My Tarte Cosmetics Lippy Collection - Reviews and Swatches*

Hello my lovely readers - sorry I've been MIA for a bit, I've just been playing catch-up in my personal life as well as work has been so busy. I have been lucky enough to receive some lip products from Tarte (such a big milestone, I'm so honored and excited) and I thought what better way than to show you these gorgeous lip products then with a lip-swatch post. If you're interested in reading my review and seeing the swatches, then please keep reading! Also, I have included a photo of all the products I used to create this make-up look, just in case you're interested. I will be definitely publishing another post featuring a make-up look created by Tarte products soon, so please stay tuned!

Out of the liquid lipstick formulations from Tarte, my favorite would have to be the creamy matte lip paints. As the name suggests, they are creamy and feel whipped and light in texture. It doesn't settle in fine lines and offers high pigment delivery without being patchy at all. In the pictures above, you can see that they are not patchy, it's with one layer and swipe and when dried, it doesn't crack or have a weird scent. LOVE THIS! The vibrant colors make me look so tanned too :) I definitely want to pick more up in different shades! P.S. the subtle vanilla peppermint fragrance is refreshing!

This liquid lipstick formula is the quick dry one, and yes it dries really quick and stays put! I had to soak a cotton pad with micellar water and let it soak and break up the lip product off my lips. If you want something transfer-proof get these! I lasted a full half day with these, and I only say half day because I had lunch and thought I should re-apply it after to look more polished. Again, this is not patchy, it is high pigment, but you will feel this on your lips when it dries and it does settle a little bit on the lines of your lips. This can easily be combated by putting lipbalm on before, but it takes the quick dry formula away. This does not contain the same fragrance as the creamy matte lip paints, they are just neutral scented.

This gloss can do no wrong, it doesn't feel too thick or gloopy, it doesn't bleed outside the lips and create a mess and it just stays put while delivering a high pigmented, high gloss shine! I need these in more colors! If you are a fan of lip glosses, get this! You will not be disappointed as these will give you a good color delivery! I need these in more colors!

 For those of you who want a more neutral look, these would be for you. These are hydrating, color-tinted balms that also contain that peppermint vanilla like scent.

These lipsticks - just go get them. They are so moisturizing, so pigmented (I think that is a common theme in all the lip products I am mentioning). The lip swatches are with one swipe only and it's beautiful. They do not sink to the lips, transfer to your teeth and just offer a gorgeous finish - I need this in MORE COLORS!

To sum up, honestly it is so difficult to convey which formula I like the most so I'll say which one was not a holy grail status for me, and that is the quick dry formula - only because I didn't really like the texture or feeling it left on my lip, being quick dry it felt like it shrank a bit when dried. The color delivery is gorgeous though! So, if you like quick dry then by all means, try it out!

Until next time, XO - M.

*products were sent to me for review and consideration, all opinions are my own.

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