Mani's for Valentines Day

I have teamed up with Samantha, from Gemstone Beauty to bring to you some Valentines Day inspired manicures. It was kind of funny that we both came up with exactly the same idea when we exchanged pictures earlier - we both went for a fun and flirty one and a darker vampy one...

Here's my cute, fun and flirty one. I did this on fake nails and adhered it to my nails for the pictures. I haven't been growing out my nails recently, but wanted to have enough room to make a cute heart accent nail. My inspiration from this came from those adorable conversation heart candies.

Here are the polishes I used to create the look: 

Next, I decided to do the opposite of this, and create a darker valentines day nail - and that was inspired by the 50 Shades of Grey movie that is now out everywhere.

This look was created by using the new L'oreal 50 Shades of Grey line.

Below are Samantha's beautiful creations, as you can see - she also went for one cute and flirty mani, and one that was deeper and darker. I love that she wrote the word "love" on the two nails :) super original!! Please visit her page and show her some love and support!

I hope you enjoy our collaborations :) I think Sam and I are a great fit, we never discuss what we're actually going to painting for our nails, we usually just say "sooo, want to team up and do something? Sure! Theme? Valentines? Cool! Due date? Done!" and then we somehow are always on the same page, and come up with the same ideas! Match made in heaven I say!!

Until next time! XO - M.

P.S. I'll be posting something up with Sam soon, she's taking me on a pretty fun adventure! Can't Wait!!

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  1. Match made in heaven indeed !! :)

    Can't wait for our fun shenanigans in two weeks!