I thought that I would leave the most simple, yet thoughtful gift idea for last - just in case you are still scrounging around for last minute ideas. For those close to me or I like to do something a bit extra for, I like to hand make Holiday greeting cards for them. They are unique, one of  a kind, and shows the added effort and thought behind it :)

I bought the blank cards and markers at Michael's. these markers come out opaque and doesn't bleed through the paper, leaving you with perfect hand drawn cards. You can always pair these cards with a DIY gift basket, cookies or anything else.

Some ideas include:
- Spa pampering basket - fill a basket you can easily by at the dollar store, with a loofah, face wash, body wash, exfoliator, masks.. etc. For added luxury you can always get higher end brands like Laura Mercier bath products or Lush :) mmm...lush.
- Food basket - include all snacks/foods/spreads that you know the gifted individual will enjoy

Remember, Christmas is about spending time with loved ones, friends and family, it really isn't about the value of any gift you receive, but the thought you put behind it. 

Happy Holidays Everyone! :) 

It's so warm in Toronto that we're getting a foggy, wet and damp Christmas this year I think! :( Fingers crossed that somehow a white Christmas will come? What do you all have planned?

XO, Miranda.

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  1. All such great ideas! The homemade cards are lovely! Have an amazing holiday season :)