Halloween Glitter Gradient Nails

Happy Halloween Everybody !! 

This year, I decided to do a glittery gradient nail for Halloween! The black is Illamasqua - Boosh and the silver super duper glittery polish is Illamasqua - Harsh. Careful when purchasing the black polish, Illamasqua makes two black ones - one glossy, one matte.

This look is created as follows:
1. Two coats of black polish
2. With the silver polish, I make sure all excess polish is wiped off and with the product on the wand, I apply it to the top half of the nail - doing this ensures that you get the gradient effect because the product is thinned out.
3. Dipping the brush back into the silver polish, I use a regular amount and just paint the tip of the nails making the tips a solid silver glitter color - hence gradient mission completed! 

Side Note!:  A HUGE Thank You to all those that voted for me for the NailPolishCanada Halloween Nail Art Challenge - it really means alot to me! For the Peer Prize, I am one of the 5 finalists - it is now up to the other contestants to vote for the peer favorite. However, there is still 2 awards left besides the peer one, Prize #1: Reader Voting - favorite amongst viewers, bloggers, NPC customers etc. Prize #2: Most Grotesque nails (name self explanatory) and finally - #3 - The Peer prize mentioned above.

For those of you who missed it, my entry can be found here: http://blog.mirandaloves.com/2014/10/nail-polish-canada-halloween-nail-art.html  - my blog had over 250 hits so I'm hoping that I will win one of the awards? maybe the overall Reader Voting one? :):) * fingers crossed

To all of you guys trick or treating tonight! be safe! heard its gonna be a cold one on the radio with the potential of FLURRIES and it'll be 3 degrees or so? eeek!! *Bentley below is worried, look at him!* hahaha...  

Hope you enjoy the pic below, my hub's office furbabies played dressup today and this is one of the pics I got :) 
Until Next Time - XO, M


  1. The nails look great- loving the silver shimmer. And those dogs? Adorable! I wanted to dress up my cat, but I'm sure she'd have none of it ;)



    1. I know this is hard to believe but bentley loves his clothes... not so much costumes but if its raining he waits for his rain coat..if its cold out he waits for his jacket.. i think its bc hes a shih tzu n its hair vs fur so he gets cold and shivers like us

  2. The nails look awesome! Hope you win the contest! :D