Merry Christmas!! / Holiday Look and Presents received pt.1

Merry Christmas everyone!! :) 

This is Bentley with his Christmas present :) 3 of his favorite type of toys - all squeaky and the racoon one has the crinkly paper inside that he loves to humor himself with. He quickly grabbed the red one and took it to his bed and spent the afternoon occupied with it.

This is part 1 of my Christmas gift haul (and no, not bragging, I just see alot of people sharing their gifts on social media, especially bloggers and youtubers so I wanted to share in the christmas cheer with everyone else here). These gifts are from my hubby, parents, sister-in law, a former coworker and (I cheated, I included the purse I bought myself for Christmas - I figure, yes! it was $200+ off and I want to buy myself a new purse!!) I will attach part 2 pics when I get them from my friends when I meet them :)

Hubby knew that I have always been eyeing the cast iron pans and dutch ovens and he gifted me with em :) now I can make more yummy stews, soups and more for us...

 For my Holiday look, I decided to use my new $5 Elf Palette - I did a post about this previously. I need to find a better camera to capture the look better. I included one shot in the light, and one in regular lighting to show the effects I included. 

 Products used include:
Elf Palette, Dior Skin Nude foundation, MAC Warm Soul mineralized blush, MAC dipdown gel eyeliner, EtudeHouse brow pencil, Anastasia brow gel, MAC pro-longwear concealer and finally Lancome lipstick in L'absolu Nu - 304.

 I hope that all of you had a wonderful Christmas!! I went to Christmas service with my parents on Christmas Eve, and today I had Dim Sum early morning with my in-laws and family who came out from Muskoka. Then went to visit my grandpa at the senior home in Sauga and went for family dinner... stuffed myself to the brim.. had to basically waddle to the car!!
The award for the most decorated house that I have seen this year was down the street from hubby's aunts in Sauga... CRAZY!! I would be so paranoid with the possibility of a fire hazard?! have you guys seen some extreme decorations this year?

Until next time - XO, M.


  1. That pic of your pup is adorable - it looks like he loves his toys! Also, your gifts look that a crockpot or dutch oven? Either way, I'm jealous. Hope you had a great Christmas!

    - Gloria @

    1. Hi Gloria! Thanks for visiting my blog :) and yes that is a Dutch oven! I'll havr lots of opportunity to make some lovely stews and soups on the stove sometime and he also gifted me a cast iron pan... that pan intimidates me i tell ya!

  2. Omg. Bentley is too friggen cute. You did really well at Christmas, girl! Your holiday look is absolutely perfect. Subtle, but really accentuates your features. Very well done!