#NYXClassOf2016 Prom Party (Toronto) Re-Cap*!!

Last week, I was invited to go to Prom all over again and get a re-do! My dates this time around were some ladies from the Canadian Beauty Blogger Network and I had a fabulous time with them, catching up over music, drinks and finger food. I was unfortunately re-cooperating from a horrible stomach flu, so my drink of choice for the evening was ginger ale ( sad face ). Regardless, I wanted to share some pictures from the event with my lovely readers, and I will be sure to post more about the palette we got from the swag bag at a later time (I'll do a Makeup Monday post on it and put it into good use for sure, and let you know my thoughts - as always). 

As some of you may know, NYX just opened another store in Toronto, this time is in Eaton Centre - it's near the Old Navy for those of you who are wondering where it is. Those who attended the event got a chance to sign the lovely sign below and I had to leave my mark (in yellow).

NYX VIP beauty bloggers and important guests got to travel in style in these adorable limo's below. 

above: The event was held at Berkeley Church on Queen Street and they really pulled out all the stops to make sure the decor was flawless (let's please take a look at the pink carpet they rolled out!)

below: This vanity - I need it stat! I think this would be a beauty in my new makeup room :) thoughts?

Our swag bag included a cute backpack with the NYX logo on the bottom right corner, a coloring book with coloring pencils plus this super adorable Beauty School Dropout palette (which looks like a notebook - come on!!) 


More pictures will be coming soon as I am planning a Makeup Monday segment on this - probably in two weeks? I have something lined up already for next week's post - sorry! It's been a busy few weeks. This palette would be absolutely perfect for travelling - while the packaging does take up some space, you have the blush, powder, contour, bronzer and a bevy of eyeshadows to pick from. The only other thing you need is really just eyeliner, mascara and a lippie of choice and a foundation (powder or liquid, your choice). 

Until next time, XO - M.

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