Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette, New: Born This Way Concealer, Waterproof Mascara and more *

This Makeup Monday - I am focusing on a brand that is known for its super girly, adorable and out right cute packaging (did I also mention that most products just smell good enough to eat?). For e.g. their Chocolate Soleil Bronzer - smells like ACTUAL CHOCOLATE. Everytime I use it, I want to eat chocolate, it's so bad... but SO GOOD at the same time. What else? The Hangover Rx Primer - it smells like coconuts - actual mouthwatering coconut, not the artificial fake smelling waxy ones. At last, the Sweet Peach Palette... yes, it does smell like fuzzy peaches. It actually lasts for a good hour after it's been applied to your lids, but it's not overwhelming at all - you just get slight wafts of it occasionally.

I'd like to thank Too Faced for being so generous and pairing up with me to present the below looks with you for Makeup Monday. As most of you who know me, will know that I am a very natural make-up person - I like to use sheer to medium coverage foundations, and mostly gravitate towards a neutral eye. I love a good blush and for the summer time, I love to bronze up my skin and add a pop of hilighter to the cheekbones. At last, I cannot be caught without a good winged liner - so below I will bring to you three very natural looks using the Sweet Peach Palette.

FYI: The rest of the products on my face is the same as the picture above - only the shadow is different.

Look #1:
Crease - Puree 
Defined Crease - Summer Yum
Lid Color - Luscious
Outer V - Caramelized + Peach Pit 

Bottom Left: Look #2
Neutral Brown Eye
Crease - Peaches N Cream
Defined Crease - Puree
Lid Color - Nectar
Outer V - Luscious

Bottom Right: Look #3
Soft Neutral Lid with Smokey Purple Outer V
Crease - Georgia
Defined Crease - Candied Peach
Lid Color - White Peach / Peaches N' Cream
Outer V - Peach Pit / Delectable

Here's a collage of the different looks I've made. 

 Last weekend was Generation Beauty in Toronto, at the Too Faced Booth, they were handing out full sized tubes of the new Too Faced Born This Way Concealer. We were even fortunate enough to get color matched immediately so that we had the perfect shade for each of us. This concealer is light-medium to full coverage and it smells like coconuts, just like the Hangover RX Primer (for those of you who have uesd it before). It covers my dark circles well and blends out really easily, it is also buildable without being patchy. You must give this a go - it is releasing mid June 2016 and I will definitely continue to buy this. 

Lastly, a product I wanted to review and provide my thoughts on, is the new Waterproof Better Than Sex mascara. Is it waterproof? YES! It lasted through sweat and even a shower (reason I unfortunately know this, is because it didn't wash off with my regular face wash). I should've realized that I needed to use the Mascara Melt Off on my lashes before removing my make-up. You need to only apply the Melt Off for 60 seconds to fully let the oils saturate your lashes, and when you wipe off, you will see that it no longer exists on your lashes. Even after I washed my face in the shower, there was no residue left, no racoon eyes afterwards. 

I really loved the Waterproof Better Than Sex mascara - actually more than the regular Better Than Sex mascara. I found the waterproof formula able to hold a curl on my tiny lashes longer and it really separates the lashes while building lots of volume. I will continue to buy the waterproof formula from here on out. 

Until next time, XO - M.

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