The Original Tangle Teezer Review - Nail Polish Canada

I was recently sent the Tangle Teezer to review by Nail Polish Canada. I really love ordering my cosmetics and nail polishes from this site. I have talked about them before in my previous posts, but in case you missed it - they are a Canadian based company that offer a huge range of nail and beauty products. 

They even sell brands like The Balm, Real Techniques and much more at extremely reasonable prices. On top of that - it is FREE SHIPPING within Canada (orders above $25 or a flat rate of $3). 

This Tangle Teezer has different lengthed bristles that help to loosen those knots in your hair. I usually spray some leave in conditioner or detangler and pair it with this and my hair brushes out like a dream. No yanking, no tugging and no chunks of hair being ripped out. 

Side note: I decided to try this on my shih tzu after I gave him a bath since he has pretty long fur right now and it really helped take out all his mats too... (yay for multipurpose tools) - and yes I will obviously clean it before I put it on my own hair........ Attached are some pics below. Thank you again to Nail Polish Canada for giving me the opportunity to test this product out - I really highly recommend this to people with long hair or even on children who don't like getting their hair pulled or yanked after showers when their hair can get potentially knotted.

Until next time - XO, Miranda.

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