up! I might try the fix plus though. I'm really up for trying anything haha.