MARK. Pout Velvet and Vinyl Lip Paint Review and Swatches*

Liquid lipsticks have been in the beauty market for a long time now, and it has been a long journey for me to find one with the perfect formulation. One that isn't too dry that ends up showing all the lines on your lips, or one that doesn't dry and end up smelling sort of metallic like.. So far, I found one that I like, from Huda Beauty but it is $26 for 5ml. It can get quite pricey if you want more than one color. In addition, most of the colors offered by Huda is quite tame and do not offer any bright pops of colors. A formulation that I have found to be very similar is the one here from Mark Beauty. 

They are called the Mark Pout Velvet Lip Paint. They are $12 for 7ml (which means its alot more budget friendly) and it smells a bit like candy. The site right now shows that it is on sale for $10 each, I'm not sure how long the sale is for, so please check it out and take advantage of it :) It is a whipped consistency that dries comfortably and feels weightless on the lips. The color is pigmented and the swatches below are all with just one swipe. 

Swatches: (Top-L) Quiet / (Top-R) Fantasy
(Bottom-L) Spark / (Bottom-R) Fancy

For those of you who still do not really like the matte formulation or matte liquid lipsticks and love glossy lips - no worries, Mark has you covered with the Mark Pout Vinyl Lip Paints. Again, these are $12 for 7ml (and are also currently on sale for $10 - not sure how long that will last on the site). These are extremely glossy that gives your lips a plumping effect as well, making them look fuller than they are. 

The below pictures are all with one swatch again and it is not streaky at all. They are extremely pigmented, glossy and gorgeous. I will say that not all colors worked for me, but I wanted to swatch the whole collection for you guys!

Swatches: (Top-L) Cozy / (Top-R) Glamour
(Bottom-L) Covet / (Bottom-R) Shocking

Honestly, I really recommend you to pick these lip products up - regardless of the formulation, the velvet or vinyls. These products are even higher quality in performance than some high end products that may be double the price of these offered by Mark. 

My favorite colors are: Velvet - Spark and Fancy. Vinyl - Glamour and Shocking.

Until next time, XO - M.

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