Ton Cosmetics - Review, Swatch and Try-On*

Ton Cosmetics is a Canadian cosmetics company created by two sisters Vicki and Maria Barillaro - the premise of the company is that they help you take the guess work out of finding your perfect nude lipstick. They categorize it by three different skin tones - Light, Medium and Dark and then further separates it into three different tones within each criteria - Cool, Neutral and Warm. Therefore, there is a total of 9 lipsticks right now that they have created that will best suit you. 

I decided to include a screenshot below of the website, as well as my response from the questionnaire I took regarding which shade would be my perfect nude. The one biggest issue I have with finding the perfect nude, is that it either runs too pink on me, too brown or sometimes it is so nude that I end up looking quite zombie like. 

Taking this questionnaire released by Ton will take all the guess work out of keep on reading below to see if it worked!

According to the test results, Medium Neutral is my perfect shade ~ I was sent shades from the Medium and Dark range as the Lights would not work out for me. 

Below are the swatches (on my arm) of the Medium and Dark tones - as you can see, it is no gimmick, they truly are all different and lean to exactly what they say - cool, neutral and warm tones.

For even more precision, I have swatched them on my lip so you can see what each of the six shades look good on me, and for you to see if the suggested shade (medium neutral) is really my perfect nude. 

Below: Medium Cool 1 (Right), Medium Neutral 1 (Middle), Medium Warm 1 (Left)
- it may seem like the Neutral and Warm Medium shades are similar, but the Warm is much more opaque and looks too neutral on my lips giving me a bit of a washed out zombie look. Medium Cool is too pink and well Medium Neutral I think is my perfect nude lip!
 Above: Dark Cool 1 (Right), Dark Neutral 1 (Middle), Dark Warm 1 (Left)

Despite Medium Neutral being my matched shade, I must say that I love all the dark shades as well - my favorites in the dark tones are Cool and Warm. In medium, it is Cool and Neutral. You can always buy any shade that suits you best and at $19 the price point is very reasonable. 

The lipsticks are buttery and does not contain any fragrances - The packaging itself is beautiful, the outside casing is white pearlescent micro shimmer and the top of them have a really pretty silver gem. This sure stands out in your collection or on your vanity as it is unlike any other lipsticks I personally own. 

Until next time, XO - M.

*products were sent to me for review, all opinions are my own

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