IMATS Toronto 2016 Haul

Every fall, IMATS makes it way to Toronto and all beauty lovers and industry professionals have the chance to attend this 2 day event at the Metro Toronto Convention Center to shop at many different vendors (especially at some vendors that are US specific and costs an arm and a leg plus additional customs to ship to Canada). In addition, these vendors often offer discounts and on top of it all, you get the chance to attend different workshops held by industry professionals.

This event is always highly anticipated and the line-ups are INSANE. I usually go right in the morning, but this year since I had the NYX event to go to at night, I decided to spend the entire afternoon with a few of my beauty blogger friends from the Canadian Beauty Blogger Network. 

Needless to say, it is quite easy to do some serious damage at IMATS - it is VERY hard to just come out with buying ONE thing and I know from experience. In years past, I would buy TONS of stuff butt this year, I decided to just stick to a few things, things I've wanted to try out for a while now but refused to pay the extra shipping + customs/duties charges for.

I purchased 2 of the highly raved about Morphe palettes - each palette was $25 - not bad considering each palette gives you 35 shadows. I highly recommend this palette to anyone! The pigments are really great and they are buttery smooth.

The palette above is 35P

This one is 35F

From  Morphe, I also purchased a brush that was great for contouring and setting the undereye. 

Finally, the last thing I purchased is a bit controversial as there is so much drama and hate/dislike over the conduct of this company. However I've heard such amazing things about them and well, I really wanted to try these liquid lipsticks for myself  and see if they are worth it. 

Let's be honest - the pigmentation is great, the colors are beautiful...however, I'm not a fan of them only because when they are dried down, the scent of them is quite repulsive. It smells of iron...metally.. .. blech! Not sure how to counteract it... 

If you've never attended IMATS before, I do suggest you to attend it at least once if you're a make up lover! 

Until next time, XO - M.

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