Holiday Gift Idea No. 2 - Demo Soap

Prepare yourself for some utterly amazing goodies for your pampering and self-indulgence.... I present to you Demo Soap. I first found out about Demo Soap when I was walking around Liberty Village waiting for my hubby to get off work. I was on my way to get a cupcake, when I walked by this store with the cutest displays in the front windows. Glass jars filled with colorful soap, it all looked like candies in a jar. When I walked in, the wonderful fragrance and inviting displays made me want to buy everything!! Everything is hand-made in Toronto at their store, they actually have a soap making class you can take which is approx $40/person and you get to take home a few bars after (you have to call in and ask the details).

I even had my wedding favors done here, and Thomas was nice enough to hand package each one, tie it with a ribbon and put our thank you cards inside essentially leaving us with no additional preparation.

Thomas' team are warm, friendly and inviting. They will assist you with finding the perfect soap to fit your needs. They have fun soaps in different shapes like the fortune cookie and donut ones. They have naughty ones in a special drawer.... and finally everyday ones. They have bath bombs, lotions, and even soaps with pumice bars attached to them - it's not the stone type of pumice stone that is like a hard stone, these ones will reduce in size as you use it... so you end up using the whole bar. I always have to use the body butters when I'm in, I haven't splurged on them yet.. I think that's on my christmas wish list this year.

Please check out Thomas! And if you go, tell him I sent you! :):)

How cute are these holiday gift sets - Perfect for a gift for your loved ones...

XO - Miranda.

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