Nail Polish Canada - Halloween Nail Art Challenge

Hey guys!!

So is hosting a Halloween Nail Art Challenge for all of their blogger friends (which includes yours truly). I decided to take advantage of this moment and combine my love of drawing with my love of nail polish to create an Addams Family inspired nail art...

The Addams Family is one of my favourite Halloween movies that I HAVE to watch every Halloween season.. so what would've been a better than to do that for my submission!!

I really hope that you guys will vote for me! It's the first time I'm entering a Nail Polish Contest and I did all of this with nail polish and freehanding...

Vote for me here: I am no.19 - under Miranda Loves : The Addams Family Value Manicure.

If you don't see my blog name in the drop down, please manually type it in with ... Thank You So Much!!

I will include some more Halloween-themed mani's later on.. and also some of my art and DIY greeting cards :)

I'm thinking of doing more fake nails, tailoring them and giving them to my interested friends/doing a blogger sale for Halloween or any upcoming holiday season.. what do you guys think?

Thanks Everyone! The contest closes October 25th, 2014!

XO, Miranda.


  1. How this is so impressive! I can't believe you freehanded all of that! My favourite is the house. So. Much. Detail! I voted, hope you win!

    1. Thank you so much!! Lol i should make some and do a blog sale lolol is the first time i drew on nails took about 2 hours ... and carpel tunnel n squinting lolol .... I'm gonna post my actual paintings soon.. i did an elsa painting for my coworkers daughter

  2. Ah, this looks amazing- so much fun! You did a great job :)