Holiday Nail Art Collab With Sam - Week 3

This week's theme is Christmas Decorations, and I must say - it was a pretty hard one considering I decided to use my real nails this week

... as such, I must admit, I kind of cheated and did two designs since I wasn't pleased with my original one (featured left) which is Christmas lights... I found it a tad "vanilla" so I set my sights on doing actual Christmas decorations on a Christmas tree. The second design is featured below - and that was even harder since I free handed everything on my actual nails... and I didn't have a proper Christmas tree DARK green nail polish....

Sam was a real sweetheart and optimist and told me not to worry since there are so many different types of pine trees that it can pass as anyone.. LOL :) I hope you like this design!! There's 2 weeks left to this series and I hope you'll all tune in to the end :)

Until next time - XO, M


Check out Sam's design this week on her blog - Gemstone Beauty

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