2015 Beauty Resolutions ft. Jenn!

This month, a few of the members in the Canadian Beauty Bloggers group decided to do a guest post rotation, and the topic is... Beauty Resolutions!! I have the amazing Jenn from A Beautiful Zen guest posting on my site, and my post will be featured on Niki's Site. Please show Jenn and Niki some love by visiting their pages :)

Talk Soon! XO - M.

Hey! It’s Jenn from A Beautiful Zen!

It’s that annual time of the year for arbitrary goal making! I’ve already said that I don’t make resolutions but for the sake of this months guest post topic, I did reflect a little and thought of some improvements I could make to my life.

1) Unopened products.
What am I do?!  I have so many bought products that I’ve never opened and yet I still want more. Let’s all pause and acknowledge this almost universal beauty hoarder problem. This year I resolve to open and use all my unopened products. In fact, I will attempt to open one every week, which should means most things will be opened in one or two months. 

2) SPF
More and more I’m paying attention to the SPF content in my skincare and foundations. I resolve to always apply SPF in the morning if I’m going out. So far I’ve been following this quite diligently. This also helps my obsessive skin brightening quest.

3) Manage portion size
As far as eating habits go, I don’t eat too badly compared to most. The problem is portion control and the one off times that I binge on cookies, it ends up being on 7 or 8.. I almost have a ‘Well, screw it…I ate one already” mentality which sets me back so much further than if I just had one every now and again. No amount of deadlifts will compensate for weak will. So I will allow myself one cheat day and not feel too bad about it.

4) Drink more water
Yea yea…you’ve seen this one before. I will attempt to drink one entire Timolino mug of tea plus 10z of water from my water bottle while at work. That seems reasonable to me since sometimes I forget to drink at all.

Honestly that’s about all the resolution I care to have and with some manageable metrics, I’m pretty sure I can achieve them.

Do you make resolutions? What are they?

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