Laneige - Two Tone Lipstick Review with Swatches*

Laneige is a brand that I have been using for a few years and I absolutely love their skincare - you can search my blog to see my previous posts relating to Laneige. I have never tried their make-up before, so when I was sent these lipsticks in the mail, I must say I was quite excited to see how they compare to the skincare I've used before. 

Ombre lips have been coming up in the past year all over the beauty community, but Korea has been doing it much longer. These two tone lipsticks were designed to help you effortlessly achieve this look with one lipstick as opposed to carrying two and then blending it out yourself. 

The images below show how you should be using the lipsticks to achieve this look - I have always found this look to resemble that of having just had a popsicle - the inside of your lips are stained. 

These lipsticks are highly pigmented and creamy - they contain a semi-glossy finish that makes your lips look really hydrated and juicy. They come in 8 shades total, I was sent 4 of them and retail for $35 each. 

The lipsticks barrels are slim, sleek and I love that the color of the lipstick is on the base of the barrel. The color shown is the main color that would show on the middle of the lip. In additionm the oblique-shaped tip that houses the dual-color design is purposely diagonal so that it can form a more natural ombre look.

As previously mentioned, the lipsticks are highly pigmented in color and moisturizing - I would recommend you try Juicy Pop (a fun twist for summer) or Red Blossom for a more dramatic look as the two colors really are sharp contrasts of one another. Cashmere Nude is perfect for those seeking a more natural ombre 

Will you give these lipsticks a try? I suggest you to try at least one! :)

Until next time, XO - M. 

*products were sent for review ~ all opinions are my own.

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