How to Depot Your Naked Palettes

So a few months ago, I made the decision to depot my Naked Palettes due to the fact that the 3 palettes itself took up too much room in my Acrylic Holder. In addition, because the 3 palettes were in their own packaging, I found myself constantly gravitating to one specific palette and neglecting the others I have/had.

Combining all the palettes together allowed me to free up space in my organizer, and have access to all the colors together. In addition, I also depotted my Stila "In The Moment" palette as well. The picture below shows my 4 different palettes in a EXTRA LARGE Z-Palette that I purchased from the FTB Beauty pop-up shop. 

When I was doing some research online to figure out which sized Z-Palette would be most appropriate for this, I really found no specific reference to the best size - therefore, I wanted to just put it out there to whoever reads this and is thinking of depotting their palettes, that you should probably go for an Extra-Large and then you can also put a few other shadows you have there as well. I tried to put it in my existing large palette, but it literally is about 3mm shy of fitting (which is a shame).

My 3 palettes laid out - make sure you remember the names of the shadows so that you can label your individual shadows for future reference (if needed).

I took a letter opener and inserted it between the packaging and the shadow, stabbed straight down (sounds violent) but please use caution! You don't want to shatter your shadows, and then you pry it out of the packaging (as pictured above). I found that all the shadows were pretty easy to pry out (without heating it).

For the original naked palette, you can directly depot from the original packaging.

However, for the naked 2+3 palette, you have to remove the tray with the shadows in it, from the actual case (which is easy, you just use the same letter opener and pry the side to pop the tray of shadows out). 

I took yellow post-it notes, and wrote the names of each shadow on it, and stuck it onto the back of each shadow. Also, I laid out some parchment paper underneath to prevent any mess or fall out of the shadows that can/may occur.

You can see that I also have my straightener in this picture, originally I was debating whether I should heat the palette by prying the layer with the shadows in it, from the packaging.. and then taking that layer, put it in parchment paper and lay it against my heated straighter plates, however I found no real difference so I opted to NOT use any heat source to assist with depotting the shadows.

You will see here the amount of space I have saved using the Z palette vs. the 3 palettes. I forgot to also include the Stila palette in this picture which is about double the size of one naked palette. The width of a z palette is the width of one urban decay naked palette. 

I really hope that this tutorial provided those of you who are thinking of depotting your naked palettes with some help and ideas! If your shadows ever crack, you can take rubbing alcohol and a dropper, and take 1-2 drops directly to the shadow and pack it back together.

Until next time, XO - Miranda.


  1. Don't know if I'd have the heart to depot my Naked Palettes, but I really do like the look of them all side-by-side! And of course saving space is always a good thing :)


    1. i literally debated for about 3 weeks whether or not to depot them.. but I'm glad I did .. especially today, I think during christmas and my birthday this week, I received 5-6 new palettes? ahh!

  2. I am definitely saving this post for the future! :) I'm not sure if id be able to depot my Naked palettes, but I have a few other ones that I can't wait to get into my z palette!

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