Aveeno Fresh Essentials Product Review*

Hey Everyone!!

Seems like I'm on a skincare exploration kick lately. Who can blame me, it's winter time, the air is harsh and cold and it's not doing anything good for my skin. That being said, I have been fortunate enough to be given a few things to try this winter season, and that includes the Aveeno Fresh Essentials Collection. 

I was given the following items to try:
- Aveeno Fresh Essentials Nourishing Moisturizer SPF 30 ( $16.97 - $19.99 CAD / 74ml) 
- Aveeno Fresh Essentials Hydrating Night Cream ( $16.97- $19.99 CAD / 49ml)

My favorite product of the three, would have to be the Exfoliating Scrub. Out of my entire skincare routine that I follow religiously, I would have to say that exfoliating is my favorite. Nothing beats the feeling of scrubbing away the dead skin cells and grime off my face. Seriously, I am not joking. I take my exfoliators very seriously and very few pass the test. This one is oil free, hypo-allergenic. The exfoliator contains natural luffa and coconut pulp enriched formula. In addition, this range of products contains Southern Wood Extract, which is an antioxidant helping to restore the skin's moisture barrier to reveal healthier looking skin. 

I found the consistency to be great, it wasn't too thick and the exfoliants weren't too abrasive. The only comment I have is the scent, it is a fresh smell, but has some warm notes - it reminds me of Sandalwood or something, just the mildest hint of it, but I know obviously there isn't sandalwood. It's just a very warm sweet smell. I found it a bit to be overwhelming and I think that I prefer the Aveeno brightening line. I've been using that scrub for years now, and I always go back to it. 

The next thing was the Aveeno Hydrating Night Cream. As I don't actually have a night cream, I have been using the same moisturizer for night and day, I have been trying this out after I use my Miracle 10 AHA Gel. I pack this on before bed, and let it work its magic overnight. There is a blend of antioxidants and vitamins packed in this bad boy, and with time, it helps to rebuild your skin and leave it soft, smooth and moisturized. It combats any environmental stressors and supports the natural moisture levels of your skin. Again, the scent of this lotion was quite strong, I found it a bit overwhelming as I am quite sensitive to smells, however my friend Samantha loves this product and swears by it! Obviously, to each their own right?

Finally, the day cream - it contains SPF to protect your skin from the sun's harmful UVA/UVB rays. People have to remember to use SPF regardless of the season. The sun isn't any stronger in the summer as it is in the winter. This formula is incredibly lightweight, you won't feel any greasiness to the face. 

* In a clinical study, 100% of women who used the Aveeno Fresh Essentials showed improvement in the look of their stressed skin, including dark under eye circles, dry patches and dullness. This line contains Active Naturals ingredient, Southernwood Extract and vitamins A, C, and E. 

Overall, I would say that their prices are very reasonable compared to a product of equal quality elsewhere in a department store, I would say, if you are looking to try out some new skin care, or if you are looking to switch things up, you could give this a go. I personally would only be purchasing the scrub again, and probably in the Aveeno Brightening Scrub range as the smell of that one is much lighter and refreshing.

Have you tried these products out? Would you?

Until next time, XO - Miranda.


  1. I would definitely be interested in trying these products. I just used up a mini sample of Aveeno's regular face cream and really really liked it. One of the things I always look for in my face cream is SPF. As you said, it's important to wear SPF in winter! With the rays reflecting on the snow can be very damaging!

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