January 2015 Favorites

Hey Everyone! Hope you're all having a great start to the weekend. January has come and gone, and I thought that I would share my favorites of the month with all of you. 

The past month has been incredibly cold in Toronto, so I have been doing everything I can to prevent scaley alligator skin from happening on my legs, face elbows and such.

What I found to be very helpful in the colder months, is to switch out my gel products and replace them with cream-based products. This goes for everything - I do it for my face and body products. This really helps to maintain as well as provide moisture to your face.

The Philosophy Body wash range is quite pricey, however, a little goes a long way and I do feel the difference after. By the way, do you notice the name of the body wash? ANIMAL CRACKERS - makes me wanna eat cookies everytime after... not sure if that's good or bad! mmm...  I typically pair that afterwards with the L'Occitane Almond Supple Skin Oil and its the perfect pairing for my horridly dry legs. I usually use 1-2 pumps of the L'Occitane Oil, and mix it with 2-3 pumps of Lubriderm and rub that on my legs and body. AMAZING! Also, the smell of the L'Occitane Oil has a light almond fragrance, its so calming before bed. The oil absorbs very quickly, so you do not have to worry about it ruining your clothes. I also apply this to my elbows as well, I've been doing this for 3 winters (and can I say I am still using the same bottle of oil? I only save this oil for the colder seasons to extend the duration of the bottle, I now only have about 1/4 left). Before bed, I apply a smaller than pea sized amount of the FAB Lip Therapy and the next morning, any signs of cracked lips are gone. 

Both morning and night, after I wash my face, in my skin routine, I have to use the FAB Face Cream (recently discontinued - got it on sale during Sephora Boxing Day) - it doesn't contain any fragrance or parabens, it stops my flakey cheeks from occuring and I switched my Clinique Moisture Surge that I used in 2013, for this. So far so good, I'm liking it, I will be posting my skin care routine soon so I will let you guys now what else I use in my routine. 

This month, for my birthday, I was gifted the Lancome Grandiose mascara, and wow, it makes my short little lashes look long and voluminous. The only thing is, it does clump my lashes together - therefore, I apply a coat of this first, then pair it with the Dior Iconic Overcurl afterwards and that is my winning combo!

Girlactik Bronzer (cabo) has been in my makeup rotation every single day. I will switch up everything else, bu never this bronzer. It literally gives me a sun-kissed glow without looking muddy or orange. It is matte, has no shimmer, and is perfect and has staying power. I use the brushes I got at IMATS to apply the bronzer, the duo fiber Pixi Woo Real Techniques Nic's Picks brushes. Also, I use the blush brush in that set to apply my blush and I must say, I finally found a perfect blush brush that is both soft, and picks up enough product for application but not too much - which is great. The surface area isn't too small or too big, it's perfect for my cheeks. 

What have been some of your favorites this month? Please share!

Until next time, XO - Miranda.


  1. Mmmmm pink frosted animal crackers. That sounds soooooo good right about now.

  2. Lovely picks, Miranda! The l'Occitane almond range smells amazing and I definitely need to try more from FAB :)



    1. Jen the radiance pads from FAB are quite up there as well in terms of making it to ... possibly my feb favorites! Just sayin.. i ended up getting the fab value set from sephora...has like 5 things

  3. Thanks for sharing these! That body wash sounds like it smells AMAZING!

  4. Oh I was looking at those RT brushes! :o I'm trying to find the Nic's picks collection somewhere!