NEW! Friday Favourites - Wasabi Apple Candle

Hello my lovely readers!!

So, I have decided to launch a new segment on my blog titled "Favourite Fridays" - where I will feature one item from any category, that is currently my favorite. It can be a monthly or weekly favorite, just something I would like to share with my readers each week.

To start this series off, since fall and the cold weather is quickly approaching - I have been reaching for a blanket to drape around me when I'm reading or watching Netflix on the couch. In addition, I started lighting some candles (just so that it can lightly scent my condo and create some ambience .. ooo fancy...).

This week's favorite is the Wasabi Apple candle from Bath & Body Works. The name originally really threw me off, wasabi scent? ewww gross.... however, you don't actually smell the wasabi at all. I find that the typical apple scented candles at BBW are too strong, this one however, has a really light, crisp and subdued scent. If you're an apple lover, I strongly suggest that you go try this one out!

Have a safe & Happy Thanksgiving weekend everyone!! wooo long weekend!!



  1. Wonderful post...I like your blog.^^
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    Lovely greets Nessa

    1. Hey i added you yesterday hope you got it!! :) its miranda loves

  2. Wow that is so interesting...wasabi eh? Haha! I feel like a lot of people would be turned off by the name! Glad it smells nice though, next time I'm in BBW I'll sneak a sniff. :)

    1. Lolol yes please take a sniff its amazing with no hint of wasabi i actually have it lit right now while reading gone girl!

    2. Ohhh I read that book in the summer in anticipation for the movie. Very interesting book! Hope you're enjoying it!

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