Glimpse into my 29th Birthday Celebrations & presents!!

Hey Everyone! My birthday was the past Thursday, on January 22 and I must say.. I have never been so spoiled (sorry, I don't mean to brag or sound so snobby, but really, it was the first year where I was utterly showered by love from my friends and family - I was also able to enjoy dinner with my in-laws as well as my parents together, so that was really special. 

I went to Yang's on Hwy 7 and Warden for all you can eat Japanese buffet with my friends last Saturday, it was good, however, service was horrible. We had a group of 11 people, and for a restaurant that adds gratuity to your bill for large parties, they should be taking our orders whenever possible. However, most of the waitresses avoided us like the plague (even though I was super prepared with my phone and the list of our orders - and no, we weren't being demanding..we only ordered 3 times that night). Most of the reviews on their site are about their service as well - too bad. Food though, was one of the better Japanese all you can eat in Toronto.

That following Sunday, we went to Very Fair Chinese Restaurant at Kennedy and Finch - food was excellent, we ordered WAY too much food for about 9 of us - there were about... 13 dishes total? it was intense, felt like I had to be rolled out on a cart after.

Tuesday, I met up with my two girlfriends for dinner at JaBistro downtown. After going to Japan last year, I feel like this is one of the most authentic Japanese resataurants in Toronto. They showcase their sushi as a form of art, yes it is pricy, but well worth it. I definitely recommend the Yukke (Wagyu Beef tartare). They do have daily specials depending on their catch of the day - so please make sure you either call ahead to ask if they have a specific item you would like to try, or else you'll be in for a surprise :) 

Thursday, day of my birthday -I got to work and my coworkers showered me with love and warm wishes. My friend got me the gift below, and yes we named the penguin Sushi. Her two similar stuffed animals are called Salami (a black cat) and Sprinkles (a polka-dotted unicorn). Yes we are crazy, but hey, you can't take everything too seriously in life, you gotta have some fun right?

Hourglass Veil Primer, Lancome Grandiose Mascara, Sephora Skin Cleanser Kit, face mask from TheFaceShop and Sushi, the Penguin!

I was then asked if I had plans for lunch, which I didn't because one of my closer coworkers that I always spend my birthday with is sick at home, I figured I would just postpone my bday lunch until next week when she was back and have it with everyone. 10 minutes later, I got an invite asking me to lunch at a "secret location" with "secret guests". For those who know me, you will know that I am NOT one to take surprises well, I get really nervous!! At lunch I left with my two workers and walked about 10 minutes to the restaurant, which was Terroni's... sat down, and saw that there were more seats?? and within a few minutes, the others came and they threw a surprise lunch for me. I felt bad that not everyone could come, however if everyone came, our department would be closed... lol. Besides, I didnt get to send out the invites, I was just as surprised to see who made it out! (so i'm sorry to those who had to work that are reading this!)

my super delicious seafood pasta
When I got home from work that night, my husband surprised me with my birthday gift... and well, that is reserved for a future post next week because it was the most thoughtful and special gift ever (so stay tuned)!!!

Finally, attached below is a picture of my birthday presents this year - you didn't have to, and were all too generous.... I really was blessed and I want to say THANK YOU again to everyone who showed me the love and was able to spend my special day with me. 

Until next time, XO - M!


  1. happy belated!!! you had such an awesome birthday this year! :)

  2. Happy Belated Birthday! Looks like you had an amazing birthday week- so much yummy food and some fantastic beauty gifts :)


  3. Happy belated birthday Miranda! Looks like you had an amazing birthday! :)