NEW! Sephora Luster Matte Lip Color review and swatches

I went to check out the new Sephora Luster Matte collection today at my local Sephora. The product came out absolutely beautifully when applied on the lips and swatched on my hand, the lighter colors were a little patchy when applied to the lip (especially if your lips are dry), but the bolder colors really came out beautifully (even with dry patches on my lips). I have attached a few swatches below, one with flash and one without.

Colors from top to bottom:
Lilac, Deep plum, Mulberry, Coral, Magenta and Electric pink

Pros: I tried on the Mulberry, and it was a perfect blue-toned bright pop of red. Super pigmented, no fragrance, had no weight to it, and glided on perfectly. You do have to be careful in the application as since it is so pigmented, you will need to really "draw within the lines" on your lip. If you so happen to draw "outside the lines", and you do not wipe away your mistake quickly, there is a likelihood it may stain your lips. Yes, this product does stay matte, but not a dry-looking matte. This leaves a nice "sheen" but not glossy.

My con for this product is, even though I let it dry on my lips, there was still transfer to my teeth. As graphic as this sounds, when you talk, or smile or do anything, saliva naturally transfers from your teeth or mouth and transfers to your lip. That motion caused some of the red to transfer to my teeth - not attractive! I even tried to do that trick where u use a kleenex or finger to kinda do a sucking motion to remove the hidden excess, but still, there was transfer.

To me, this product is well worth it. and hey, the colors are GORGEOUS and very pigmented. I will definitely have to play around with the application, and find a way to avoid transfer to the teeth. I was reading a few other reviews, and some did mention the transfer as well. Maybe I have to let it dry on application with my lips slightly pouted before I talk or do anything?? These are only $20!

Until next time, 
XO, Miranda


  1. Wow, love how pigmented these look and the shade selection is great! Will have to give them a peek :)


  2. Incredible pigmentation. Although they did transfer on your teeth and settled on dry spots, they looked good! Use some chapstick before putting it on and it would look amazing. Definitely gonna go back and get one.

    Great post!