Elizabeth Arden - Tropical Escape Color Collection Review and Look*

For the summer of 2017, Elizabeth Arden has launched its limited edition called Tropical Escape Color Collection. As always, to review the products I have created a look with items from this collection to put them to the test and to see what I really think of them. 

The products I had received for review are as follows:
- Elizabeth Arden - Statement Brow Gel (Deep Brown) - $32 cad
- Elizabeth Arden - Lasting Impression Mascara - $32 cad
- Elizabeth Arden - Dare to Bare Body Oil - $45 cad
- Elizabeth Arden - FourEver Bronze Bronzing Powder - $45 cad
- Elizabeth Arden - Sheer Kiss Lip Oil (Coral 03 and Red 04) - $25 cad 


I used the FourEver Bronze Bronzing Powder palette and applied the bronzing powder on the outer perimeters of my face to add some warmth to my complexion - In addition, I took the pink quarter as blush and the highlighter section above the blush color and applied it on my upper cheekbones. The palette was buildable, which is good because you won't end up looking stark or like an oompa loompa for applying too much product. The bronzers are the perfect tone and do not run orange. The blush is a bit pale, but it really wasn't meant to be a blush so I have no complaints ~ I was simply trying to make the most out of a palette and see how far I can stretch it.

Next I filled in my brows, and applied the Statement Brow Gel to set it - the brush may look fairly big and intimidating but trust me, it doesn't get everywhere and make a mess. It sets your hairs perfectly and doesn't leave them crunchy.

I loaded my lashes with the Lasting Impression Mascara, and I have to say for those of you who want length and separation, this product is for you. It didn't give me volume and thickness, but elongated my lashes and really separated them.

Lastly, I finished the look with the Sheer Kiss Lip Oil - in the above picture, you can see that I used Coral for the left image, and Red on the middle one. Please continue reading below for my thoughts with the images.

The left picture is meant to show that I multi-purposed the FourEver Bronze Bronzing Powder and used it for my eyeshadow. I took the darker of the bronzers (bottom right) and applied it to my crease, then the lighter bronzing color (top right) on the outer V and the highlighter shade (top left) on my inner half of the lid. 

While I find these lip oils rather cute, I must say that I wasn't a fan of their packaging. I do not mind squeezing the color portion to dispense the product, but as you can see, it is a small nub where the product comes out from, so it is really hard to navigate and determine where the product has applied, and how to dispense it and spread it out evenly. The product itself is pigmented and provides hydration and shine, but I wish for a better packaging concept.

Lastly, the collection contains the Dare to Bare Body Oil - I wasn't much of a fan of this product, I found it really oily without really absorbing into the skin well, I was hoping that it would be like a dry oil, and leave behind a beautiful shimmer, but it didn't it just made my skin look quite greasy. It also does not have any scent to it. I was scared to wear this on my legs because I didn't want this to transfer to my car seats, I think this would be okay if you wanted to just put it on your shoulders to highlight them. 

Have you picked up any of the items from this collection? If I was to recommend any one product it'd be the Statement Brow Gel and the Bronzing Palette.

Until next time, XO - M.

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